Masterbating In Front of My Boyfriends Friends and

Hey everybody. Virginia here, never fear! =P Next sunday we are hosting some friends and f****y at my boyfriends house. I have always been a good girl and worn the stuff my bf likes me to wear when around his friends and f****y but he is asking me to take it to another level. I will do whatever he says, but I am nervous. He has asked me to basically walk around naked and touch myself in front of guests. It makes me so horny thinking about laying on the couch watching a porno on the laptop while everyone is watching football and start touching my pussy and asshole, but I feel weird about it. I just hope someone doesn't get mad. My bf swears that everyone that will be there is fully aware of my sex videos online and for sale at local stores, but I'm still nervous and basheful. My bf's b*****r is such a cutie and has always liked looking at me when we go to the lake, but I've never ever actually opened my legs up and let him see up inside me. I'm just embarrised to walk around in front of everyone in my birthday suite and touch myself. If they ask to see me throw up I am going to be so shocked. I've never ever vomited in front of a crowd...and this is friends and f****y. Would it gross you out if you were having a cook out and the hosts gf came outside nude and asked everyone if they wanted to watch her make herself vomit?
49% (6/6)
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3 years ago
Vomiting isn't hot. Walking around naked in front of your BF's friends is, though! :-)
4 years ago
vomiting in not sexy at all
4 years ago
b the greatest event iv ever been 2 i would wuna always cum back for other cok outs 4 sure ehehe
4 years ago
i'd love to be at a cook out where you came out and asked if we wanted to see you vomit.
4 years ago
dont be affraid sound hot.... wish i was there