Bikers Tail

This is my First atempt at writing a story and it happened last weekend.

If you ever have check out my profile it has a little biker on it thats because I am one.I have never been with a girl with a little something extra untill this last weekend.

On with what happed.

It was about 5:30 in the afternoon and I was on the way to our clubhouse when a red pickup slamed on brakes just up a head of me.
I see a man and woman fighting, about that time the passanger door flew open and a lady got out of the truck then the truck drove off.We were out in the middle of know where so I pulled over and asked the lady if she was okay.Then she turned to me and looked down at me with the pertties green eyes I have ever seen,with nice little 38b's titts and long black hair down the middle of her back dressed in a tee shirt and cut off jens. My heart just skiped a beat she said yes she was okay and her name was Toni I asked where she was heading and she said anywhere away from that asshole.
I told her cool so I gave her my extra helment and told her to hop on.
I asked Toni if she was hungry and she said yes so when we got into town we stoped to get a bite to eat.I told her our club was having a party later and asked if she would like to go.Toni said yes but had some questions. Thats when she started
asking me quistions about the biker lifestyle about being an ol'lady and such.I asked her what was up and she said she heard we like to pass around our girls.
I told Toni that she would be my guess and I would let the guys know she was with me and it would be cool.
With this Toni was at ease and said lets go. So I fired up my ol hog and we were off we were about an hour away form the clubhouse when I felt Toni's head rest on my sholder I was thinking I am going to hit this pussy tonight.All of a sudden I felt a hand reach around into my lap and started rubing my cock well it did not take much of this before I was hard and reday to help Toni out so we pull over to a old deer hunting cabin I knew about and we went in.
As we closed the door Toni w****d her arms around me and started kissing me telling me that she was greatful I puled over for her.Toni stared kissing my neck and running her hand over my cock, and as with all guys the little head took over for the big head.Toni droped her top and i started sucking her nice little nipples and was working my way south licking and kissing down to her belly button I started taken off her shorts when she hit the breaks and said we need to stop.
Well by this time I was like fuck this, I wanted to see that sweet little pussy I just knew it was going to be sweet.Toni drop down on her knees and started sucking my cock man I have never had a blow job that just made me feel like I was going to pass out.Toni started suking harder and the next thing I knew she had put a finger up my ass that was it I just shot the most intence load I have ever shot.It took me about 10 min. to get my wites about me.
By this time I thought to myself this hot little honey had to be repaid so I reached down to rub that pussy and OH fuck there it was a cock!!! Toni backed up and said your not going to beat me are you. I just looked into those big green eyes by this time Toni had started crying and begging me not to hurt her she said she wanted to tell me but she was having so much fun she did not want to ruin it.

I looked at Toni and said get the fuck over her and take your clothes off,
Toni was really crying now and was begging me not to hurt her I told her to lay down, she was alittle unsure but done as I told her.
I reached down and grabed her little cock and told her as far as I was concerned that this was just a kick stand to hold her up with.Toni started laughing and said your not going to hurt me and I told her just her ass.
I have never sucked a cock before but the feeling Toni had brought me I felt like she had to be repaid.
I lowerd my head to her cock and took it into my mouth it was soft and felt good I must admit I liked it so tried my best to do what Toni had done for me
it was not long she was telling me she was going to cum but I just keep sucking

Toni said you better stop or I'm going to fill your mouth full of hot cum hell I furgerd I went this far I might as well go all the way.
Toni started wherling from sid to side telling it it was there I did not stop the next thing I knew there it was hitting the back of my mouth I was like gready cum hungry slut.I have been with plenty of cum hungary sluts but did not know I would be one.
Toni still pumping for all she was worth and it was running out my mouth and down my chin.
I could not get it all but I was damn sure trying.
By this time I was hard agian and Toni said she needed what all little girls need at a time like this to have her tight little asshole fucked.
Who was I to upset her so I rolled her over on all fours and used some spunk that was on the inside of her thighs lube up the old cock and started to side it in Toni said to go slow it had been a while well I am not going to lie I have a little cock myself about 5 inches hard but I know how to use it soI slid it in Toni and just held it there.
In abit she started to move back and forth by this time I had lost it I could not stand it any more and needed to cum, I started to pound her little asshole as hard as i could then I reached around her and got ahold of her little cock and started pumping it Toni was bucking and going crazy with lust I was pumping her and pumping her cock when she said I AM CUMMINGGGGGGGGG well that did it for me I shot a load up her ass I fell over on her back and just layed there for a few min. then my cock fell from her ass and she turned over to face me and we just layed in each other arms for a while.Later we started all over agian we went at it all night. Well needless to say we did not get to the clubhouse.

Well I am not going to say this is not true but if its not it should be and if it is you think I should call her for round two.

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4 years ago
very good story had me going crazy too
4 years ago
4 years ago
Hey that was so good I stopped to jack off and than went back to finish the story it was great man you have the nack thanks
4 years ago
please leave comments
4 years ago
great story