Joys of having an oral fixation

It all has to do with power, the supply and demand of the awesome power of a mouth.

Ability to bring a man so close, and yet leave him so far away with simple techniques.

The swirling of the tongue, while sliding all the way down on the shaft, tightening and loosing the grip of my lips, enough to drive the head of his cock into tinges of pleasure.

The pulsing hardness between my lips, my teeth ever so lightly getting a taste. My tongue presses hard into the foreskin...or lack there of, tasting the sweetness prelude to come, or cum.

Up and down, swirling, teasing, tasting...allowing my hot breath to come over his skin, feeling his body tighten and tense beneath me, almost begging me to keep going. But I slow down, grasping the base, holding you off for a major explosion in my mouth.

Sucking the head, the head that is as hard as a lollipop, and just as sweet, pressing into my tongue, again I eagerly go down, all the way, swirling my tongue against the shaft, rotating my hand and grasping you tight with my lips.

I do not resist you this time. Rumbles of pleasure escape your lips, legs tighten and your toes point. Harder and harder you get as I slurp at your hardness. Waves of your seed splash on to my tongue, as you tighten your grip into my hair. Pushing me down, all the way....

I leave no mess behind like always
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4 years ago
Mmmmm... I always wondered what you were thinking.
4 years ago
Intruiging ;)