Long lost s****rs

I was having a dryspell for some time now, stuck in a vicious circle of bad selfimage and no confidence because I had packed on a few kilo's, which made it difficult for me to approach women. But then I hit my 35th birthday and thought it necessary to do something about it, I've lost quite some weight and feel good, I don't have the muscular body of a young god but at least the beerbelly is gone.

Last weekend I wanted to try out my new found confidence and body, to see if I could attract the attention of women again, not that I'd have to drag one home with me for a night of pleasure immediately, but just to see if I could get a woman interested. I went to a known club in Rotterdam with a friend, Edwin, going alone is just boring, I ended up surpassing my expectations.

After being thoroughly searched by the doorman we came in, gave our coats at the cloakroom and went to the bar to get a beer. Although it was almost eleven the place was still quiet, there were quite a few women but all the type that just isn't it. Just a little too much make-up, just a little too much jewelry, hair that has been overworked and clothes that are a bit too tacky. Luckily it started to get better after half an hour, the place was getting packed with more women and these were to my taste.

At a point I got to talking with a girl, it was just some superficial chitchat and I didn't get the feeling she was really interested as her attention was wandering. But then I suddenly saw a familiar face, Tamara, a girl a hadn't seen for years, and as the converstation I was having wasn't going anywhere I walked over to Tamara. With Edwin in my wake I walked over to her through the crowd and as I got closer I saw that Samantha, her s****r, was also there, they were with a group of girls which I didn't know.

I've known Tamara and Samantha for many years now, our parents were friends and at some point I was even interested in dating Tamara but she had a boyfriend at the time so I made a stupid move and asked out Samantha, who is also quite a looker, but I got rejected quite hard. We lost contact at some point and hadn't spoken to either one in years, the last contact we had was a friendrequest on facebook, if you can call that contact.

Tamara is a few months older than I and Samantha a full year younger, both have dark hair, brown eyes and a light tan due to their Greek heritage. Tamara is about a foot shorter than I, has small boobs and an slightly fuller figure but those translate to nice curves, slightly curled hair just down to below her shoulders and a generous smile. Samantha is just a tat shorter than I, has a slim figure with curves where it counts but is certainly less curvy then her s****r, which she compensates with slightly bigger boobs, straight hair which is quite long and a just as generous smile but she doesn't show it very much.

Tamara saw me approaching first and reacted enthousiastically, hugged me tightly, gave me a quick kiss on the lips and then shouted my name, her s****r didn't need much time to notice me, she greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. They obvisously had been drinking because I've never seen them react like that to my presence. Everybody got introduced to each other, there was dancing and drinking and it didn't take me very long to understand that going out like this was 'business as usual' for them, they knew some other people and staff. They were also very flirtasious several guys which made me think of desperate women who are trying to land a guy so they can settle, not that I was settled but I also don't go out every weekend hoping to run into a woman who's good enough too stick around.

Edwin was also a flirt-victim, he hit it off with Marieke, a short redhead in a tight blue dress which was about to burst at seemes, especially in the chestarea, she had a rack that could be hardly contained by the dress and I thought she might tip over at any moment, those boobs were that huge! At some point Edwin came to me to tell me he was leaving, he was going to bring Marieke home and judging by there bodylanguages they weren't going to have a long talk.

After Marieke split, the group split as well, seemingly she was the glue of the group, two girls split and I was left with Tamara, Samantha and Karin, but that wasn't for long, because within twenty minutes Karin got picked up by her boyfriend. Although I had a good time, I wanted to get going, it was well past two and I now had to make my way home on my own. Tamara and Samantha didn't like that at all and convinced me to stay till three and that we would leave togehter then, and a little after three we were standing outside.

I had to take a cab home and I would pass Tamara and Samantha's place, so I had no problem for them to hitch a ride. We had to wait a little while before we could get a taxi, both ladies were standing next to me, clinging to me in the cold of the night till we finally got a taxi. We all sat cozy in the backseat and soon they had convinced me to get a nightcap at their place, I tried to decline because it would be even harder to get a cab from their place but they told me if it was a problem I could sl**p over. Fifteen minutes later I was sitting on their couch, again with a gal on each side of me, squeezing me between them with their shoes of, feet on the couch, taking turns feeding me shots.

Within twenty minutes the three of us had downed three quarters of a bottle of wodka and both my hands had each found a spot on an ass. There was a lot of giggling and Samantha put another shot to my lips something went wrong and she spilled it al over me, there was a very noticeable wet spot running from my chest down to my crotch. She tried "cleaning" the stain by rubbing it with her bare hand but offcourse that didn't work, her hand went up and down the entire stain, and with the words 'You cock isn't covered in wodka, is it?' she started rubbing my crotch.

Apparently this was the moment for Tamara to grab my face and kiss me fiercly, meanwhile Samantha had found the contours of my dick and was jerking me off throught my pants, my hands rubbed an squeezed the asses they were holding. Samantha unzipped my pants, her hand went in searching for my dick, which she found quickly and took out, without any hesitation she bended over and started blowing me. Tamara quickly took of her top and bra, her breasts were small but very fine, enough to grab hold of something with nice nipples on them.

Samantha came up again and while kissing me she got rid of her dress, Tamara took this chance to take care of my hardon. Samantha sat beside me, only wearing a thong and kissing me intensely while my hands started exploring her chest, a nice full hand with big nipples. She unbottuned my shirt and scratched my chest with her nails, Tamara undid my pants further so she could reach everything better and played with my balls. Samantha suddenly stood up, tapped Tamara on the head, grabbed my hand and guided me to a bedroom, I walked behind this perfect but enjoying the view. Tamara walked behind me and while I undressed, Samantha got on the bed, slipping her hand in the front of her thong, Tamara got out of the skirt she was still wearing and lay beside her s****r doing the same thing.

I stood there completely naked with my hard fuckrod and didn't really know what to do now, lay in between them, focus on one of the two ... but who than!?! I grabbed my cock and just jerked it a bit, the scene was devine ofcourse, I slowly walked towards the bed and got on my knees on it. Tamara threw her legs in the air and in swiftly pulled of her panties, a shiny wet pusse revealed itself, neatly shaven with a beautiful strip of pubic hair above it, just like I like it. I threw myself on this wet snatch, it tasted good, my tongue between her labia, sucking on her clit or flickering it with my tongue. Samantha also got rid of her thong, revealing a completely bald pussy with big labia's, while my face was still buried in bewteen Tamara's legs my hand found Samantha's wet slit, two fingers went right in.

After a while Tamara climaxed, after I tasted her juices I got up to switch, now I wanted to taste Samantha's pussy but before I got a chance Tamara also got up and gave me a big sloppy kiss, licking her own cuntjuices from my face, after that she grabbed my hand and while she stared right into my eyes she licked the fingers that only moments ago were up her s****r snatch. Aghast I finally focused on Samantha, her cunt tasted good as wel, with long strokes I was licking her while a hand was also fingering Tamara. Samantha was horny as hell and it didn't take very long before her snatch was dripping from an orgasm. I got up again, and it was Tamara againg who licked my face and fingers clean, Samantha meanwhile took care of my dick, it was still hard but during the pussyeating it had lost it's full strength.

She had it at full strength again quickly, she pulled out a condom from a nightstand which she put on in a second and turned so her butt was facing me, ready to get fucked doggy-style. Tamara was lying down, fingering herself and looked on fascinated, I positioned myself behind Samantha, put my cock against her wet box and pushed it in without any trouble, two approving moans sounded. On was from Samantha, she liked the firm meat in her pussy, the other was from Tamara who was excited to see how I was fucking her s****r and wasn't shy about it, although that was pretty clear already since her fingers soaked in her snatch audibly.

I was pumping in a good rhythm in Samantha's wet slit, I slide in halfway two time to pound it in up to my balls the third time, From Samantha's moaning I got that she liked it. Tamara moaning motivated me to fuck Samantha as sexy as possible, really make a show of it. I stopped and withdrew when Tamara was licking her own fingers after another orgasm, I felt an orgasm coming on as my balls were tingeling and I still wanted to do a whole lot to both ladies before I would climax. Tamara was about to thrust herself upon my dick again but I stopped her, she looked disappointed for a moment but got what was going on so she took care of Samantha. The fingers that Tamara just had used to get herself to climax were now disappearing in Samantha's snatch, with her other hand Tamara gave Samantha a few nice spanks on her ass.

I didn't know where to look, the picture before me could make me orgasm spontaneously but I at least wanted to get it on with Tamara as well so I looked away and tried to think of other things for a minute. Luckily it didn't take very long before the orgasm subsided, I looked at the girls again and saw how Tamara was still fingerfucking Samantha but meanwhile had started tongueing her brown eye. Tamara gazed at me with a proud look and stuffed her thumb in Samantha asshole. My gosh, these two were some horny sluts, again I had to pull myself together so that I wouldn't get too excited. I now positioned myself behind Tamara, who immediately grabbed my cock from between her legs and put it against her moist cave, again I could pound a wet slit with ease, Samantha meanwhile layed down on her back and offered her pussy to Tamara for some cunnilingus.

Tamara almost buried her face in Samantha's hot cunt, Sacha moaned and groaned like there was no tomorrow and with my every thrust in Tamara I pushed her further on Samantha's snatch. I got the feeling that Samantha had to get going a little before she would go all out, because earlier she wasn't very receptive to the advances of her s****r. Suddenly Tamara slid of my pole, she crawled up along Samantha's body, all the way licking her belly and boobs till they came face to face and their tongues found each other. I could take a small break while they were kissing, caressing, fingering and kneeding each others butt and boobs, I had never before come so close to an orgasm that many times and not have it explode.

I looked on till Samantha got on her knees and disappeared between Tamara's legs, she lay on her back and Samantha beckoned me to come, she spread her ass to indicate that she wanted to get fucked again but first I wanted to explore a little with my own mouth. I licked her hot snatch with long licks and she even let me stick a finger in her ass, even when I put a second finger in she didn't stop me and soon I was strechting her backentrance. I put my cock against her anus, grabbed her by her hips and crammed it in slowly, it didn't go as planned but she lend a helping hand, she grabbed my dick and guided it in her arse. I fucked her ass in a slow and easy rhythm that I build up steadily, she groaned a little and rubbed her clit, she forgot to lick Tamara's pussy but she lay there wide eyed looking at me, fucking her s****r in the ass and helped herself.

Tamara got up from underneath Samantha and got on all fours beside her, fingering her own ass, she also wanted to be fucked analy, I again had to look away so I wouldn't come. It didn't take Tamara long to get ready for penetration, so I switched places and crammed my throbbing meatstick in Tamara's ass, Samantha got a dildo out of her nightstand, layed on her back and stuffed herself with this huge thing, rapidly pounding her pussy she looked on how I was giving Tamara a anal pounding. I didn't take Samantha long to come to a squirting climax, her bodilyfluids sprayed around, she pulled out the heavy veined black dildo from her box and licked it before she offered it to Tamara who eagerly lappend up the cuntjuice of her s****r from the latex dong.

Pounding Tamara's ass and both girls licking that black dildo got me to my climax, I started to pant and moan harder, Samantha stuffed the dildo back in her pussy and gave me an intense look while she tried to fuck herself to her next orgasm, Tamara turned around, layed down on her back, ready to get coated in a thick layer of hot sticky cum. I pulled the condom off my dick, got as close to their faces as I could, gave my cock a few jerks and came, I plastered both their faces with thick lines of sperm, altering between faces with every burst of semen. I collapsed and just saw how Tamara started licking Samantha face, bringing her to a second squirting orgasm, when her orgasm had subsided and Tamara finished with her face, they switched, Tamara crammed the black dildo, still dripping wet, in her pussy while her face was being licked clean by Samantha, it didn't take much for Tamara to reach a squirting climax.

I wasn't spared, Samantha sat on my face while Tamara took care of my cock and miraculously sucked it to full stiffness. Samantha got involved as well, I was now in a 69 with Samantha, suddenly I tasted that she came and she switched with Tamara who planted her pussy on my face and it seemed like she was trying to get to an orgasm herself by rubbing it over my entire face. Before I could really do anything she got up and now they blew me both, alternating between long strokes with their mouths and knibbeling on it while the other played with my balls.

This had never happened to me before this fast, the second orgasm anounced itself, they were still blowing me, taking turns, I shot my load at the moment that Samantha closed her lips around the tip of my penis, she felt the warm wave of semen and smiled. She sucked me dry, she took every drop in her mouth, Tamara layed down on her back again and had her mouth open, Samantha hung above her and let all that white goodness drip from her mouth, Tamara received it willingly and swallowed it without thinking twice. They crawled towards me, Samantha gave me a long sloppy kiss first, I tasted my own manjuice still on her lips which I also tasted on Tamara's lips right after.

We stayed like that for a while till we got more comfortable on the bed, we got a blanket and fell a sl**p after a while. A few hours later I woke up because I had to go to the bathroom, after the bathroombreak I got dressed and left quietly, I didn't know how everybody's mindset would be in the morning when we would all wake up sober (or less d***k). So to avoid any uncomfortable situations I left, I will contact them soon, I wouldn't want them to think that I just did a 'Wam bam thank you mam!' and besides ... who knows what else might happen!?!
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My god!

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Great tale
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should have gone back in & got some more
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HOT Story, Hope more to come