Red Lace Panties

Standing only in my red lace panties, brushing my teeth, I wipe the fog from the bathroom mirror.

Looking into the mirror, I see you step from the shower, give me a smile and a wink, then turn away from me to reach for a towel.

I can’t help but notice your sexy physique and your sweet tight buns. I swiftly turn and give your ass cheek a hard slap. Your hips thrust forward as your shoulders push back. You whirl around, with a scowl on your face.

Still brushing my teeth, I innocently tilt my head from side to side and shrug my shoulder a little as if to say “what?” Without saying a word, you turn back around and once again reach for the towel.

As you do, I notice the red mark on your ass, left from the hard slap of my hand.

Instantly my nipples harden and my body begins to tingle. I turn to the sink, lean and spit, drop my toothbrush and turn back towards you. I reach my arm up under yours and I f***efully turn your body around.

My hands are on your chest, pushing you against the wall. I drop to the floor and take your soft cock into my mouth. You let out a huff of air, “oh baby” you say.

My mouth moves forward and back over your cock, skillfully sucking on it, rotating my tongue around the rim of your head, swirling it on the top of your head then circling it down under and back up again. I become wildly excited while your cock grows hard in my mouth.

Your back against the wall you see your reflection in the mirror, my hands still on your chest, my fingers squeezing your nipples, you think, damn I am a lucky man.

Your cock is now fully hard in my mouth. I begin to dig my fingers into your chest. The thought of dragging them down the sides of your torso, and drawing bl**d runs through my mind. You feel the pain of my nails and reading my mind you clasp your hands over mine holding them tight to your chest, squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing causing my fingers to relax.

I wonder briefly if you are aware that in that position, with you holding my hands so high that I am prisoner to your cock.

The toothpaste remaining in my mouth covers your head and shaft and makes them tingle as I draw your cock deep into my throat.

You look down at the soft curves of my shoulders, your eyes follow down to the small of my back, noticing the curves of my waist widening to my hips and round ass, barely covered by my red lace panties.

You reach your hand down and lift my hair off one side of my neck and push it over to the other side to get a better view of my face as I feast on your cock, as you do my nails begin to once again dig into your skin, you quickly return your hand to mine.

I lift my eyes upward and gaze for a moment into your eyes. You groan, your cock wants to explode, your head pushes backwards, and your hips begin to thrust in rhythm with my movements.

As your cock glides in and out of my mouth your rhythm begins to take over, your hips thrust harder and faster, one minute I am sucking your cock and the next your cock is fucking my mouth. As your motion intensifies, you lift my arms higher towards your shoulders, leaving me no escape from the f***e of your cock.

Your hips pull back and thrust forward driving your cock deep into my throat, over and again. You hear me gasp between thrusts. You feel your cock hitting against the back of my throat, but you don’t stop. As you continue to plunge your cock deep into my throat, you feel your balls slapping against my chin, my nose and eyes grazing your pubic area.

Our hearts pounding and our bodies sweating, you begin to shake as your balls tighten and your cock throbs unable to hold back any longer.

“Aahhhhhhh,” you scream out as your cock explodes cum deep into my throat forcing me to drink it down.

Swallowing hard my throat squeezes your pulsating cock, sucking and swallowing more cum from your still squirting cock.

You release my arms as I release your cock from my mouth.

You bend down take my face into both your hands and kiss me, lifting me up you wrap your arms around me, lean your face to my ear and say, “Red lace panties, are they new?”

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2 years ago
2 years ago
loved it
2 years ago
Great story. Never thought about tooth paste in a woman's mouth as see takes me... Something to try:)
2 years ago
5 Star!
2 years ago
2 years ago
very good