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Does Your Wife Tease Strangers At The Nude Beach?

Does your wife like teasing strangers at the beach? She does and you love it! You know who you are too. Your the guy who likes to bring your sexy hot MILF wife to the nude beach so that she has an excuse to expose her naked body to strange men! Yes, she is hot and looks good sitting next to you on her beach towel as one guy after another passes by on a long summer day checking out your wife and getting a good look at her shaved pussy. Yes she shaves her pussy before you leave for the beach so that it is smooth and clean and very exposed! So next time some guy comes over to ask you what time it is, just think the truth is that he is just trying to get a better look at her tits or her pussy or her ass depending if she sitting or laying on her belly. Who knows? Maybe her asshole is exposed too since she like to bend over to pick up shells, or you just like spreading lotion all over her butt and pussy while men are looking in your direction. So to all those couples out there. The wives that like to show and the husbands that encourage them to be exhibitionist we like to say thanks. Next time make sure she lays back with her legs open so we all get a really good look before you guys get dressed and go home to fuck. That way while your fucking your wife you can think about what all of those guys got to see. Her smooth shaved pussy, sweet tits, and maybe even her tight asshole. She leaves nothing to our imagination and we love how much she likes to tease! By the way, they all jerk off to her as soon as they get the chance at home or sometimes right in front of her at the beach!
Posted by voyeurchamp 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Absolutely love it....I love knowing that these guys are seeing my wife's pussy and asshole and that their dicks are getting hard watching her. The best is when we get a small crowd around us, everyone one trying to look as if nothing is going on but everyone almost ready to cum any second! I want to try it out at Haulover next month but not sure what the situation is...anyone know? I'm figuring late afternoon is the best time.
BTW, my wife's gallery on Flickr.com is Pastina1960....let me know what you think! I'm mac.male@yahoo.com
1 year ago
i love to tease guys on the beach... :)
2 years ago
My ex wife was just like that!
2 years ago
We LOVE Exhibitionist Wives!
2 years ago
how true! Lana would get any guy hot.
2 years ago
that's the way!
2 years ago
And sometimes I will let her suck them off right there on the beach lol