It was SO BIG

The truth is...I hen't been with a man in over 2 years, i've been in a lesbian relationship and Tiny is very very jeolous. She won't let me have any guy friends. So I have to hang out with guys when she's ....well let me explain.

Tiny's Uncle Donald comes over often to help with things in the house that break or the car when it needs work. Her uncle Donald is about 8 years older than her. She trust me around him. He's been lusting after me since we met over a year ago.

This one day Tiny and Donald and I was watching a movie at our house. Donald must of felt like he couldn't take it anymore, ok i'm built like a figure 8. 36d 24 38. He would make small comments to me about how i'm wasting my body on a female. How my body was made for a man to bang and make my big titties bounce. How I walk, it look like I need a Fat Dick in me. I like when he says things like that. He know it. I smile and look at him.

So Tiny left and I can see Donald moving his legs open and close while Tiny got ready for work. He kept looking at me like I was a piece of meat. The closer Tiny got ready for work the more his legs waved. I know what that means. I could of told Tiny to tell him to leave when she leave. She asked me was it okay if he stayed over for the night he had just painted his apt.I knew if he stayed he would try his best to touch me.

Tiny left, I walked her outside, kissed her softly on the lips. My pussy was getting wet. I knew I would be fighting off Donald all night.
Donald watched me as I walked back inside and closed the door. He asked me if I was going to finish watching the movie with him. When I sat back down, Donald came closer. Donald changed the movie to a x-rated film. He looked at me with LUST like he wanted to attack me. I could see his cock swelling he kept grabbing it thru his pants. I had on a Tight tee and shorts very short. He put his arm around me and whispered in my ear...YOU WOULD CUM ALL OVER MY DICK...ITS NICE AND BIG..That's when he put my hand on his cock. I could feel thru the pants it was BIG and Juicy. I didn't remove my hand his cock had me mezmerised. He pulled my top over my breast he cupped both of them and sucked one then the other bite and suck on both. My eyes Closed and I was weak. I was sooooo weak he pushed me back opened my shorts and pulled them off. I couldnt stop grabbing on his cock. I was begging. Please, Please give it to me.
He pulled his cock danced up and down my eyes followed my mouth watered. My pussy was wet, i was grinding on the couch and begging. He told me look at you. You need Dick. I knew it. As he stroked it, I grabbed for it. He stradled me and rubbed his cock across my lips. Teasing my lips and mouth. He opened my mouth with is cock. I sucked it like I needed to suck a cock. I swelled even more in my mouth. I could feel the pre-cum and taste it in my mouth. He pulled out, cock bouncing he rubbed it on my breast on my nipples jerking it. He was rubbing my wet pussy with his finger...I was moaning.......
He knew I needed IT.
He went down on me licking my pussy. Sucking on my clit. Better than TINY ever did. Inside my hole with his long tongue. I squeeze his head with my legs. He jerked his cock while he ate me. I wanted to see him do it.
I begged for IT. Please give me your DICK. I need it.
He stopped licking and pulled me to the floor. My legs was open his cock was aching and soooo hard and BIG. Very Thick. He rubbed my clit with his head. I was going crazy under him. He would rub my clit from the hole to the top of my clit, his cock was wet from my pussy. He aimed it at my hole, i was sooo needy. WOWWWWWW when it slid inside me, I must of came all over it right then. He pounded me so hard i couldn't open my eyes. My mouth was open i couldnt say a word. His cock made me cum about 4 times. When he was cumming he asked me where I wanted it. On my tits face ass or inside me...I couldn't say anything i wanted to but it felt soooo good. He was cumming I could feel him pumping harder and different....He pulled out but cum was already inside me his cock was still squirting he turned me over and put the rest of it all over my ass. I was so weak and tired...we feel asl**p with him on top of me......on my ass... Tiny walked in.......OOOH SHIT.
95% (10/1)
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4 years ago
great story what happened next?
4 years ago
very good story & what did happen when tiny walked in
4 years ago
wanna make you a preggo
you are so sexy n you make me so hard
i would like to fuck you as wild horny stud bull with my hung hard thick cock....
4 years ago
Awesome. Love it!!!
4 years ago
What happend when tiny walked in!!!!!!!!!!
4 years ago
nice story
4 years ago
good story thx for it
4 years ago
Another great story! Thanks for posting!