A craving for cock pt2

Toni was late. Her mom was really going to be pissed. The store was all the way on the other side of town. She was going as fast as she could in the heavy traffic. She approached a light about to change, stepped on the accelerator, swerved around a car trying to stop and shot through the intersection just as the light turned red.

Toni was racing down the next block when she saw the flashing light and siren from a police car. Shit, she didn't have time for this, she thought. She swerved onto a side street, then into an alley hoping she could lose him. Unfortunately, the alley was partially blocked by a delivery vehicle and she couldn't get by.

The police car pulled up behind her. Out stepped this gigantic man in a uniform. He had to be at least 6'4" and 220 pounds. Part of her was steamed at getting caught. Her mom was really going to be pissed. Another part was scared. He was intimidating.

"Driver's license and registration please, Miss."

He had a deep voice, kind of gruff. Toni fumbled around in the glove compartment but couldn't find the registration. Shit, what else could go wrong? She shrugged her shoulders and smiled at him meekly.

"You'll have to get out of the car ma'am."

Toni followed him back to his vehicle. She stood near the hood of the car while he reached in and pulled out the mike to his radio. He was reading the number of her license into it while his eyes scanned up and down her body. She felt a little self-conscious, but it was her own fault. She had purposely dressed to look sensuous and attract attention. He was just doing what she had provoked him to do.

The lecherous way he undressed her with his eyes actually caused a stirring in her loins. A part of her relished the attention, was turned on by it. She could feel her nipples harden. He continued to talk but made no attempt to hide his lecherous staring. Somewhat defiantly, she turned around putting her elbows on the hood, pushing her ass out. He shamelessly stared at the rounded spheres pushing against her tight skirt.

Toni looked over at him. His size still scared her. She could see he was well built...not much fat on his large frame. He was actually quite good looking with short curly blond hair and steely blue eyes. Her eyes wandered down to his crotch. She almost gasped. The outline of his huge log was quite visible against the side of his pants leg.

Toni could feel herself getting turned on by this monster of a man. The fear inside her just seemed to increase her level of excitement. Her pussy was leaking. Her nipples burned. She shifted her legs causing her ass to squirm against her tight skirt. He just kept staring, which excited her all the more. He finally finished his call and walked over behind her.

"You're in quite a lot of trouble, Miss. Speeding, running a red light, fleeing from the law, reckless driving."

She turned around to face him and leaned back against the car with her hands pressed flat on the hood. Toni picked up her right leg and rested her foot against the tire, pushing her skirt higher up her thigh.

"We have a couple of choices here, ma'am."

He looked down at her exposed leg, and then stepped forward until he was almost touching her. He put his hands on his hips. Looking down at her from his large frame he continued his lecture.

"We can go down to the station where I will write up a citation, you pay a fine... a hefty one in this case... and you can go on your way. Probably take a few hours assuming you have the money."

Mom would kill her, she thought. Besides, she knew she didn't have that kind of money. She was desperate. The way he looked at her, gawking at her body, undressing her with his eyes. He had to be interested. And her panties were already soaked just thinking about that log in his trousers.

"Um... you said there were a couple of choices. I... I would do anything, Mr. Policeman."

Toni slid her hands along her hips and sides, brushing her fingers across her breasts. She looked up into his steely eyes and licked her lips with her tongue, looking needy and desperate. Boldly, she leaned forward and put her hands on his powerful chest, raking her fingers down and over his firm stomach.

"Anything at all. I know I've been a bad girl. I know I need to be punished. Punish me, Mr. Policeman. Make me do bad things... things good girls shouldn't do."

Her hands fumbled with his belt. She dropped to a squatting position in front of him pulling down his zipper. She yanked down his trousers and briefs, gasping as a throbbing slab of meat popped against her face. It was as big around as her forearm and almost as long.

"Miss, you got one chance to convince me of your innocence. I'm listening."

He grabbed her head and pressed his monster against her lips. Toni opened her mouth wide and felt him push his engorged flesh between her lips. She was able to wrap both hands around him and still take him deep in her mouth. She attacked his cock with her mouth, sucking hard and swirling her tongue around his swollen crown. Her hands twisted and pumped in rhythm with her mouth.

"Oh god yeah, baby, that's it... suck it, suck my cock... use your tongue, sweetheart... yeah... oooohhhh..."

Her pussy was leaking like crazy as she worked over his monster with her mouth and hands. She took him into the back of her throat and tried going deeper, but he was so big she started to choke. She backed off and tried it again, this time getting a few inches into her throat before choking.

Toni pulled away to catch her breath. Spit drooled from his gigantic shaft. She attacked him again, this time forcing him into her throat in one swift movement. She finally worked about two thirds of his cock into her throat before choking again.

Toni was slobbering and drooling all over his monster as she continued slurping and sucking furiously. The wetness between her legs had spread to her thighs. She desperately needed a cock in her pussy to fill the aching emptiness between her legs. She stood up and stepped out of her panties holding them up in front of her. She lifted up her skirt with her other hand.

"Oh, Mr. Policeman, punish me down here between her legs. I've been a bad girl and made my panties all wet."

He didn't hesitate one second. He picked her up like a feather, lifting her until her head was above his. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. He lowered her and guided his cock to her pussy, rubbing it across her juicy slit until his swollen head split open her puffy mound.

Toni could feel his size stretch her cunt as he pushed into her. She yearned for his cock, was desperate to be filled. She slammed down against his engorged shaft pushing him deeper inside her hungry pussy. The pressure was incredible, unlike anything she had ever felt. She lifted up and slammed down again. He pushed deep into her gut, stabbing her with the hot flesh of his throbbing fuck stick.

His large hands covered the naked spheres of her ass guiding her as she repeatedly impaled herself on his monstrous cock. The pressure inside her was excruciating. She could feel every nerve ending in her cunt feeding a powerful churning in her belly. She was gasping and moaning and squealing each time his meat slammed into her. Juices gushed from her pussy and coated his thick cock.

He staggered around on the pavement trying to keep his balance, finally slamming her against the back door of the police car. Bracing her against the window, he began to hammer his cock in and out of her hot pussy faster and faster. She could feel her cunt squeeze tightly against his girth as it punched into her over and over.

The pressure in her belly continued to build. Toni could feel every muscle in her tighten just before an explosion ripped through her body. Her fingers clawed at his back as she jerked and bucked against him. Excruciating pleasure surged through her. He continued to hammer his cock into her cunt until she was whimpering and shaking meekly.

He lowered her to the ground and turned her around until she was facing the car. He stepped up behind her and grabbed her tits, crushing them with his large hands. He pulled down the front of her blouse and her bra. His rough and powerful hands squeezed and pinched her naked tits and swollen nipples. His huge cock pressed between her ass cheeks and slid up and down the crevice. He put his mouth next to her ear.

"You've been a bad girl again. You made my cock all sticky. I'm going to have to punish you some more, Miss."

Toni was still weak from the powerful orgasm, but her pussy felt empty, wanted him in her.

"Yes... yes, Mr. Policeman. I've been bad. Please punish me some more. Make me all sticky inside with your man-goo."

She pushed her ass back against him and tilted it up. He slid his cock down across her asshole and over the folds of her juicy pussy. Toni pushed against him, rubbing his swollen crown against her clit. He pried her open, and then shoved his monster into her hot fuck hole. She gasped as he slid deep into her tummy, stuffing her full of his throbbing flesh.

He fucked her hard and rough and aggressively. His cock plunged deep inside her pussy over and over, slamming her up against the car on each thrust. His large hands dug into her tits and nipples. Her cunt grabbed his huge girth, squeezing him tightly. Toni could feel another orgasm building in her belly. His monstrous cock pounded into her over and over. One of his oversized hands moved between her legs and rubbed her clit. She reached behind her grabbing at his ass, trying to pull him deeper.

His huge cock continued to hammer deep into her cunt. Her head started spinning, her legs became weak. The pressure in her tummy was unbearable. She screamed as an explosion ripped through her body. Her pussy clenched tightly against his cock. Juices gushed from inside her as he continued to rip into her cunt.

Toni had never cum so hard or been so stuffed. She was struggling to regain her senses and catch her breath when she felt his warm seed blast into her belly. Another series of orgasms washed over her. He continued to fill her again and again. She was weak and barely able to stand when he finally pulled his monster cock from her twitching pussy. She slid to the ground with her back to the car. His cum coated cock wavered in her face.

"I'm almost convinced of your innocence, Miss. If you can clean up this mess you can be on your way."

Toni leaned forward and took him into her mouth. She couldn't believe he was still hard after all the cum he had dumped into her. It was still dripping from her pussy.

She licked and sucked his giant rod until he was clean. He grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth. He wasn't done yet. Toni slurped and sucked, swirling her tongue across his crown and taking him into her throat. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft, moving her hand up and down with her mouth.

He continued to slam his cock between her lips, going faster and faster. She did her best to keep up. Drool was dripping from his cock and down her chin. Her jaw was getting sore. She looked up at him with her eyes, nodding her consent for what he was about to do.


His cock swelled between her lips. Hot creamy liquid splashed against the back of her throat and filled her mouth. More cum gushed from his cock. He continued to pump his seed between her lips until he was spent. Some of it drooled from the corners of her mouth, but she was able to swallow the rest.

He zipped up, got in his car, and left. Toni straightened her clothes and picked up her panties throwing them on the back seat. That's when she noticed the guy standing by the delivery truck staring at her. How long had he been watching.

She shrugged her shoulders and climbed back into her car. She looked at her watch. Boy was her mom going to be pissed.
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