Seducing my parents pt2

After finally getting my Mom's attention, and having the seduction completed, Mom and I became pretty constant lovers. There were very few days we weren't at each other in some way or another, but Dad was till not quite reachable. I would continue to tease, and Mom even kept telling him it was all right, that it was what I wanted. He would then respond that such things weren't just right between Dads and Baby Girls, and that he couldn't be my father/protector, if he were my lover too. I didn't know this at the time, but he sure didn't have any problem with David fucking Mom, so it wasn't the taboo or i****t issue, instead, it was his belief that Dads should be the knights in shining armor, protecting their little girls from people like himself. I still kind of see his point, but I disagreed with it. (I still disagree, and since then, he has come around to my way of seeing it.)

Finally, after a month of trying to break down his reluctance, Mom and I came up with a plan. On this fateful night, Mom left the house and told Dad to, "enjoy the evening." I then used the teasing again, and finally the direct approach. I walked in dressed in my old cheerleader uniform, with a pair of Mom's crotchless panties. (As an aside, when all this happened, Dad had just started our blog on tumblr, and was following and emailing with someone who was also in a relationship like ours. I had no idea at the time, but it turns out that she was a co-conspirator with Mom and myself to break down the barriers with Dad.)

Anyway, Mom had already made it clear to Dad that it was okay, and he needed to make me happy, and stop with all this "holier than thou" crap. The tumblr friend's f****y was also inspirational, which I guess is why when I came up to him and begged him to make love to me, he just couldn't resist. Make no mistake, our first time was making love, and it was the most intimate thing I have ever experienced. Sure, now Dad and I fuck, but we also make love, and trust me, there is a difference. In this instance, we looked each other in the eyes, and I just bent down and kissed him with all the passion I could muster. Then I stood up, and pulled my old uniform sweater off, and sat astride his lap. I did all this without breaking eye contact, and when I sat on his lap topless, I just leaned up and whispered in his ear, "Please fuck me, I love you so much, I want to feel you inside me." I honestly think my Dad had a tear in his eye, as he pulled me close and began kissing me. I knew it was going to happen then, because this was NOT a kiss between Daddy and Daughter, this was a kiss between lovers.

I remember standing up, and removing my skirt, but before I could get back in his lap, he picked me up, and carried me upstairs to his bed. We kept kissing, and then I finally got him out of his clothes. I never will forget that moment when I first was able to get my hands on his cock. I'd been teasing him for years, and I'd seen it hard in his pants before, but when it was finally unleashed it took my breath away. It was a dream come true for me. I took my time savoring the moment, feeling it in my hands and enjoying the smoothness of the head, and the hardness of the shaft. The anticipation was killing me, and as I looked into his eyes, I put my mouth over the head of his cock, and then started swirling my tongue around the edges. We looked at each other the entire time, right up until he was fully engulfed in my mouth, at which point we broke eye contact as he threw his head back with his eyes closed.

One of the things I'd learned from my experimentation with boys, was the fine art of deep throat. When I finally got his cock in the right spot, I began literally taking his cock the entire way, until my nose was pressed against his body with each thrust. I knew he was about to burst, when I felt the head begin to grow even bigger. Backing off a little, I didn't want him to cum yet. Instead, I wanted him for the first time in my pussy, but I was worried for nothing. Dad knew he was about to burst, and he pulled away and reached down for me. Pulling me into him, we kissed more and deeply as he gently laid me down on the bed. He got down on his knees, and put his face between my legs. Kissing and teasing me with his tongue on my thighs, he continued to open me up like a present. When I was laid back completely, his tongue began to alternate between the folds of my pussy to my clit and back, until finally he began thrusting his tongue deep inside me.

I am bisexual, and have been eaten by more than a few women/girls. Mom is awesome at eating pussy, and I've learned since that my s****rs are pretty darn good at it too, but none of them compared to my Dad. His skill with his tongue is beyond awesome, and as he ate me out for the first time, I started to cum long, deeply, and with more passion than I'd ever felt. When my ass lifted from the bed, he matched every thrust of my pelvis with a movement of his tongue against the sweetest parts. Finally, he got my clit going with his tongue, as he slid his fingers into me. Sliding his finger in and upwards, he found a spot I'd never felt before. For the very first time in my life, I gushed. Literally, cumming continuously until I almost passed out. Sensing my mood is a gift for any man, and Dad had it. He knew precisely when to back off and hold me closely, and when to be f***eful. This continued, for what seemed hours, as we would move from one oral position to another.

I never will forget that moment when we were in a 69, with me on top of him, when I was so distracted by my cumming, I couldn't continue the blow job. I was powerless to do anything, and he moved me to just sit on his face. His only words were to "Grind Baby Girl." I did too, and the entire time I was grinding, I was telling him how much I loved him, and how great "Daddy's tongue felt on my pussy." I must say that grinding your naked pussy on your Dad's face is beyond anything else you could imagine, at least until you feel his hard cock enter you. The more I talked to Daddy about making love to his baby girl, the harder and more intense it all became. He was so hard I couldn't take it any more, and moved down and positioned his cock at my pussy. This was the moment we'd both wanted for a while, but it was the point of no return. Looking into his eyes, I slowly began to slide down on his shaft. We were making eye to eye contact, and I was whispering to him how much "I wanted my daddy's cock in me."

When Daddy's cock was fully inside me, I started to slowly move up and down on his shaft. He laid there, staring at me, without moving. This went on for a little bit, until my Dad raised up, and held me close. We started kissing again, and then he slowly began moving back and forth in me, until the pace and intensity increased with each thrust. We rolled over and he began to pound me harder and harder, with each thrust increasing in tempo and intensity. When this series of cums began, they were the most intense of my life. I was shuddering with each hard bang, and as Dad's balls were slapping against my ass, the enormous feelings simply washed over me. I began to scream "Daddy please fuck me! Don't quit! GOD!" I screamed a lot over the next few minutes, and Daddy was pounding to the point of no return. I begged him to cum inside me, and he did not disappoint me. When I felt his hot cum splash deep inside me, I completely lost it. From that point forward we made love virtually the whole evening and well into the early morning hours. We tried all different positions, and in between, we would slowly build each other back into a frenzy of passion. It was incredible, the way he took me was both tender and f***eful. It was so many things, that actually I just can't describe it any more than I have. I knew from the moment we started making love, that this was not only the right thing for me, but it was more love than I'd ever imagined could exist between two people. It was special, perfect, and light years removed from any experience I'd ever had with anyone. Needless to say, I'm still madly in love with my Dad, and that will never change.

So, that is how it all got started, at least from my perspective. I know that another perspective on this was written by Mom and Dad and it is somewhere on the f****y blog, but this is the story from my point of view, and I'm sharing it here, just like I did (without quite as much detail), on tumblr. OH, and for those curious, when Mom left that night, she apparently went to my b*****r David's apartment. I didn't know it then, but she apparently had a pretty good evening that night too. She came home really late that night, and cuddled Dad and I in bed, but I had no idea that she'd been fucking all evening too. I guess I would have, if I'd gone down on her, but that night I was too into Dad, and honestly tired from that experience notice. It would be a few more months before I knew for sure that Mom was fucking David, and when I found out it led to some more interesting events.
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