A threesome with my sons

I got a phone call while I was visiting my mom from my younger son "Mom, do you care if I come visit you for a while on spring break" he asked.

"Sure honey." I replied. "But just out of curiosity do I need to come get you or is your dad bringing you over."

"Dad's bringing me over if I want to go since he's going to be passing by on his way to Uncle Stephen's house for a three day fishing trip or something like that." my son replied.

"Ok, I will be home on Tuesday." I answered.

"Wait, if your not home, then where are you?" he asked puzzled.

"I'm at Grandma's house and I'm spending some time with her."

"Oh ok, tell Grandma I love and miss her and I'll call her later when I get a chance." he said.

"Ok baby, I'll see you when you come over." I replied

"Ok Mom, love you, bye." he said quickly as he hung up before I had a chance to reply back to him.

On my way home I called my older son, Erik, to let him know I was on my way back and that his b*****r was going to be staying at least three days with us while on spring break. Needless to say he wasn't too thrilled about it, but I could tell he did miss him too.

Later that night while eating dinner, my son started to ask me questions.

"So when he gets here are you still going to walk around naked or can we still randomly play with each other like we've been doing?" Erik asked.

"Let me worry about that, I'll let you know later on after he's here, but when he first gets here, behave." I replied.

"And just exactly how are you going to find out if he's ok with it Mom, you haven't seen him in nearly 2 months?" Erik asked in a smartass way.

"I found out with you that you wanted my pussy didn't I? I'm going to do the same with him, but you have to let me do it my way and listen to me when I tell you to do something, or not to do something, just trust me." I said with a little attitude.

Erik just shook his head and finished his dinner. I could tell he was a little uneasy about sharing our secret with his younger b*****r. The only thing he didn't know is that his b*****r had already seen me naked and has a video of me masturbating.

Wednesday morning around 8am, I woke up to my cell phone ringing. When I looked at the caller id, it was my ex husband's phone number so I knew it was my son calling me.

"Hello" I said in a sl**py voice.

"Hey mom just wanted to let you know that Dad and I are leaving now and will be there between three and four according to Dad, but you and I both know how fast he drives so I might be there sooner." my son said.

"Ok honey, just be careful and I'll see you when you get here." I replied "Love you."

"Love you too Mom, bye." he answered as he hung up the phone again on me before I had a chance to tell him bye in return.

I laid my phone back down on the night stand and rolled back over to cuddle back up to my son. When I pulled my leg up on his, I brushed against his cock and could tell that he had a morning hard on.

Oh this could be fun I thought to myself as I reached down to slowly stroke his cock. As I started to stroke Erik he moved in his sl**p where his legs where a little opened and I was able to play with his balls.

I sat up and leaned over him as I took his cock into my mouth and slowly began to suck on the head of his cock as I played with his balls using my left hand.

After only about 15 seconds Erik woke up and let out a quiet moan of excitement.

"If you wanted my cock Mom, you could have just got on top of me and started riding me." he said as he started to run the sl**p out of his eyes.

"Yeah but I know how much you like watching your cock penetrate me so I wanted to wake you up first." I said as I started to straddle my son with his cock in my hand.

I rubbed his hard cock against my pussy lips letting him feel how wet I had gotten then slowly began to go down on his cock letting his cock stretch out my pussy.

After I was all the way down on his cock I leaned over pressing my tits against his bare chest and started to kiss him passionately. My son likes to kiss me as we have sex due to the simple fact that kissing in general makes me wet.

I slowly moved up and down on his cock as we kissed. He pulled me up a little to start sucking on my nipples and to play with my tits. He has really gotten better at turning me on. Shortly after he started sucking on my nipples I started to feel myself getting ready to cum.

"Cum for me Mom. I feel your pussy tightening up, just cum all over my cock for me." Erik said as he buried his face between my tits.

"Oh fuck!" I moaned out as I came all over him.

He grabbed both my tits and started to pound my pussy as I started to cum making me cum harder to the pointed I squirted all over his cock and balls to the point we had a wet spot on the bed.

"Don't stop baby! Fuck your mommy's pussy good! Give me your cum in my pussy!" I cried out in pure ecstasy.

My body began to shake from cumming a second time and squirting again all over my son. He then squeezed my tits harder and exploded deep inside my pussy as he kept his cock buried deep inside of me.

"Oh god yes! Cum inside me baby, give me all your cum!" I moaned out as I slowly began to grind in a circle.

"Damn I love cumming inside you!" he said as he was panting.

I got off of him and out of bed, while he continued to lay there I could see cum all over his cock and I couldn't help but to take him in my mouth again and suck his cock clean. He twitched a little as I sucked on his cock then took his balls into my mouth to make sure I got all of our cum off of him.

"Your b*****r will be here in a few hours, so when your done taking a shower, make sure you put some clothes on." I said as I got up and started to walk out of the room.

"What about you Mom? Are you going to put any clothes on?" he asked.

"Yeah, after breakfast." I replied as I walked into the hallway.

That morning I didn't feel like cooking so I had a bowl of cereal as I turned on the tv to watch the news and to see what the weather would be like. I wasn't completely sure how I was going to be able to continue having sex with my older son while my younger son was visiting.

The weather turned out to be nice and warm with very few clouds for almost a week and i decided to use that to my advantage. I had a new bikini that i had yet to wear and it really showed off my body since it was a thong bikini. I called a friend of mine who was out of town for the weekend visiting her boyfriend who was home for a week from overseas to see if i could use her pool.

After roughly 30 minutes of talking to her, i brought up me using her pool and she was ok with it. I finally had an idea of how i could get both my sons together and show off my body to them both at the same time to open myself up equally to them.

Erik came into the living room while i was on the phone and after i got off he asked "So I take it we're going swimming later?"

"Yeah after your b*****r gets here if both of you are up to it." I replied.

"Are you going to be wearing your new bikini?" Erik asked with high curiosity.

I started giggling and said "Yeah and I'll also make sure to get in the water so my nipples get hard just for you if you want."

Erik had a big smile on his face and said "If you don't, I'm going to pick you up and throw you in the pool."

I just smiled back at him and walked back to my room making sure my ass swayed side to side just to tease him. I put on my bikini and then some loose fitting clothes so neither of them would be able to see my body.

About 2 hours later my younger son arrived and after he brought his things in and settled down in his old room, I asked him if he was up for some swimming.

"Hunny, let's go if you want to have plenty of time swimming." I called out to him.

"Where are we going swimming at?" my son asked.

"Down the road at Kathy's house, she's not home and we have permission to use her pool." I replied.

"Hell yeah! She has a diving board and I have first dive!" my son cried out as he came out of his room wearing only shorts.

We went outside and got in my car and we started on our way to Kathy's house. For those wondering, she told me where her spare key was and told me to take it home with me so no one would see me putting it back. On our way there no one said a word and I was too busy coming up with ideas to think of anything to say to get a conversation going.

When we got there I found the key and we went straight through her house to her pool. My younger son waisted no time going straight to the diving board and dove right in. I walked back inside to loosen up my top where it wasn't so tight.

In the bathroom I also loosened up my bottom where I could tell that the slightest tug would pull them down and I tied the strings loosely as well just in case. Once I was done I went back outside to rejoin my sons.

When I got outside they were already challenging each other to see who could dive out farther and I saw this as my opportunity to do something.

"Let me have a go and see if I can't show you boys how to do it right." I called out.

"Go for it Mom if you think you can beat me!" my younger son called out as he dove back into the pool and came up just shy of half way.

I climbed on top of the board and bounced a little making my nipple slip out as both of my sons were looking at me. I pretended not to notice as i dove in. I felt my right breast come out of my top but i started to swim under water anyways. Right as I was about to come up for air I tugged on my bottoms string where one side came undone.

When I came up for air I had gone far enough to where I could stand and have my chest out of the water. I was only a few feet away from my son and we were facing each other.

"How was that for a mom?" I asked my son in a bragging voice.

"Mom, your boob is hanging out!" he said as he pointed to my exposed breast.

"So what, it's just a boob and you've seen them before." I replied.

"I know I have, I'm just saying Mom." he quickly said as he continued to look.

"Then what's the problem?" I asked "If you keep looking I'll just take my top off, it's too big anyways."

"That's up to you Mom." he said still looking at my exposed breast.

"I bet you won't!" Erik shouted at me.

Right then and there I took my top off and looked at Erik and shouted back at him "I bet I will and I bet you don't have the balls to take your shorts off!"

My younger son's eyes got big looking at my boobs as I took my top off and then seeing his b*****r take his shorts off. I could tell he couldn't believe what he was seeing. I turned around to walk out of the pool to put my top up and as my hips started to come out of the water my bottoms began to fall off too.

"Mom I can see your ass!" Erik shouted out.

"Is that a complaint?" I asked him as I laid my top down on the table by the pool.

"You're ok with us seeing you like that Mom?" my younger son asked.

"Why not? It's just my body." I replied back to him as I started to sit in a long chair "It's meant to be shown off and played with from time to time."

Erik swam to the shallow end of the pool with his shorts in his hand and laid them on the table next to my top. The chair i was in was right next to the table and as Erik stood next to me I took his cock into my hand with his b*****r watching and kissed it.

"Come here for a second I want to talk to you without yelling." I told my younger son.

"Ok Mom." he replied as he climbed out of the pool and walked up to me.

"Our body isn't something to be ashamed of. I know you're not a virgin anymore and if you want to explore my body you can." I told him as I took his hand and placed it on my left boob.

"Are you sure Mom? Some people might think it's wrong." he said puzzled.

I took my hand and went under his shorts and started to massage his cock. "Do you like what I'm doing or do you want me to stop?" I asked.

"Yeah I like it." he said.

"Then take your shorts off and enjoy." I said as I took Erik's cock into my mouth and removed my hand from under his shorts and started to pull them down.

He took off his shorts and I started to suck his cock to get him as hard as Erik was. He tilted his head back and enjoyed as he started to get hard.

I got up off the chair "Erik lay down on your back." I said as i pointed to the chair.

Erik did as I said and I climbed on top of him and began to slowly slide up and down on his cock. Then I reached over and pulled my other son to me.

"Stand behind me and slide into my ass, and be careful since we don't have any lube." I said to him.

He got behind me and started to slide in my ass. I have to admit it hurt more than I would have liked but I wasn't going to stop him. I finally had both my sons at the same time.

"Both of you go slow. This is a lot for me to handle right now." I said softly.

Erik started first and then his b*****r. Both of them were sliding in and out of my body at the same time and once the discomfort of not having lube subsided it started to feel amazing. They got a rhythm going where when one came out, the other went in.

"Oh god yes!" I moaned out "Fuck your mother good!"

Erik grabbed my tits and looked up at me smiling. Shortly after my other son gabbed ahold of my hips and started to pick up speed and f***e.

"Yes! Fuck me good till you cum inside me! Don't pull out, cum inside me!" I started to beg them. I was so horny and turned on.

My younger son came in my ass first. I was a little disappointed that neither of my sons said anything the whole time. Shortly after my son came inside my ass he pulled out and Erik picked up speed too then came inside my pussy.

I stood up off of him and walked over to my other son. "Come on, get your clothes and let's go home."

"Ok Mom." he said as he put his shorts back on.

We all got dressed and went back home. After we got home and got inside I took all my clothes off again.

"Why aren't you wearing clothes Mom?" my younger son asked.

"Because I meant what I said hunny." I replied. "You can have sex with me any time you want."

"Really?" he replied.

"Yes, if don't believe me, ask Erik." I said.

He turned to face Erik as he turned on the computer to show him all the pictures we have of Erik and I having sex that we took.

"I don't want my picture taken but I'm ok with us having sex." he said to me.

"What ever your comfortable with hunny, and when your horny, just come play with me or ask." I replied.

My son smiled and went back to his room and my older son called up his girlfriend to spend some time with her so my other son and I could have some time together.

A few hours later Erik went out on his date and my other son was still in his room. I walked in to see him sl**ping and I pulled down his shorts and gave him a blowjob until he woke up. Once he woke up I completely took his shorts off and climbed on top of him sliding his cock into my pussy.

"You weren't k**ding Mom." he said looking into my eyes.

"Just enjoy my body." I replied as I leaned forward placing my tits in his face. He was hesitant at first but started sucking on my nipples.

He pushed me up where i started to grind on him and asked "Where's Erik?"

"He went out with his girlfriend so it's just us. Now stop asking questions and just enjoy my pussy." I said.

He laid back not saying another word but keeping his hands on my hips the whole time. He's not as big as his b*****r but his cock still felt good inside me. I started to feel his cock start to swell from having to cum and i bent back over on top of him.

"Cum inside my pussy baby. I want to feel your cum deep inside my pussy." I whispered in his ear.

Almost immediately he started to cum. I stopped riding him and just let him cum inside my pussy. After his cock stopped pulsing I got off of him and sucked his cock clean.

Wiping my mouth I look at my son and said "I'm going to go start dinner. If you want me again, just come bend me over and slide in my pussy."

He just looked at me and nodded. I turned around and walked back out. I started cooking dinner and noticed he wasn't coming out anytime soon. After I was done cooking I called out to him that dinner was done. He came out completely naked.

"I see your getting comfortable." I said in shock.

"I just want to make sure that you have easy access since you're the hornier one of us." he replied.

We ate dinner together naked and Erik spent the night at his girlfriend's house. My son slept in my bed with me that night and had sex a few more times but nothing special. He stayed with me for another 3 days that was filled with sex from both my sons, but only had one threesome. He did agree to start spending his vacations with me so there's always the chance of it happening again.
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6 months ago
is this real?
6 months ago
6 months ago
all your stories are great
6 months ago
Great story! Checked your profile and will read other more recent stories. I remember the 'state champ' series and loved it too.
6 months ago
Hot story!
6 months ago
That was an awesome story! I too had sex with my mother and my Dad. I was only about 10 years old when my Dad started sucking my cock and he would get his cock out and use my hand to jerk himself off. he would always cum on my cock and then my Mom would suck me clean. Eventually, they brought my little sister into the play, and Dad started shooting his cum in and on her pussy, and then me and Mom would lick it clean. I remember he used to put the head of his cock up to my sister's hole, and as he shot his load, it would sort of fill her pussy and then start running back out. My Mom loved to watch me catch the large clumps of cum running out of her.
My Dad eventually managed to get me into letting him put his cock in my ass, and I have to say I really enjoyed that. They both soon got me fucking my sister, and between her and my Mom's pussy, I rarely was able to let my cock get soft.
When I got into my late teens, I started fucking both of my parents, and my sister, and still do to this day. We love each other and all think the incest is great!!!
Thanks again for your story.