s****r N OMAR

I've been noticing a slight change in my s****r. When I finally got the chance to speak to her, she told me she's not a virgin any more and she wanted to tell me what she was up to. Her boyfriend is a guy she met as a penpal in jail. On her 18 birthday she went to visit him well I'll get to the visit in a minute. He's 6 foot 4 238 pounds muscular but not muscle bound. His name is Omar. His the son of the ex mayor. So he would get privileges that other inmates couldn't. Food, money,rec time, even sex. Usually you have to be married to get a furlow.

My s****r would chat with him on line for hours then the phone for hours. She would be having phone sex with him. She wouldn't open up with me so I checked her diary the one on her computer.

On her 18th birthday his present to her was to take her virginity. She wore a skirt panty hose without panties and a tub top. My s****r is 5 foot 5 143 pds. BIG breast very bouncy without a bra. Hips and butt was BIG a slight stomach. But she was well put together. She stated "the anticipation to losing her virginity was building and she was soaking wet, the ride to the correctional facility was long but it gave her time to get herself together.

After being searched for weapons, a tall man e****ted her to the waiting area. There were 4 other women waiting like she was.

She saw him walk in he grabbed her hugged her and grinded his cock against her stomach and pussy. Gave her a kiss and they were e****ted to a room. The correction officer gave him a bag. Condoms Towels and Sheets.

They walked into the room he immed. started touching and squeezing her all over. His hands were big, he squeezed her big titties pinching her nipples. He concentrated on her titties first. He pulled the tube top under her titties they were just what he wanted he pushed them both together and sucked both nipples at the same time. Her moaning only added on to the excitment she was about to get from Omar. He had on sweat pants he pulled his cock out to stroke it while he sucked titties. Her hand went directly to IT like a magnet. She stroked him her soft hands. As Omar made a hole in her panty hose. He told her 'Happy birthday' now blow out the candle. He sat back his cock rock stiff and bouncing when she let go. He held it and pushed her head to his cock and she sucked IT. He had to tell her how to suck without using her teeth. She licked it all over put her lips on the head while stroking the shaft and fondling the balls. He reached down to squeeze her titties. She moaned. He needed her pussy. He pulled his dick out her mouth and told her to lay flat on her back. He stood over her between her legs cock swinging and HUGE. Her first time. And its with a big dick convict with nothing on his mind but to conquer her tight pussy. And that he did. He ripped her panty hose a little more.... TO BE CONTINUED...........

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Damn bitch - and I was so getting into it
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