a hot summer with my mom and aunt pt 3

I played ball with my buddies for about 4 hours, I had a hard time concentrating on what I was doing as visions of my mom and aunt being naked and me fucking them kept running through my mind. At about 2 pm we all decided that we'd had enough ball playing and so went our separate ways. I headed straight home, looking forward to hopefully more intimate sessions with my mom and maybe my aunt if she was still there. As I turned the corner near our house, my cock tingled as I saw my aunt's car still in our driveway. I parked my car and went in through the front door. I could hear my mom humming in the kitchen. I peeked around the corner to see her standing at the sink with her back to me. She had on a pair of white shorts that really showed off her beautiful ass. As I looked at her ass and legs, my cock immediately became erect. I just stood there for a while to admire her, wow what a pair of legs and to think that I was between them this morning fucking her. She finally sensed someone in the room and turned her head. When she saw me, she immediately gave me a big smile and turned her body to face me while leaning against the sink in a very sexy way. Oh how hot she looked! Her sweater had a deep V showing a lot of the topside of her tits and her shorts were so tight that the crotch seam was snug against her cunt separating her pussy lips. My shorts in no way hid the huge erection I had. My mom licked her lips saying, "Do you always go around with a hard-on like that?"

I responded, "Only when I see you. When I walked in and saw your ass and legs, my cock immediately got hard and when I got a view of your front side, I think another pint of bl**d was pumped into my dick. Man, are hot looking, I want to fuck you right here and now!"

"Whoa boy, we don't want you to get burnout or wear that thing out do we?"

"I don't think that can happen. By the way, where is Aunt June?"

"She is upstairs getting cleaned up to go home. She woke up only about an hour ago, she really got loaded last night. We were both amazed at how much cum she had all over her pussy. You must have been saving up for some time."

"Well mom, the truth is that when I first go up this morning, I went in to check on her. She was laying spread eagle on your bed looking so sexy. I couldn't resist fondling those big tits of hers. She did not even stir and so I took the chance and played with her pussy and still she did not wake up. I was so horny that I got up on the bed and as gently as I could, I fucked her a second time."

"Oh that explains it. Wow she was really a mess, all her public hair was totally matted with your cum. She was so excited and said that she hoped that you were OK with what went on last night. I told her you were just fine with it and that we had fucked again this morning with me being stone sober. You are OK with all this, right?"

"Yes mom, I'm just fine and as you can tell" as I pulled my hard cock from my shorts and stroked it a few times, "I am very excited about having the opportunity to fuck both you and my aunt."

My mom rushed toward me giving me a big hug pressing her tits firmly against my chest and French kissing me. While we kissed she ground her hips into me getting a good impression of my boner in her crotch. She released me saying, "I have to finish getting lunch prepared. Why don't you go up and take a shower, in fact why don't you join your aunt in the shower? I know she would like that."

I pulled my mom towards me reaching around grabbing her ass cheeks and kissed her hard. I then slid my hands up her waist to her tits pushing them up. I bent down and kissed the tops of her breasts. She reached up with her left hand and pulled the V-neck of her sweater aside revealing one of her beautiful tits. I moved my mouth to encompass her tit and suck her nipple into my mouth. She reached down with her right hand and squeezed my cock saying, "Oh baby I love this. Go get cleaned up and will continue this later."

I straightened up and headed toward the stairs. My mom stood there watching me and as I paused to turn and admire her, she gave me a big smile lifting her sweater above her chest and wiggled her bare tits at me. I said to myself that I must be dreaming; is this really my mom standing there shaking her bare tits at me. I rubbed my eyes and sure enough, it was she and I knew I was in hog heaven. I headed upstairs on a dead run and when I got to the top of the stairs I could hear the shower running in my mom's room. I wasted no time and slipped into her bathroom. There in the shower was the silhouette of my aunt. Wow what a body, I could easily see her big tits and as she turned, I could see her pussy. I ripped off my clothes and slightly opened the shower door.

My aunt quickly turned her head and when she saw me, she smiled saying, "Oh sweetie, what a nice surprise. Get your sweet little ass in here and take care of your aunt. I have been on cloud nine all morning remembering how nice it felt having your cock inside me. Uhhh I want to do it over and over again."

I just smiled at her, stepped into the shower and began to hug and fondle her. Our wet bodies felt so good rubbing against each other. We caressed and fondled each other like two starved lovebirds. I was kissing her while my right hand was rubbing her ass and my left hand was fondling her delicious tits. She in the mean time was reaching down stroking my hard cock. I removed my hand from her tit and slid it down to her cunt and began to finger fuck her pussy. I then lowered my head and began to suck on her erect nipple while also running the middle finger of my right hand along her ass crack. When I found her anus opening I hesitated a bit and began to play with it, I heard a definite moan from her. I figured she must like it so I began to probe her asshole with one finger while finger fucking her cunt with my other hand. She let out a very load moan saying, "Oh baby, you know how to get me going, I'm so hot for you. I need a hard fuck, a deep fuck, a long fuck, and a wet fuck. Oh baby that feels so good, I love how you are playing with me."

I placed my hands on her shoulders and turned her so her back was against the shower stall. I then crouched down to get my cock at the same level as her cunt. She still had a hold of dick and as I pushed my cock toward her she guided it into her dripping pussy. I went all the way in on the first thrust. I reached down with both hands to grab her buns and lifted her up so my legs could be straight. She wrapped her legs around me and I began to fuck her hard and fast. She was moaning as I pounded my cock into her hot cunt. She was moaning, "Oh baby, yes, yes fuck your aunt, give me another load of your hot cum up my pussy, fill your aunt up, fuck me sweetie, yes pump your sperm in me, shove it in me, fuck me, oh baby I love this don't stop, just keep fucking me and fucking me and fucking me." I certainly was not going to disappoint her and continued pounding her pussy as hard and deep as I could. Her eyes rolled back as she began to orgasm and I could feel her pussy squeeze my cock. I was not far behind her and when I felt her pussy squeeze my cock, it took my over the edge and my balls unloaded. I pressed her hard against the wall and drenched her pussy with my cum.

As I was enjoying the sensation of feeling my cock spurt cum deep inside my aunt's cunt, I noticed another sensation on my balls and also felt something against my back. I turned my head to see that my mom had joined us and was pressing her bare tits against my back while also reaching down between my legs to fondle my balls. She said, "I couldn't resist joining you after hearing June. I know how she feels to have a nice big cock in her and to be fucked again. I hope you don't mind, I am just so hot for sex with you. That is all I can think about, you're the best!"

My aunt opened her eyes and responded, "Oh yes Glenn you are so good. I don't think I have ever felt a cock so deep inside me. Right now it feels like the head of your cock is way up inside my belly, I love it. You are the greatest, I love your cock so much. I hope you are liking this and wanting sex as much as I do?"

"Are you k**ding, I love being able to have two sexy women around that want me to fuck them. This is the best , the best any guy could possibly want." I kissed my aunt and then turned my head and kissed my mom.

I then suggested that we move into the bedroom. My mom stepped out of the shower and I still held my aunt by her ass cheeks and wiggled out of the shower without disengaging my cock from her cunt. When I got in the bedroom my mom was laying on the bed spread eagle, she looked so hot. I love her tits, they looked so delicious. I squatted so my aunt's feet could touch the floor and slowly pulled my cock out of her cunt. We all looked down to see my cock slip from her pussy; a long strand of cum ran from her cunt to the head f my dick. My aunt reached down to break the strand and to rub my dick. She raised her hand showing us how her palm was coated with cum. She licked her palm saying, "Oh sweetie, you taste so good. Soon I need to suck you off and get a mouthful of you. Uh, it is so good. Want a taste Jackie?"

My mom looked over at us as June reached down and stuck a finger in her cunt to pull out more cum. She said, "Of course I'd like to taste my son." June walked over to the side of the bed closest to my mom's head, bent over and stuck her finger in her mouth. "Ummm, he does taste good."

June then took both hands and placed then in her crotch using her index fingers to separate her pussy lips. Cum began to ooze out of her hole. She looked down at my mom who was starring up at June's cunt. June said, "There is a lot of your son's cum running out of my cunt, want to eat me?"

My mom looked a little bewildered saying, "I've never eaten pussy before."

June responded, "Well this is a good time to start. It's your s****r's pussy filled with your son's cum. Go ahead you will enjoy it, I know I will." June moved up to the edge of the bed spreading her legs. My mom scooted toward June such that her head was slightly hanging over the bed. I watched as my mom stick out her tongue and lick a droplet of cum from my aunt's cunt lips. She repeated this a second time but had stuck her tongue slightly inside my aunt's cunt while my aunt held her pussy lips apart.

My mom whirled the cum around inside her mouth saying, "Um, so good baby, so good. I want all of it." Her face disappeared between my aunt's legs as she went to work sucking my aunt's cunt lips into her mouth using her tongue to pull out all the cum she could from my aunts cunt. Watching my mom eat my aunt, gave me another raging hard on. My aunt began fondling her own tits and then reached down and fondled my mom's tits. I love my mom's tits and decided to get my cock between them. I crawled up on the bed, straddled my mom's body and slid my cock between her tits. She felt my cock on her chest and without removing her face from between my aunt's legs, pushed her tits together to provide a nice channel for my cock to slide back and forth on. Oh that felt so good, I played with her nipples as I fucked her tits. My aunt pulled my chin up and planted a very wet kiss on my lips with her tongue fully engaged in my mouth. We swapped spit as my mom continued eating my aunt's pussy as she moaned and groan in approval. I moved my hands to my aunt's tits and began to fondle them while my mom continued to hold her tits together for me to fuck them. It was awesome and before long, I felt my balls tense up wanting to explode. My mom must have sensed that I was about to cum, she held her tits real tight and I deposited a good load deep in her cleavage. My aunt had gotten real still as she was over come with another orgasm.

We all seemed to start to relax from intense feelings at the same time. My aunt immediately moved over and flopped down on the bed, her legs were like rubber from the intense orgasm she had. I was totally spent, my balls were aching from all the cuming I've been doing. I rolled over and lay next to my mom. She scooted down and gave me a big wet kiss then whispered in my ear, "Oh baby I love you so much. Thanks for the nice tit fuck."

She looked over at her s****r saying, "And thanks June for letting eat my first pussy, it was great and I hope I an do it again many times."

When my aunt looked over at my mom, she spotted the globs of my cum between my mother's tits and said, "Now Jackie before you get up, there is something I need to do."

"What's that June?"

"I need to lick Glenn's cum from your boobs, don't move let me. I'll share it with you." My aunt raised herself up and leaned over and licked some of my cum from my mom's cleavage. "Oh sweetie, you taste so good!" She then using her tongue scooped up a large glob and let it lie on her tongue. She turned to my mom holding out her tongue. My mom stuck her tongue out and my aunt attempted to smear some of my cum on her tongue, but it wasn't working to well so my aunt just began kissing my mom. God it was hot watching them kiss. They at first were a little timid but really got into it. When my full her lips loose from my mom, she ran her tongue down her chin and neck to her tits and took one in her mouth. She sucked on it until my mom's nipple was very erect. My aunt then licked up the remaining globs of cum and proceeded lock lips with my mom again. My aunt squirmed around so that she was lying on top of my mom; she was pressing her tits and pussy against my mom's tits and pussy. They were kissing like there was not tomorrow. My cock got real hard watching but I knew my tank was empty, I had a big case of blue balls. They finally relaxed and lay there looking at each other.

My mom was the first to speak, "Wow, I've never done that before. I liked it. How abut you June?"

"Oh yes, that was very fine. I did not know you were such a great kisser. You really got my engine going again. Well it really has not quit since last night. And so how are you doing Jackie?"

"Oh I'm fine but I did not have a climax like you two just had and I'm real horny."

My aunt looked over at me saying, "You got it in you to fuck your mother again?"

"I wish I did, but my balls are aching right now."

"Ok, let just feast on her to get her off. What part of her do you want?"

'I'd like to eat her again."


"Yea, I ate her this morning after we fucked."

"Well lets both eat her, OK?" I nodded Ok and we both headed toward my mom's snatch. She spread her legs wide and pulled her knees up to her chest giving us maximum access to her pussy. I started first and licked my mom's pussy all over and used my tongue to play with her clit. My aunt crowded in and began to stick her tongue between my mom's pussy lips and sucking on her clit making my mom moan quite loudly with pleasure. I attempted to get my share of pussy eating but my aunt was really taking command over the situation. With my mom's legs spread so wide her ass was very accessible. I took advantage and began to lick her ass along the entire length of her crack. I then played with her anus while my aunt was royally eating my mom's cunt. It was not long before my mom's body went stiff as she climaxed. We kept up the licking and sucking till our tongues got tired. I pulled back to watch the last few strokes of my aunt's tongue inside my mom's pussy, she was really sucking her dry of juices. My mom reached down and held my aunt's head into her snatch until the waves of pleasure subsided. I was totally spent as I think both my aunt and mom were.

We all lay there for a while and finally I said that I needed to clean up and went into my bathroom to take a shower. I remember drying off and laying on my bed to rest. The next thing I knew when I woke was that it was dark outside. I looked around and listened. I could hear the TV going and so figured they were down stairs. Ii pulled on some short and headed down. My mom was cuddled up on the couch watching TV and said, "Well Hi sl**py head. We must have really worn you out."

"Yes, what time is it?"

"Its nearly 9 pm. You have slept for nearly 5 hours. How do you feel?"

"Fine, except my balls still heard and my legs feel weak. Is there anything to eat?"

My mom gave me a quirky little smile. She then in one move, spun around on the couch to face me, pulled her robe apart and spread her legs saying, "Dinner is served!" She hesitated in that position for just a few seconds giving me a good view of her legs and pussy.

We both laughed as she got up to go into the kitchen to fetch me some dinner. I followed her and squeezed her ass as we walked. She looked over her should saying, "That's my boy, love having your hands on me. Oh yea and in me!" She winked and I sat down at the table. She took my dinner out and put it into the microwave. She walked over to where I was sitting and leaned against me pressing her tits against my face. I mocked her by opening my mouth real wide, she smiled, opened her robe and placed her tit in my mouth. I sucked on her tit until the microwave buzzer went off. She reluctantly removed her tit from my mouth to get my dinner. She sat it down in front of me and then sat across the table.

I looked at her and said, "It's hard to believe this has all happened so fast. But I just loved having sex with you and Aunt June, it was awesome. And to just be able to know that I can see you in the nude, to be able to feast my eyes on your great body, your tits and ass, I love it. I'll probably be hard all the time. Speaking of tits, how about letting see them now?"

"Glenn, you are incorrigible, but I love it." She then pulled her robe over her shoulders revealing her tits. We then continued our conversation with her being bare breasted.

She asked me what part to the day I liked best. I told her that it was all very good, but maybe tit fucking her while she ate my aunt was the best. I asked her what she liked the best. She said, "Well, when you slipped your dick in me this morning, it was very exciting. To feel your big dick inside my pussy was the greatest. The next best and maybe it's a tie, was when you and June were eating me. I loved having you play with my asshole, it was absolutely stimulating. I had a huge orgasm because of that. Did you realize that?"

"No I didn't mom. So you really like your ass played with."

Yea and maybe I can talk you into more than just play with my ass!"
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