Tales of a Real Peeper

From an early age iv peeped,i dont know how old i was or what started it but i did
looking up skirts, it started at home while sitting on the floor id look up my mothers skirt or my grandmothers or just any female visitor who happend to be in the room.
knickers,panties or bare bush i couldnt stop doing it (and still do).From there i progressed to walking in on my mother either in the bath or toilet just hoping for a peep. Its funny what you can get away with as a k** you sort of dont exist
as a perv at that age.
I later started looking for more daring glimpses of pussy in clothing and shoe stores peeping the gap in the curtains outside the row of changing partitions
tits ass pantie clad pussies old young it didnt seem to matter it was the game the excitment of doing it seeing things i wasnt supposed to.
One day my peeping life changed.
i had noticed this man around the 40ish mark doing more or less the same as me and
i knew then that i was not alone in my fetish although he was more daring than i had been hed sometimes walk straight in a cubicle and catch the woman without a skirt or dress on.
i was eager to talk to him....not thinking about anything bad that could have happend to me i just followed him around the store and from one store to another.
he had noticed me hanging around trying to peep and eventually he spoke 'fuck off k**'.No..i know what your doing your looking in the cubicles at the women.
we got to talk outside his name was tom (yes his real name) he lived 3 mile from where i did and had being doing this for years so i told him i wanted to learn how to do it better and agreed to let me tag along as long as i did what i was told and didnt fuck things up he would show me the best places to go.
in the shopping centre there is a kind of sky light foot path made from small really strong squares of glass.
around the back of the stores theres access to rubbish areas and just above is the pavement skylights....
the trick was to find one with a square missing and shine a pen torch through the hole up womens skirts. it was great a new world of unsuspecting women walking and standing looking into shop windows oblivious to a light shining on their pussy, you can see the beam because its daylight outside.
often there was 2 or 3 more men there all doing the same some wanking some just peeping i started wanking then once id seen the others do it, Tom never did
and i never asked why.
Next i was introduced into the fine art of car peeping at night.
Tom and myself would watch for a couple pull up at the local lovers lane then watch for the mount and crawl/creep upto the window the ass was at to look through the window right between there legs and watch him pumping his cock in and out the womans pussy.
the further apart the legs the better the show and if the cock slipped out all the better,you could see her gapping hole then his cock shoved back in.

this is just an introduction il tell about some of the more memorable ones later
i have watched couples and singles thousands of times and this started pre-dogging when a peeper had to work for his prize.
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