Sonja at the nympho-night

I've been going to the nympho-nights at swingersclub Monique for about a year now, this is a gathering once every month or so where about twenty women feast themselves on quite a few men, in other words: one big fuckfest! The evening is organised by swingersclub Monique and Roxy, Robin and Sonja, know from the Roxy & Robin site, help out the rest of the staff on these evenings, you can't do anything with the staff, they are there to serve drinks at the bar, tidy up stray glasses and potentialy help you with questions, you can only have sex with Monique's "girlfriends". That is a pity because a couple of ladies from the staff are quite tasty and I'm especially charmed by Sonja, a tall slender girl with a pretty face, long darkblond straight hair, a pair of sublime tits and, if you ask me, the best ass in the Netherlands.

When you enter you're in the lobby where you have to pay an entrancefee, then you can go to the changing rooms, but first you have to go by Roxy and Sonja, if it's your first time they explain everything to you, give you a towel, key, write the number of the key on your arm so you can give the key at the bar instead of walking around with it all night and the give you a small elastic hair band, you have to put that around the wrist of the first girlfriend you have sex with, the girlfriend with the most wins a prize. I had been there a couple of times and one of them was right before Queensday, Roxy and Sonja had dressed for the occasion and when I had my intro-conversation with Sonja I couldn't resist and asked her if I could take a picture with her as a was a fan of her. She had no problems with that and a minute later we stood side by side and a picture was taken of us with my mobile, I, offcourse, had put my hand strategically around her waist and my evening was already a succes and I still had to go in.

A few months later I was there again, Sonja was even more appetizing then usual because she was wearing a top that revealed her breasts completely. Unfortenately I was being helped by Roxy, not that she isn't levely but .. she's not Sonja! She asked me if it was my first time there en before i could reply Sonja said to her 'Are you seriously asking that to my fan!?!' and winked at me, 'Just let me take care of him!', she grabbed the towel Roxy was holding, she looked confused but helped an other guy. I stood there giving myself a good look at this halfnaked beauty in front of me, after we had finished the rituals of key, towel and hair band she asked me if I wanted to take an other picture with her, which I could nog refuse ... ofcourse!

She took my hand and walked to the changing room, which are actually two corridors with lockers on both sides, she walked to the second corridor where only one man was, she asked him if he would take a picture, I handed him my mobile and we positioned ourselves at the end of the corridor which was somewhat lit. Sonja wrapped her arm around me as did I, only this time I was a bit cheeky and put my hand on her lush buttocks. She didn't react, she apparently was ok with it, a flash and our picture was taken, we had to check if it was ok and then Sonja said 'One more but now sexier! Here, lick my nipple!' while she put out her chest. She didn't have to tell me twice and emmediately started to suck on Sonja's nipple while my other hand grabbed her other breast, Now I was carressing the best ass and a delicious titty.

I kept on sucking after the photographer took the picture and because he didn't know what to do he kept going and snapped more pictures. Sonja turned it in to a sexy show by moaning and giving the camera sexy looks, shich gave the courage to slide my hand which was kneeding her bottom to between her legs. Again I didn't find any resistance, in fact, she spread her legs a little so I could fit my hand better. I bit on her nipple, squeezed the other and rubbed her pussy through the thin fabric of her thong, my work had effect, because I felt the fabric between her legs getting wet. Suddenly she said 'One more!', I looked and she had pursed her lips waiting for a kiss, 'You too!' she said, I pursed my lips and pressed them gently against hers. A last flash and Sonja pulled away, walked to the photographer, thanked him with a kiss on the cheek and handed me my mobile. 'Come with me!' she said.

I walked with her, past the photographer who gave me a thumbs up with a happy face, when she came to a door marked PERSONNEL she stopped, had a quick look around and opened the door, she nodded with her head that I should go inside. I walked in and found myself in a laundryroom, there were a few big containers for dirty towels, two big washing machines, a dryer and a big table with multiple stacks of neatly folded towels. Sonja closed the door, walked towards the table where put down a few condoms and beckoned me to come, I stood in front of her, she bended towards me a little, put her lips against mine and our tongues found each other. While kissing she rubbed my crotch and I caressed her asscheeks with both hands, I felt my cock growing and it didn't take long before Sonja started to take off my pants.

Sonja crouched down and I helped with my pants, quickly my dick was revealed, she firmly jerked me off while giving me a horny look, subsequently she put her lips on the tip of my penis. She sucked on my dick, giving it loving kisses and licks altering with actually blowing me a couple of strokes. I had to stop her quite soon, voor the nympho-night I "save" it, so there already was some pressure built up and I wanted to do some other stuff too. I pulled her up and sat her on the edge of the table, knelt down and softly kissed her thigh, with every kiss I went up her leg, every kiss a little further until I reached her thong, after a strategically placed kiss on her crotch I pulled the fabric aside and started to eat her pussy like my life depended on it. She had a delicious, juicy, shaven pussy that liked to be licked, Sonja's hands were tossing through my hair while my tongue and fingers were exploring her snatch.

Her thong was limiting the movement of my fingers and tongue so I took it of and now I could dive onto her hot slit with full f***e, I got up after a while, our tongues met each other again while my fingers were satisfying her wet cunt. Now that I didn't get hindered bij her thong it didn't take long before Sonja came, and before she had the time to come to from her orgasm my face was between her legs again and my tongue up her juicy pussy. I played with her clit with my tongue, sucked and nibbled on it, licked wit long strokes over her entire labia, penetrated her with my tongue and also did a few motorboats, her hands were tossing through my hair wildly, pushing my face even further on her muf until she came again. Sonja pulled me towards her and gave me a sloppy kiss, feasting on her own bodily fluids.

While kissing Sonja grabs my cock and tugs on it to see how hard it is, all this had me rocksolid all the time so she grabbed a condom and whispered in my ear 'I want you inside me!' while her hands skillfully wrap my dick in plastic. She looks me straight in the eyes and without breaking contact she put the tip of my penis against her warm moist cave, she's so wet that I slide in with ease. Sonja tilts her head back and lets out a long moan as I ease my dick further in her, I pull it back slowly and in again, I pick up the tempo a little occasionally penetrating her excruciatingly slow. Her breasts sway on the rhythm I'm fucking her, with every thrust she moans a little, I grab her boobs while she scratches her nails along my chest.

Quickly I feel that all the saved semen wants to escape so I pull back and even take a step back to let my upcoming orgasm subside. Sonja took this as the moment to change position, she turned around and bent over the table, the sight of her glorious ass almost made me come, I looked away, the impending orgasme sank away soon. I bended over and buried my face between those magical cheeks, licking her cunt with my tongue and soon I put my dick against her twat, again it sid in with ease and now I could fuck her deep and hard by grabbing her by the hips. I was encouraged by Sonja's moaning, grabbed her tits again pumping her to another climax, I felt my orgasm coming up and grabbed her by the shoulders so I could impale her deeper, 'Yeah! Fuck me hard!' she groaned between two moans.

I began to moan harder and fuck faster, suddenly Sonja stood up making me slide out her but before I knew she was on her knees in front of me, pulled the condom off my dick in one fluid motion, put her lip on the tip of my penis and jerked me of while looking at me intensely. Within seconds I came, I shot my seed deep in her throat, it was quite a load as I had been saving up for almost a week, but she had no problem with it at all and swallowed all of it. She continued to suck me off to make sure no drop of sperm was wasted, when I thought she was done I pulled her up, our mouths found each other, I tasted my own semen still on Sonja's lips while my hands once again caressed those lucious cheeks and hers my back.

After all the horniness subsided we unlocked from our embrace and made ourselves decent again, Sonja was ready in no time as she only had to put on her thong, she looked at me while I got dressed. She said 'That was hot!', something that I couldn't deny, having a quicky with your favourite pornstar is a once in a lifetime opportunity, 'Maybe we can meet again and take our time with each other instead of having a quicky in the laundry room.' she continued. Well, you can guess that I surely wanted to do that, 'Give me your phone, I'll put in my number.' she said, I got my mobile out, opened it and made a new contact before handing it over to Sonja. She punched in her number, even made a photo of herself for the profilepicture (like I could forget who Sonja was) and handed it back to me.

After a last kiss we escaped from the laundry room, Sonja quickly walked back towards the lobby and started helping new guys, I heard Roxy in the distance 'Where were you?'. I went to my locker, changed and went to enjoy all the other ladies at the nympho-night, I had sex with about six other women and came another three times but nothing could beat my laundryroomadventure with Sonja. I almost coulnd't wait to contact her again but how that all went is something I'll tell an other time.
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