my best tabu sex so far...


i'm 19 years old having sex for the last 3 years ,i have tried everyway i could but the most i reached is a mild orgasm..or later i realised not even that ...i lost my virginity at a party ,i saw the guy first time at that night ,i were drinking a lot and i honestly do not know why i let it happen as i could not recall anything or may be vagualy...any way i seen the guy a few more weeks hoping i will be able to attach some emotion to this very unromantic event..,but after a while i must have to realise it will not happen..i lost my virginity to a nobody...i was only 16 and eager to please all boys that showed any interest at all...let's clarify .i'm not consider my self a miss america ,but defenetly not a bushpig...i did let anyone to fuck me as long as they treat me right ..i slipped to some form of appathy,what a hell ,so what...lost selfesteem,i lost interest in my studies ,distanced my self from my f****y and found my self very unpleased with events happening to me ... after a while i considered sex a compulsive must,with the current cock,never could reach orgasm anyway they tried ...i have to admit that there was some fair trial from some of the guys,but there was not any stamina to carry through,they failed after a few minutes ,humping and pumping ...i disliked giving oral,and i only let one guy to enter me analy but the poor thing was so small that i could not feel anything at all...infact i only know that he did it to me that he claimed it so...sound silly ...but it is true...

than everything changed in 2008 oct. i study as a waitress, one week school next week on hand experience at a large hotel or restaurant...i do not realy like the place,and i rather not name the chain as there is a few hundrends around the world of the franchises..
oneday a girlfriend of mine ask me if i want to e****t her to a date ,i ask what sort ? she started to brag about this guy ,very well off ,going through divorce ,living separate from his wife..and loves young girls...sooo what i do not like guys over 25,and there is not any fun with middle age man,starting to gain weight ,and bolding rapidly...she laughed loudly and said wait till you see this one ...anyway i went with her,and i have been introduced to this men ...he looked as he is in his early 30' very clean,neat dress,eurostyle(gold rings ,bracelet,and aftershave like no tomorow)..on his wrist he wore a real rolex ,gold and diamond watch(i hate it when someone shows off like that ...why cant they just yell out constantly ,hey watch me im rich..) i grown up in a poor f****y,nothing fancy,a constant under the average ,lower middle class.. the man i had to admit ,was handsome the least,when my girlfriend introduced me ,i handed him and was shocked ,how soft and warm were his hands ...he smiled at me and moved to give me a kiss to my face,which he did ,and i just took a deep breath of his aftershave must have been some sort of expensive "top shelf" ,scientificly created,knee trembler,because when the scent hit my nose ,i tought straight away for sex...i just wondered if this guy and my girlfriend having sex,how ,when,how on fantasy went wilde and felt tickly in my pussy ..i could not recall any of the conversation they had ,i certanly was not involved my self ... we had diner three of us ,he paid for everything he was very pleasent
,polite and distant ..we finished the meal he drove me home ,than he left me with my girlfriend ...the following week i met Reni,my girlfriend and she suggested that i should go and e****t her to the date with the guy because he was about to spend some money on her at one bigger malls... so we went,we must have arrived early beacuse reni ask me ifshe could use my phone to ring the man if he could come as soon as possible so we do not have to wait too long .. in a few minutes he arrived ..the man again were very kind ,and pleasent ,nicely dressed,goergous scent ...she bought some jeans and some lingerei,got a nice top,topped up her phone ,and ask him to let her a 50 euro...he paid everything ,without even a blink,which was strange, as my previous boyfriends must have been the puppils of mr scrooge...
he dropped me home again and we agreed that three of us next week will go to a cinema ...a week later my phone were ringing , i picked up ,and to my utter suprise it was him asking if Reni was with me by anychance ,because he could not reach her at all..i told her that sorry but she was not around and i do not even know where she is ..he was pollite and said ,well i guess the cinema will be at another time ,hence Reni is not free...i do not why but suddenly i said to him..SO WHAT ,CAN'T WE ENJOY OURSELF WITHOUT RENI? He stumbled a bit ,and started to laugh,of course why not , let's meet at the agreed place in an hour...there he was,nice and sharp,when i seat in his car ,i ask what he would like to do ? how about shopping ,
what do you mean?
i mean you deserve some sorte of reward because of your bravenes saying those inviting words over the phone ...
weeel,ok let's shop,i agreed easily as i thouht no trap in shopping in public..
we went to this huge mall specialising only in clothing ,multi level ,100'of big and small retail oulets ,much cheaper than downtown shop prices,everything that a girl could wish for ...

well considering the cinema prices,the popcorn,and drinks ,the afterward dinners cost my allowence is 100 euro..
you could buy anything you fancy..anything what so ever,there is only one catch:,oh so there is a what is it ,please let me know :
you can not keep any cash, you must spend till the last cent,if my 100euro finishes you may add from your own money but you defenetly can not take home any remaining just think as if we went to the movies and a restaurant..other than a doggy bag would not take home anything ..would you...i laughed and started to hunt for what ever i may fancy...

it must have been a devils curse,but i just got dizzy rushing shop to shop trying to decide how to appart my 100 euro...i went overboard and for some reason i lost count of the values of all those dresses ,and shoes i piled up,intending to buy ...i was shocked when i been told that it comes to 320 euro ...i took my time and choose the items carefully,and i did nor really wanted to hand back any but i did not have any money at my i turned to my suggar daddy and ask him what now ...he smiled at me and said ..well you are in a bit of a trouble young i can tell you would not like to appart any of those lovely things of the pile i right sweety..,

well ,yeah i really like them but what's now...

look i will give you 2 options he said ..take only as much as your 100 euro last ,pick your favorite items pay with your allowence and let's go home ..

you can keep all,no obligation ..i enjoyed watching you getting excited over your little spending tour...

but the second option is the hard reality,if you decide to take all your purchase i will add another 180 euro cash ,and yes you can keep that money if you wish so.. to make it an even 500 euro..,but there is a price to pay for the must have sex one occasion ,and once only with me tomorow,as now getting late and you also must get home ...

i was really shocked ,shall i sell my self to this guy,or i just should take my allowence and run...he will take me home and that it is ..

so i said to him ,look i would like to take the lot ,but what sorte of sex would you like,when ,where ,how long..? so many question i should answer,well ok ,tomorow i will take you to a very nice hotel ,a lovely room with jacuzzy,and i intend to be with you for at least 2-3 hors ,normal sex no anal ,and oral if you pleased ...
are you always so open,and confrontial, you so clinical about this event ..look darling most of the time people over rate tend to pay too much,women gives in too cheap...
i did not understand what he meant but i did not let him know about that ... he took me home ,we agreed to meet tomorow and i rushed in my home was not easy to carry all my bags upstairs,but i managed tokk me a lot's of pleasure to unpack and retry all dresses and shoes i got ...i ate something and wet to sl**p,mildly worrying about what tomorow will bring....

at work my heart started to bid faster as the time neared for my fuck date ....if i could i would time,i was getting nervious as my first time paid sex time approached ...

when he picked me up he was very nice aqnd pleasent ask me if i wish to drink something ,i said yes ,so we bought a bottle of nice red wine and a soft drink...

we arrived to the hotel took the room,it was very nice and clean just as he said so .. we opened the wine and started to drink ..i went to the bathromm and let the water flow ,to fill tha spa ..he sterted to kiss my neck and whispered sweet words im my ear,that worked i started to get arroused mildly...

he undressed me ,and ther i was in a motelroom ,naked with a still married middle man ready to have sex...

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4 years ago
yes more of your stories
4 years ago
G8. End the story pls. :)
4 years ago
Hey young lady you have no shame youi don't leave people hanging with no finish to your story you got me an old lady all hot and bothered and than you walk a way thats not very nice but i imagine that the rest of the story has got tobe great so please write the rest and thank you for a great hot start.
4 years ago
4 years ago
write more
4 years ago
Realy good story! I want to read it all !
4 years ago
Good story. It is interesting. Please continue with more details.
4 years ago
I hope to see more of your story. I felt it was a good lead up, only for there to be no part of you being with him.
4 years ago
I had trouble following the story. The content was great but the grammar needs help. I would still like to read more.
4 years ago
good start to the story cant wait to her more of it
4 years ago
Oh yea! Write more!!
4 years ago
Go girl, you've got the story,but dont stop with a couple of sentences....we know you fucked him. The story has to be better or you wouldnt have started it. xoxoxoxoxoxo
4 years ago
Go girl, you've got the story,but dont stop with a couple of sentences....we know you fucked him. The story has to be better or you wouldnt have started it. xoxoxoxoxoxo
4 years ago
More Please :)
4 years ago
i love the story please write more