Sandy,another hot slut pt1

I was in the middle of a great fuck, Marcia was on her back, legs widely spread as I was pounding her pussy with all the energy I had while we were passionately kissing. I had my tongue in her mouth and my cock in her pussy. She was moaning with pleasure as she experienced another wild orgasm. Just as I began to erupt inside her with a big load of semen, the doorbell rang. It startled me and I lost my erection. Marcia did not seem to change her mood at all and once she calmed down from her sexual high, she yelled, "Come on in!"

I was a bit apprehensive not knowing who to expect but knowing Marcia, it was probably some one wanting to have sex with her. As I finished ejaculating the last of my cum inside Marcia's hot pussy, I heard some voices and looked around to see who it might be, I recognized Marcia's neighbor Steve and a woman I assumed was his wife, standing at the bedroom door. She was a good looking woman with nice big tits that were nearly totally exposed by her little halter she was wearing, Steve had his arm around her cupping one of her tits saying, "See Sandi, Marcia's pussy is full of fresh cum just like you like it."

Sandi responded, "Oh yes, I can see that her pussy is really loaded, look at all the juicy cum oozing out of her fuck hole. But honey, I want to taste your cum too. So why don't you fuck Marcia after this guy is done. I know you like sloppy seconds and I love sucking her cunt when it's full of your cum."

I was a bit taken back by the conversation and having pumped my last drop of cum into Marcia's pussy, I just laid down on top of her feeling totally exhausted. Marcia grabbed my face giving me a passionate kiss while she rotated her pussy getting every sensations she could from my dick that was still buried in her cunt. As my cock began to shrink, I rolled off her to see Steve standing next to the bed now naked with his wife on her knees sucking his hard cock. Marcia looked over at Steve saying, "Has Sandi got you cock hard so you can penetrate my hot snatch and dump another load of cum in me like Charlie just did?"

"Yea, I'm ready for a good hot fuck Marcia, are you ready?"

"Have you ever known me not to be ready? The only time I'm not ready is when my pussy is already full of cock or when I'm pissing. I have even be fucked when I was sound asl**p, you know. Now get up here between my legs sweetie and let me feel that big cock of yours inside my pussy again. I always like being fucked by you Steve, so just stick it deep inside me." Marcia opened her arms and legs inviting Steve into an embrace and for him to fuck her. Sandi released her mouth from her hubbies dick as he crawled between Marcia's legs and immediately sank his cock into her already wet cunt.

I looked down at Sandi who was still on her knees. She was a little plump with really big tits. The halter she was wearing had slid down to her belly giving me a great view of her bare tits. They were magnificent, big with 50 cent size rosettes and nipples that stood out nearly and half inch. I said, "Hi, my name is Charlie."

She responded, "Hi, I'm Sandi. How would you like getting down here and play with these mammies that you are staring at while my husband Steve loads up Marcia's pussy with more hot cum." She was pulling her halter up over her head as she continued talking. "I love having my tits played with and most guys love my nipples." With nipples like she had, no wonder guys liked them, what a find. I scooted down off the bed next to Sandi and took one of her magnificent tits in each hand. She kissed me hard on the lips as I began squeezing her wonderful big tits. I ran my fingers across her nipples many times enjoying how erect they were. I then took her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers and pinched both nipples.

She released our lip lock saying, "Oh yea, pinch those babies, I love having my tits and nipples squeezed real hard. It makes my pussy all wet and juicy and you do want my pussy to get juicy, don't you?"

I nodded yes as I continued pinching and fondling her tits and nipples. I then crunched down and took one of her tits in my mouth and bit her nipple followed by using my tongue to play with her magnificent nipple. She put her hand on the back of my head and pushed my face into her tits. As I was enjoying sucking on her tit, I heard her say, "Oh look at Marcia and Steve, they are really getting it on, I love to see my hubby get all excited when his dick is inside some gals cunt. I think Marcia is about to get another load of cum in her twat. I love eating Marcia's cunt, she has such big cunt lips that I love to suck on."

From our vantage point, we were both looking straight up Marcia's crotch, watching Steve's hard cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Sandi said, "I need to make sure my hubby really loads her up." She stood up reaching over between Steve's legs to rub his ass cheeks. When he began to groan, Sandi quickly ran her finger down his crack until she reached his asshole and then plunged finger in all the way. She began working her finger inside her hubbies ass as he began pumping Marcia's ass full of cum.

Steve responded, "Oh sweetie, that makes me so hot, I love having you finger up my ass playing with my prostate while I'm cuming. I'm really loading up Marcia's pussy for you, baby."

As Sandi was bent over, her big tits hung down making them look even bigger. I couldn't resist and got behind her reaching around her body taking a tit in each hand. I squeezed her tits very hard three or four times, then found her nipples and pinched and pulled on them a few times. She turned her head toward me saying, "Yes, oh how I like that. Now finger my pussy and get me off big guy, I need relief."

I let go of her tits, lifted her skirt finding her ass to be bare, she of course did not wear any panties. I slid my hand down her ass and between her legs until I found her cunt and when I did, she moaned with pleasure. She was wet alright, I slipped a finger in her and began finger fucking her like there was no tomorrow. She climaxed in a manner of moments, I was surprised but was rewarded with a handful of cum that oozed out of her cunt and ran down my finger and into the palm of my hand.

As Steve began pulling his shrinking cock out of Marcia's pussy, Sandi backed away turning toward me while taking a hold of my cum filled hand. She pulled it up to her face and very slowly licked my hand, then pushed my hand into my face inviting me to lick it. As I licked my hand she said, "How do I taste?"

"Good, real good and salty."

Sandi responded, "Thanks and I hope before tonight is over, I'll get a chance to eat some of your cum, I bet you are tasty too."

At this point I looked over at Marcia, she was still lying on the bed in the same position as before with Steve next to her, they were passionately kissing with Steve fondling her tits. She had her legs widely spread giving us a great view of her cum oozing cunt. As soon as Sandi noticed that her hubby was no longer fucking Marcia, she crawled up on the bed between Marcia's legs placing her mouth directly over her cum leaking cunt. Sandi made a loud sucking sound as she began to dine on Marcia's pussy. Marcia reached down grabbing a handful of Sandi's hair pulling Sandi's face tight into her pussy. Marcia pulled loose of Steve's lips to yell, "Oh shit Sandi, eat me you pig. Suck your hubby's cum out of my cunt you bitch, suck me good, eat me, clean me out, lick me, tongue fuck me, just don't stop you horny slut whore, you cum eating piss ass cunt."

Sandi was really working on Marcia's pussy, she was sucking and licking her like a possessed woman. In the meantime Steve had crawled up to the other side of the bed to give Marcia an opportunity to suck his dick. She was happily cleaning all the cum off his cock by holding his dick up and licking its full length, then taking his entire cock totally into her mouth with her lips tightly encircling his cock. She also would pull his cock forward so that she could reach his balls with her tongue and mouth.

Watching all this action got me hard as a rock and with Sandi's ass sticking up right next to me, I could not resist. I got behind her and slid my dick directly into her wet pussy and let nature takes its course. I fondled her big tits as I fucked her while I enjoy watching Sandi eat Marcia's pussy and Marcia suck on Steve's cock and balls. Steve had gotten hard again and Marcia was giving him a good blowjob. He did not last long at all as I watched him shoot another load of cum into Marcia's mouth. I was in hog heaven and banged Sandi as hard as I could. It did not take me very long until I unloaded a good load into Sandi's pussy.

Both Steve and I were spent and moved back to a couple chairs near the bed. Marcia laid back moaning as Sandi continued eating her pussy. Finally Sandi lifted her head to see what was happening. Her mouth and chin were shinny with cum. Marcia looked at her and motioned her to move up which she did. Marcia took Sandi's face in her hands and licked her face a couple times before she put a lip lock on Sandi as they began a torrid kissing scene. They were grinding their pussies and tits together while fondling each other like they were trying to get into each other's body. It was really a hot hot scene.

I looked over at Steve and said, "Do you know what we should do?"

"No, what?"

"Get a double dildo for the girls so they can be fucking each other when they get this passionate with one another and then you and I can get behind them and fuck their ass's."

"Oh shit, that would really be hot Charlie. Whose ass would you like to fuck?"

"Well, I've fucked Marcia's ass a number of times so I would like to try your wife's ass, if that is OK with you."

"Certainly, her ass and pussy are available to you anytime Charlie, as are her tits. She seems to really like you, so feel free to fuck her anytime you want."

"Thanks Steve, I appreciate that. She really has nice nipples and great tits."

"Yea, she really digs having such big tits and loves to show them off. Lately my b*****r has been coming over a lot and fucking her, I think he gets more ass from her than I do."

"Has she always been this hot?"

"Oh yea. In high school she was the class slut. I think she fucked every k** in school by the time she was a junior. When she was a senior, she had a college boyfriend and was busy fucking him and all his buddies in the frat. There were stories that she could fuck for hours and still want more. Since we have been married which has been three years, I have set up four gangbangs for her. The last one was the best. I arranged for 50 guys and she took them all on and fucked every last one. It was amazing to watch. When a guy would finish fucking her and pull his dick out of her pussy or ass, she was anxious to get the next cock inside her, she was not content unless she was filled with cock meat. She was awesome, just awesome."

"Are her tits natural?"

"Yulp, every cubic inch of her tits are hers. She developed quite late for most girls, she had been sick as a c***d and was held back in school for two years. But when she turned s*******n while still in junior high school, she blossomed into a very stacked girl, which I think is why she is such a slut today. And I am thankful for that."

"Do you know how she lost her virginity?"

"It was one of her mother's boyfriends. When Sandi turned eighteen, her parents had a special private party for her consisting of her mother and dad, her older b*****r and her mom's black boyfriend. She said that prior to the party, her b*****r and her would fool around but she was never penetrated. She would suck him off and let him rub his cock all over her pussy and tits, but not let him fuck her. She said that her b*****r's friends would come over and fondle her tits a lot and she would suck them all off too. She said that it became a regular thing, which she really enjoyed.

So at this party her b*****r, dad and black guy began fondling her, stripped her clothes off and all three gave her oral sex. They began by all three licking, sucking and fondling her at the same time, paying special attention to her big tits. Her mother even joined in, and they gave Sandi a round robin. She would have a mouth on each tit and one on her pussy while her mouth was either licking and sucking a cock or her mom's pussy. They rotated every few minutes. They kept this up for well over an hour giving her multiple orgasms. She was in such a state of ecstasy that she pleaded over and over to be fucked. Her mom chose Sandi's b*****r to be the one to break her hymen but not to cum in her or bring her to an orgasm. Her father would be next but he too was not to cum in her or have her orgasm. She wanted her daughter's first fucking experience to be with her boyfriends huge black cock.

They had her lay on the bed spread eagle as Sandi's b*****r mounted her. He got on his knees between her out stretched legs and wiped his hard cock up and down her slit. She was begging him to fuck her but he took his time as his mother instructed. His pre-cum was lubing up her pussy and when her mother felt that she was wet enough by slipping a finger in her daughter's cunt, she told her son to go all the way. They all watched as he eased his cock into her pussy until he met resistance. Sandi said that her b*****r was very gentle and slowly pushed his dick into her until suddenly her hymen broke and he was all the way in her. She said the pain was minimal and that she felt mostly pleasure when she received the first cock inside her. Her b*****r slid his cock in and out of her slowly as he fucked her giving her nothing but pure pleasure. When her mother sensed that an orgasm was close, she instructed had her b*****r to get off his s****r and then had Sandi's father mount her. Both Sandi's b*****r and father have above average size cocks which she has become very accustomed to having them inside her. While her father was fucking her, Sandi's mom was sucking on her black boyfriend's dick making sure her was fully erect.

Sandi's father was not able to restrain himself very well so he dismounted her quickly before he shot his wad inside his daughter's virgin pussy. Her mom immediately released her boyfriend's hard black cock and had him mount her daughter. They all intently watched as the black guy crawled up between her legs placing his big dick at the entrance of Sandi's pussy. Sandi looked down between her legs saying, "Oh I want to be fucked so bad, but he is so big. Are you sure he will fit inside me without hurting me."

Her mother responded, "Yes dear, you will be able to totally accommodate Jake's big cock, he is very gentle and will not hurt you. You will feel nothing but extreme pleasure being fucked by such a large cock. Just lay there and enjoy."

Jake placed the bulbous head of his big cock between Sandi's pussy lips and gradually pushed in. Sandi could see and feel her pussy lips part as Jake's cock began to very slowly disappear inside her pussy. She laid her head back and just enjoyed the sensations of having her pussy stuffed for the first time with a very large hard cock. Sandi's thinks that Jake had about a 10 inch cock. When Jake was about half way inside her, Sandi's mom instructed her to raise her knees up next to her sides as far as she could to give Jake maximum access to her cunt. Sandi pulled up her knees up until they were actually touching her tits and when she looked down between her legs she could see that Jake had but a few inches inside her. She said the sensations she was experiencing in her pussy were fantastic and closed her eyes to totally savor the pleasure. There were ripples of pleasure going thrught her body. As the intensity and extreme pleasure increased she became aware of a sensation on her ass. When she looked down between her legs she realized that the feeling she was getting on her ass was Jake's balls, he was totally inside her, all 10 glorious inches. At that point Jake looked over at Sandi's mom saying, "You were right, this young thing can take all of me. She is going to be one hot pussy."

Sandi looked him in the eye and said, "Now fuck me! I want to know what it feels like for a man to cum inside my cunt. I want to know and experience everything about sex. So just fuck me like you do mom." Jake did not hesitate and fucked Sandi in his usual manner. He moved his cock up and down in a constant rhythm putting pressure on the upper side of Sandi's pussy to arouse her clit. He continued this until she climaxed and then began to increase the pace and the f***e of his down strokes. He had lots of stamina and when he felt a climax coming on, he would slow down for awhile and then speed up again. He kept this up for about 10 minutes, in the meantime Sandi had three or four orgasms, she was nearly delirious with pleasure and was screaming with joy. Finally he sped up the pace and maintained it until he shot his wad of cum inside Sandi's cunt. He then collapsed on top of her totally exhausted as was she.

When Sandi came down off her sexual high, she looked over to see what her f****y was doing. They were on the floor and all Sandi could see at first were three pair of legs. As she looked closer she could see that her b*****r was on the bottom on his back with his cock buried in her mother's pussy and her dad was on top with his cock buried in her mother's ass. They were moaning and groaning as her mother was taking two cocks at once. She heard her mother saying, "Yes, yes, fuck me deep you guys, fuck me good, I want all of your juices inside me, I want to be juiced up, I want your cum, just fuck me, ohhhhhh yes, yes, ohhhh fantastic I'm cuming, I'm cuming, fill me, oh fill me up." Sandi's dad was really pounding her mom's ass, sliding his 8 inch dick the full length in and out of her mom's ass. Once he pulled out totally and Sandi could see that her mom's asshole was dilated nearly two inches. He then immediately plunged his cock back into her ass and then remained fully penetrated as he pumped his cum in his wife's ass.

Sandi was getting excited watching her mom get doubled fucked. She moved her head so she could easily watch her mom being fucked while Jake was still inside her, she could feel the gradual withdrawal of his dick. She wrapped her legs around him to make sure he did not slip out of her, she loved the feeling a having a cock in her pussy and didn't want to feeling to end.

After her dad shot his load up her mom's ass, he rolled off her onto his back. Her mom and b*****r managed to turn over without disengaging so that her b*****r was now on top. Her mom looked in her direction and when she noticed her daughter was laying there relaxed she said, "How was is Sandi?"

"Oh mom, it was the greatest. I now know why you fuck so much. It was so exciting, I came four or five times, I just love the feeling."

"I know sweetie, it is a wonderful feeling. Now that you are no longer a virgin, you will have lots of cocks to fuck. Your dad and b*****r will be especially happy that there is another cunt to fuck in this f****y."

As her mom was talking her b*****r was picking up the pace and slamming his cock hard and deep into he mom's pussy. Sandi said, "Mom."

"uhhh, ohhh, yes dear what, what, ohhhhh yes, is it?"

"I want to be double fucked like you just were, I want to feel a cock in my ass like I watched daddy do to you.'

"OK dear. Ohh yes sweetie, fuck mommy's pussy, give me your semen, cum in me honey I love having both your cum and your dad's cum in me at the same time, yes fuck me good." Her mom looked back at her again saying, "Honey I know you will love it, double fucking is one of my favorite things. I hope you will like fucking as I do, I just love cock, I love to fuck and be fucked. I love being surrounded by lots of naked men with hard cocks knowing they want to get their cocks inside me, to fill me or cover me with their cum."
At that point Sandi's b*****r began cuming in his mother's cunt who obviously could feel his juices being ejaculated inside her as she returned her attention to the action going on between her legs. "Oh honey that's it, fill your mommy's pussy with your sweet tasting cum, dump your load deep inside me honey, fuck me baby, fuck your mom, ohhh yes, that's it, I can feel my cunt getting all juicy from your cum, keep it up baby, yes, yes fuck me and make your mommy cum, ohhhhh, yes, I'm cumming too, ohh love it, just love being fucked like this, ohh yes fuck meeeee." She laid back closing her eyes as she moaned in ecstasy as her son continued filling her cunt with his semen and as she reached yet another climaxed

Sandi's dad was still sitting on the floor entertaining another hard on as he stroked himself watching his wife and son fuck. He looked over at Sandi and said, "Isn't that hot Sandi, watching James fuck your mother and look how she loves it. I can never get enough of watching your mom being fucked; she is addicted to being fucked. Big, small, long, black cocks, it does not make any difference as long as they get hard and she can fuck them."

"Yes daddy that is hot watching mom and James fuck. I have never seen live fucking before, only on video."

Sandi's dad stood up still stroking his hard cock and walked over to where his daughter was lying on the bed. He pointed his cock at her saying, "Sweetie, are you ready for another fuck?"

"Yes daddy, but I want you to fuck me in the ass like you just did to mom. That looked so hot and exciting. I want to be doubled fucked just like mom was."

"Baby, I would love to be the first to fuck you in the ass. I have wanted to fuck you for over a year, ever since you started blossoming, you have fantastic tits just like your mom. It is going to be so nice to be sexually free with you, to be able to see your young naked body running around the house and to know that I can freely fondle and fuck you. I was hoping to be the one that took your cheery, but being the first to fuck your virgin ass is just as good. It is not often one finds a virgin ass or pussy to fuck. I'm going to go get some butt plugs and lubricant jelly to prepare your ass for its first penetration, I want you to really like being fucked in the ass, I love fucking tight assholes." Her dad left the room.

Sandi returned her attention to her mom and b*****r. James had finished pumping his cum into his mother's pussy and was just lying on top of her panting from all the intense action. Her mom had wrapped her legs around her son's thighs and with her hands on his ass was trying to keep his cock buried in her as deep as possible while she was wiggling her ass to maximize the sensations she was getting deep down in her cunt. "Oh baby I love having your cock inside me, I love fucking you, I love knowing my pussy is full of your sweet tasty semen. Oh this is the greatest.'

James slowly recuperated raising his head from his mother's shoulder, first kissing her on the lips, then he scooted down in order that he could get his mouth on her tits and began sucking on her nipples. His soft cock slipped out of her dripping cunt as he laid there devouring his mom's tits. She said, "Oh sweetie, you treat your mom so well, oh how I love having you suck my tits like this, it makes my nipples so hard and gets my juices going."

She held his face tight against her big bare tits while she kissed him the top of his head. She looked up at Sandi who was lying there taking it all in and said, "Isn't your b*****r the greatest?'

"Yes mom, I have always enjoyed James although we have never fucked, I have sucked his cock many times."

"Have you ever swallowed his cum?'

"I didn't at first, but I do now."

"Do you like how he tastes?"

"Oh yea, I love tasting James's cum. I think all guys taste good."

"How many guys have given blowjobs to, Sandi?"

"Oh, I think eight or nine. They are all James's friends except for two guys I met last week in the bowling alley."

About then James raised his head from his mother's tit saying, "Yea mom, and she gives great blowjobs. All the guys love coming over here so they can get Sandi to blow them."

"So that is why for the last few months all your buddies have been hanging out around here."

"Yep, so that they can get a fantastic blowjob from Sandi." James at this point rolled off his mom.

Sandi's mom raised up and looked down between her spread legs, as she saw cum oozing from her snatch she said, "You know Sandi, my pussy is full of your b*****r's great tasting cum. Would you like to come down her and dine on your mother's pussy and suck all of James's semen mixed with your mother's cum? I know you will like it."

Sandi hesitated never having placed her mouth on a woman's pussy before. Her mother said, "Its OK Sandi. I assume that you have never eaten pussy before, right?"

"That's right mom."

"Well, I think that you will really enjoy it as much as having your own pussy eaten. So why not get down her and I'll show you what to do. James really pumped me full of cum that I know you really like so much. I'll show you how to lick and suck my pussy clean while also giving me an oral climax."

Sandi crawled down off the bed and got on her hands and knees between her mother's legs with her face directly above her mother's wet pussy. Her big tits hung down like big melons, too much for James to resist as he reached under her and fondled his s****r's tits and nipples. Sandi looked at him saying, "That feels good James, you never miss a chance to fondle my tits do you?"

"Nope, every chance I get and thanks for giving me so many chances. Thanks again Sandi for having such big tits and for letting me fondle and play with them like you do. My buddies also love seeing and fondling your nice big tits."

Sandi's mom asked, "How long have you two been sexual with each other?"

James responded, "Oh just for the last 6 months or so, ever since her tits got so big. She lets me suck her tits every night before we go to bed. I suck her tits, she sucks my cock."

"Have you ever eaten her pussy?"

"Oh a couple times she has let me lick her cunt, but she has not been very willing for me or my buddies to play with her cunt. She does show us her naked body a lot, lets us play with her tits but not much more."

Sandi was listening to their conversation while she stared at her mom's cleanly shaven pussy with cum oozing out between her pussy lips and down her crack. He mom glanced at Sandi saying, "Oh honey, just lick all around my snatch, you'll love the taste. Most of the cum you see is James's."

Sandi leaned down sticking out her tongue and gently licked her mom's pussy causing her mother to shiver the moment Sandi's tongue touched her. "Oh baby that excites me to see and feel you lick me. Now keep licking me and make sure you get all of James's cum." Sandi licked up one side of her mom's pussy and then the other side. She then moved her face down so she could get her tongue down her mom's crack to retrieve more cum. Sandi's mom raised her knees up and out to make it easier for Sandi to lick up the cum in her crack. James's cum had run all the way down his mom's crack and so Sandi followed the trail of cum all the way across her mom's asshole. Her mom squirmed and moaned when she felt her daughter's tongue on he asshole.

"Oh baby, love the feeling of your tongue on my ass. I love having my ass eaten almost as much as having my pussy eaten. You have a nice touch. Now move back up to my pussy and stick your tongue in my cunt." Sandi did as she was told and f***ed the tip of her tongue into her mother's cunt. Her mother helped her by reaching down and pulled her pussy lips apart. Sandi was getting a good amount of cum from her mother's pussy making her get horny. She was really gobbling all the cum she could get, she was really getting into it, she covered her mother's pussy with her mouth and sucked as hard as she could receiving a nice load of her mother's and b*****r's cum. Her mother told her to scoop out more cum by sticking her fingers in her cunt and dragging out more. Sandi pulled her mouth away from her mother's pussy, stuck her middle finger deep inside her cunt and scooped out a small of glob of cum. Her mother grabbed her wrist raising Sandi's hand to her own mouth licking her son's cum off her daughter's finger.

"Now sweetie, I want you to use your tongue and finger to work my clit. Just be gentle because it becomes very sensitive." As Sandi began to work on her mom's pussy, she suddenly felt something on her ass. She turned to see her dad standing behind her with a butt plug in his hand.

He said, "This will open you up baby so daddy can fuck that hot little ass of yours, OK?"

Sandi just nodded noticing her dad's hard cock hanging between his legs. She said, "Are you sure that it won't hurt me when you fuck my ass with that big cock of yours?"

"No darling, it won't hurt. You will find having your ass fucked to be nothing but pleasure. Just ask your mom."

Sandi looked up at her mom from between her mom's legs asking if it would hurt. Her mom responded, "Your dad is right, he is going to use those butt plugs to stretch your ass and once your anus is dilated enough, your dad's big cock will slip right in and you will love it. Trust me baby, ass fucking is great." Sandi went back to work on her mom's cunt while her dad slowly inserted a butt plug up her ass. She was getting real excited and was loving the reaction she was getting from her mom as she played with her clit. James continued fondling her tits, she loved all the attention.

Her mom continued giving her instructions of how to use her tongue and mouth on her pussy, especially how to stimulate her clit, telling what was feeling good and not so good. At one point she told Sandi to again lick her crack. Sandi's mom raised her knees and pulled them up to roll her ass closer to Sandi's mouth. Sandi took advantage of this and licked her mother asshole. Her mother said, "Oh sweetie, that feels so good, I like having my ass licked and eaten. You know my ass is full of your dad's cum, can you taste him?"

Sandi responded, "I don't know mom, I've never tasted dad's cum. Does it taste different than James's?"

"Yes dear, it does. Why don't you stick your finger in my ass and see if you can get any out." Sandi was so hot at this point that she willingly stuck her finger up her mother's ass, she used her middle finger and stuck it in all the way.

Her mother moaned saying, "Oh baby, that feels good, keep your finger in me, wiggle it around, now go back and suck on my clit." Sandi left her finger in her mother's ass, while she moved back up toward her cunt and stuck her tongue in her mother's cunt. She was wiggling both her finger and tongue making her mom really moan. In the meantime her dad had removed the first butt plug up her ass replacing it with another larger one. It was a tight fit and caused a little pain at first. Sandi froze letting the pain subside and once the feeling of pleasure returned, she continued sucking her mother's cunt and fingering her ass.

Her dad began working the butt plug in and out of her ass until he was able to insert it without any hesitation. He said, "Sandi, your ass is ready for its first fuck. James get down on the floor on your back and get ready for Sandi to mount you." James was still fondling Sandi's tits while also sucking on his mother's tits. He released both their tits moved to the center of the room, laid down on his back with his hard cock sticking nearly straight up in the air. Sandi's dad guided her to where James was lying and helped her straddle him, grabbed his son's cock guiding it into Sandi's pussy as she lowered herself. Once her pussy was fully penetrated with her bother's cock, her dad got down on his knees between her legs, removed the butt plug and placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her asshole. He slowly pushed his cock down into her ass, there was some resistance at first but within seconds his cock head slowly disappeared into her asshole and then he slowly inserted all 8 inches.

"How does that feel sweetie?"

"Oh god, it feels really good daddy, I feel so full and excited." He then began to slide his cock up and down in her ass slowly fucking his daughter's virgin asshole. She began to moan with pleasure as the fantastic sensation of being fucked by two cocks was taking over her body.

James grabbed his s****r's face and began to passionately kiss her while her father methodically fucked her in the ass. James was also attempting to work his cock in and out of her cunt while fondling her tits as was her dad, he said to Sandi, "I sure can taste mom's pussy on your lips and I love how she tastes."

Sandi looked at him saying, "How do you know what your mother's pussy tastes like?"

"Don't be nieve Sandi, mom has let me eat and fuck her pussy for nearly two years now, ever since I turned 18. When dad is out of town, she lets me sl**p with her. She has come home a number of times with her pussy full of some guy's cum and when dad is not home, she has me eat her clean and then I fuck her and fill her back up. She has shown me lots of techniques in eating a woman's pussy."

Sandi looked over to see what her mom was doing. Her mom's black boyfriend had crawled off the bed and had gotten between her mom's legs sliding his big cock into her mother's cunt. As she watched her mother being fucked, she remembered how it felt having that big black cock inside her pussy. Sandi intently watched her mother while she enjoyed the action going on in her own cunt and ass, not to mention the four hands working over her tits. Shit she thought, I have never had so much fun and felt so excited, my cunt is tingling from James moving his cock against her clit, my dad is giving my ass a great fuck, my nipples have become very sensitive from all the fondling, my b*****r's kissing me has been very sensuous and my watching my mom get fucked with a very big black cock has really turned me on. Oh how I love sex.

James grabbed her face and began another round of passionate kissing while her dad was ramming his cock deep inside her ass grunting constantly with each down stroke. Oh how she liked the feeling of having her ass fucked by her dad. She could hear her mom saying, "Yes, oh yes fuck me with that big black cock of yours, fill my cunt with your hot tasty semen, just fuck me hard, fuck me deep, oh just keep fucking me you big stud, I wish I could have another baby, I want a black baby in my belly, I want your black baby in my belly, I want your seeds in me, oh fuck me you bastard, fill me up with your cum juices."

She could not believe her ears hearing that her mom wanted a black baby in her belly. Suddenly her dad started to grunt real loud, he stopped his thrusting and with short stabs of his cock in her ass, he began unloading his semen. He grabbed her by the hips and pressed his cock as deep in her ass as he could while he groaned and moaned pumping his cum deep in her bowels. It felt so good knowing that her dad got so excited fucking her, she liked it that men and boys wanted her.

Meantime James released her lips and she turned her head to see the action between her mom's legs. Her mom had pulled her knees up high so that her black boyfriend could get every inch of his big black cock inside her. Sandi could just see a pair of big balls and a black cock buried in her mom's pussy. Her mom kept saying, "Yes fill my pussy with your black seed baby, I want all your seed deep inside me, fill me up with your cum. Oh yes fill me with you cum, fuck me, fuck me." Sandy wanted to touch the guy's balls so she reached over toward them, but was not able to reach them. She was able to only touch the guy's ankle.

Her dad quit grunting as he squirted the last of his cum into her ass. He relaxed and laid on her back as he recovered. She continued to hold on to the black guys ankle attempting to pull him closer so she could get at his balls. The guy looked down in her direction to check out what was going on with his ankle. Once he saw that it was Sandi griping his ankle he said, "What do you want baby."

"I want to feel those big balls of yours while your cock is pumping your seed into my mom's cunt."

Her mother over heard Sandi and responded, "Oh baby I love it that you are so inquisitive and want to explore. OK, honey, lets scoot over so Sandi can touch your private parts." They managed to scoot over giving Sandi easy access to where their crotches were joined.

Her mom said, "OK baby, with your cock still hard, fuck me some more, I love to feel your big black cock deep down inside my pussy and would love to experience another wonderful orgasm." The black guy raised his ass way up pulling his cock free of Sandi's mom's pussy and wiggled his ass back and forth making his dick swing around. Sandi reached over taking a hold of his big cock and stroked it a few times.

He mom watching the action said, "OK Sandi, guide his dick into your mom's cunt and let him load me up again. I love being fucked." Sandi placed the bulbous head of his dick at the entrance of her mom's cunt wiping her slit with the pre-cum. Her mom was impatient as she suddenly raised her ass up to capture a few inches of her boyfriend's dick inside her cunt. She said, "I need your cock inside me baby, now fuck me and get me off again. I want to coat that big black cock of yours with my cum and then lick it off or have Sandi lick it off. Now fuck me, ram that big cock meat deep inside me, fuck me good, make me scream, I want you really bad."

He obeyed and began ramming his cock inside Sandi's mom's pussy while Sandi held onto his balls. Sandi could hear the squishing sound from her mother's pussy being already full of black cum as she was being fucked again. Her mom said, "Oh I love to feel and hear the squishing sound in my cunt, it tells me I'm full of cum, juicy salty tasty cum that could make a baby in me if I was fertile. Oh how I love fucking!"

Sandi was at the same time, humping her b*****r's cock that was buried deep inside her own pussy. Sandi said, "Oh mom, lets see if we can orgasm at the same time."

"OK sweetie, that sounds wonderful. Let's do it!" Sandi and her mom both laid on their backs as each one encouraged their fuckers to get them off. Sandi managed to keep one hand on her mom's black boyfriends balls while her b*****r fucked her.

"Oh mom, I'm getting close, where are you?"

"Me too, oh sweetie ram me harder, move up so your cock rubs my clit, I want to cum quickly, now fuck good."

Sandi said to James, "That's it b*****r, fuck me faster, hammer my pussy, make me cum right now, I want you to unload your seeds inside my pussy. Fondle and kiss my tits, make me hot, I want to feel you cum inside me." James was grunting and moaning as he pounded away at his s****r's pussy, doing everything he could to get her to have an orgasm. He did well as shortly she began to scream with pleasure, "OH JAMES, I'M CUMING, I REALLY CUMING, YOU ARE A WONDERFUL b*****r, I LOVE THE WAY YOU FUCK ME, OH MOM, I LOVE BEING FUCKED, I HOPE YOU LET ME FUCK ALL YOUR BOYFRIENDS TOO, I WANT TO BE JUST LIKE YOU MOM, I WANT TO BE MY SCHOOL'S SLUT, I WANT ALL THE BOYS TO KNOW THAT THEY CAN FUCK ME ANYTIME, ANYPLACE. OH SHIT THIS IS WONDERFUL."

Her mom was also climaxing saying, "OH BABY! How I love being filled with your black cock, feeling your seed flowing inside me, I love to feel the veins of your cock rubbing against my pussy walls, oh shit this is great. Oh Sandi I love it that you like sex like I do. We are going to have so much fun and excitement. Yes you can fuck my boyfriends if you let me fuck yours. OK?" Sandi still had a hold of a big set of black balls feeling their reaction as he mom's cunt was being filled with cum.
"Yes, mom lets always be free with each other and share our male friends. I love holding Jack's balls as he fucks you."

"What about sharing female friends?"

"Well I don't have any female friends that I have sex with, so I have no one to share with you."

"That's OK, you can share mine until you get some of your own. I'm sure sometime in the future you will have sex with some females and can then share them, OK?"

"Sure mom, if that ever occurs."

As Sandi and her mom were discussing sharing their sex partners, James was slowly pulling his shrinking cock from his s****r's pussy and once his cock was free, he remained above her with his limp dick hanging just above her pussy. His dick was all shiny with cum and had a string of cum running from the end of his dick to Sandi's pussy. Sandi looked down between her legs and when she noticed her b*****r's shiny cock and the cum dripping from his dick, she said, "Oh James, your cock is so beautiful, I've always like sucking your cock more than sucking your buddy's cocks. Now that your cock has been inside me and I have climaxed, I want to suck your cock even more. Please slide up here and let your s****r suck you off, I want to taste you and me, you big fucking stud."

James did not hesitate and crawled up sitting next to his s****r's face guiding his cock into Sandi's waiting mouth. She opened her mouth very wide accepting his entire cock as she grabbed his balls to pull him deep in her mouth and throat. She gave his cock a quick suck releasing it long enough to say, "Oh yes James, you taste so great and I love feeling your big cock in my mouth. Love you James."

As she was busy sucking her b*****r's cock, she did not notice her dad had crawled up between her spread legs. The first inclination was when she felt a tongue on her twat, and looking down she saw her father's head between her legs. As he very delicately licked the cum off her pussy lips and all around her mound, she placed her hand on the top of his head and gently pushed his face into her cunt while she flexed her pelvis a few times as she spread her legs a little wider to give her father maximum access to her crotch. He responded immediately by sticking his tongue inside her cunt to find her clit, and when he did, he pressed his tongue over her clit making her moan with pleasure. He was rewarded with a mouth full of juicy cum that was not only his daughters secretions but also those of his son's. The mixed cum he tasted was totally to his liking. He became very aggressive and began to really eat her cunt by sucking as much of her pussy into his mouth as he could, it looked like he was trying to suck her inside out. He then placed both his hands on her ass pulling her even tighter against his mouth and ran his thumbs down her crack until he felt her asshole, he then gently slipped one thumb completely up her ass.

Sandi began to moan with the joyful sensations her father was giving her as he ate her cunt and thumbed her ass, James was moaning from the pleasure he was receiving from his s****r sucking his cock and Sandi's dad was moaning as he sucked the wonderful tasting cum from his daughter's cunt. In the meantime Sandi's mom and her boyfriend Jake, were 69'ng it, each also moaning with the pleasures they were receiving and giving.

After about 5 or 10 minutes of this rather intense sexual action with all five getting their rocks off again, it suddenly became very quite and all laid still from being totally exhausted. Sandi was the first to stir; she raised her head from between her b*****r's legs saying, "I want to celebrate all my birthdays like this. I love it, I love all the sexual action I've received this evening. James I want to thank you so much for being the one to take my virginity. You broke my hymen with tenderness and kindness and I will always remember that; I will also remember the sensations I felt when your cock slid inside my pussy, it was so exciting to see and feel you inside me, I loved the sensation of being penetrated and I was so glad it was you, b*****r. I have wanted for you to fuck me for a long time."

"Jake I want to thank you for being the first man to fuck me, feeling that huge cock of yours slide inside my pussy was fantastic, and when you started to cum inside me, the feeling was awesome. My first orgasm from a cock will never be forgotten. I will especially remember you for being the first black cock I ever fucked. I loved it and mom, I hope you will let me fuck Jake a lot more, I now know why you love black cock so much. It was awesome to see a big black shiny snake slide inside my cunt."

"Daddy I want to thank you for being the first guy to penetrate my ass and giving me my first ass fuck, I loved the sensations you were giving me as you fucked my ass, and I hope you want to do me in the ass a lot more daddy, I want to know that you desire me and want to fuck me."

"Mom, oh mom, I want to thank you for being the first woman to give me an orgasm by eating my cunt and then allowing me to eat my first pussy, I loved eating you mom, you tasted so delicious. I love you all and hope that this kind of sex never ends. My pussy, ass, tits and mouth is for all of you to enjoy whenever you want, I want to be used as a sex toy, so please, just ask me or take me, I'm yours and your friend's sex mate to do as you wish."

"Oh Sandi, you are going to love your life as a slut. You will find it very fulfilling and being used by men and women for sex is a real turn on. With your body, men are going to be hitting on you all the time, and once the word is out that you will spread your legs at the sound of a zipper, your pussy will be entertained with cocks 24/7. You have beautiful tits and your cunt and ass are going to drive men crazy with desire, you can have all the cock you want."

"Oh mom I hope that is true. I just love fucking and knowing that a man wants to put his cock inside me gets me so excited."

"Don't worry baby, all men will want to have their cock inside that hot pussy of yours not to mention your sweet ass." Sandi's mom had gotten up and headed for the shower. James was right behind her with his half hard dick flopping in front of him.

Sandi rolled over on her back, spread her legs real wide saying, "Any takers before I hit the rack?"

Jake said, "I would love to Sandi, but I'm exhausted and totally spent. Would like to take a rain check on that sweet little cunt of yours though."

"Jake sweetie, you will always have a rain check with me, my cunt is yours just for the asking. Daddy, do you want to fuck your hot daughter's pussy?"
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