Stranger on the Train

As usual I take the F train home. I usually get on around 5 or 6 pm. It's always crowded. I decided to have a drink with one of my co-workers after a very busy day at work. So I caught the 735 train. It was crowded but manageable. No seats so I stood up holding the pole. I know guys get a little aroused seeing woman and I know how their cocks have a mind of it's own. I was holding on to the pole to keep balanced I felt a warm body push up against me. It seemed to be because of the train jerking motions. I didn't bother to turn around. I felt it again this time I felt a poke with a slow movement to the right of my cheek. I didn't turn around I thought that was a mistake. Then it happened again. But with a little more back and forth against my butt. He kind of stayed there just rubbing against me back and forth the train was getting even more crowded. Obviously who ever this is needs to rub against an ass maybe he will go home and give his wife or girlfriend a hard fuck after he's finish humping against me.
His rubbing was starting to make me wet. I almost reached my hand around to fondle IT. But I was cool and he grinded his cock until it was extremely hard against me. I was wondering what he was going to do. I was getting off the next stop. I wanted him to cum before I got off the train. I wanted to make him weak. My stop came and I wanted to stay for a few more stops but It was late I needed to go home and make dinner for my husband.

As I walked I could tell I wasn't alone walking in the same direction. Not many people walk this direction. I knew it was HIM. He called out to me 'Excuse me miss' I turned around it was a tall hispanic guy with a semi hard on i knew it was him. He asked me if i would come with him to his b*****rs store. He knew I was horny. I knew he needed some pussy. I told him no. My pussy was begging for IT. I don't cheat on my husband I was not starting now. As he talked to me he would shift his thick cock to the left. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. He told me how he only wanted to suck on my titties and he would jerk off on my titties or my pussy. I told him....I can't. I wanted to feel his cock inside my pussy forget about the jerking off on me. My panties was soaked and I was staring at his cock inside his pants. He had on sweatpants. He asked me if I wanted to see it. I licked my lips when he said that. I said no I have to go.

He talked dirty to me the entire walk. I listened. I asked him how far is his b*****rs store. We walked 2 blocks and there it was. It was still open but one of the gates was down. He spoke in spanish to a couple of guys behind the counter and walked me straight to the back area. It had a chair a bed and television. I told him no no no as he pushed me against the wall and pulled my blouse over my titties and opening the back of my bra. He sucked my titties and grinded his hard cock against me. Sucking both of them at the same time. I grabbed for his cock. He pulled his draw string apart and pulled the front of his sweats off his stomach and out popped this enomourous pretty cock. It bounced and bounced. I caught it and stroked it with my hands. I could hear him moan. His cock was so nice. and my pussy was begging for it. He told me he just got out of jail and he needed some pussy as he un buttoned my pants. I was the weak one. He laid me down the the bed. His cock swinging side to side. I was watching it. I knew he havent had sex with a woman in a long time. I knew he would come quick. So I told him to lick my pussy. He did. wow. wowwww. He jerked his cock while eating me. I told him to stop jerking it. Let my pussy do that for him. That's when he stop eating me and moved up to my titties sucking them and I felt his manhood probing my hairless pussy. I asked him to put on a condom. I saw him get a magnum from his pocket. I told him I wanted to put it on. It was still a tight fit. I keep rubbing it as I put it on him.
I saw when he put his cock next to my pussy he pulled the condom off. He said he wouldn't shot in me. I was too weak at that point to stop him. He rubbed his head on my pussy. next thing I know I was dizzy from the banging and thumping and pounding he was giving me. I tried to look at the time but my eyes kept closing everytime he pushed up inside me. when he pulled out I could take a quick look at the time. He pushed his fat long thick headed cock back up inside me and I felt my titties bouncing up and down and I could hear the door open and one of the men came inside the room. I could barely keep my eyes open. I knew there was someone else in there. He pulled out his cock was dripping. He told me that was my pussy juices. He said he was about to cum so he pulled out. He put his cock to my mouth and I sucked it licked it and stroked him at the same time. I saw the man sitting on the chair in the dark stroking his dick as I gave him a quick blow job. He whispered in my ear 'my b*****r wants to fuck you too' I told him no. Absolutly no. Just him. He told me His b*****r will take it from me if he wants to. I was confused but not for long his b*****r moved my young friend and his cock was about the same thickness with a curve. I never had a curved cock before hey I might as well enjoy it. He was rougher than the other one he fucked me so hard I was screaming. He made me cum on his dick two times. Then he pulled out and came on my titties. My young friend came over and shot his load on my titties too. Then they left. I was sl**py. When I woke up.
With cum all over my titties. I felt someone lying behind me but jerking off on my butt. I felt hot cum squirt all over my ass. It was the other guy in the store. He gave me a towel with hot water and I got dressed it was after 10pm and I was sl**py. My young friend drove me home, in his car. He told me he ride the train to meet woman to fuck. I laughed but that wasn't my last time I had relations with him. MMMM.
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1 year ago
Fucking awesome - made my old cock cum
2 years ago
Mmmmm ! I ride the F.train. I wish I could meet u there too.
2 years ago
really really niiiiice
2 years ago
that was a really hot story!
2 years ago