I'm 24 Blondish, 36d 24 38...Yes that is my size. I've always had a way with the guys. But this one night....
My s****r Kim told me to come over to her house for a card game. As usual, I brought the Hennessey and Chip n Dip. I wore a tight top no bra a short skirt and thong panties. It was hot and when we play cards it get that much more HOTTER. She only invited her boyfriends friends...ALL GUYS. 4 guys and us 2 ladies just enjoying a few games of cards and liquor.
ALL the guys was eyeing my breast, including my s****rs boyfriend. I like that anyway. It turns me on. Plus me being tipsy only amplified what I was feeling between my legs.
One of the guys Jamie he would brush across my breast just to see me blush and my nipples respond. He knew what he was doing to me. He asked me if I would come with him outside while he smoked his cigerette. I was hot and tipsy so I said SURE. I could see the guys eyes all over my body. He lit his cigerette and looked at me and like most men...grabbed his cock thru his pants and started to talk to me about how he made a woman cum for about 20 mins. How she squirted and how much he love big titties and ass. He even told me I had a FUCK ME body. I asked him what he meant by that. He said each part of my body Speaks SEX... My eyes look like i'm begging to be touched. My lips are pouty and a Fat cock need to be rubbed across them. My titties are BIG and Bouncey just right for a BIG DICK and his tongue, my stomach and waist is small but my Ass...he paused...needs cum on it. I was soaking wet by that time.
I asked him why is he so nasty? He told me because he just came home from Iraq and he only had his imagination and his right hand to help him at downtime. He said he came to my body MANY nights there. I asked him how so?? He told me because my s****r sent him a picture of me when we were at the beach last year. He told me my picture was very sticky right now. OOOOMMMMGGGG that turned me on sooooo much. By the time he finished telling me that, I knew was going to be weak, very weak that night.
We went back inside played more cards laughed and my s****r retired to bed. She had to go to work around 9am. I was too d***k to drive so I went into the spare room alone. I said goodnight...but i was soooo horny. I took a shower and when I came out, Jamie was in the room laying on the bed sl**p.
Clothes on, Shoes on. I put on my s****rs boyfriend clean oversized shirt and got under the covers and went to sl**p.
When I woke up I felt a chill, a wetness, I put my hand on my but my shirt was up over my butt and tits and cum soaked my butt and on my pussy. I was mad at first. Then I gave it a minute to soak in....i was getting wet again from my own juices. I rubbed his cum on my clit, I was sooooo horny. I had to see who was home before I really got into it.
When i walked, his cum still warm on my pussy and ass I could walk very well. Went into the bathroom and wiped up a bit. When i came out of the bathroom. WHo was standing heart stopped. He told me he was sorry but He Had to do it. His cock was still swollen in his pants. I could see his buldge soooo clear. He asked me if I could jerk him off while he suck and kiss my titties. He told me he would only shot on the floor.
I didn't want him to waste that cum on the floor. I held his hand and pulled him in the spare room. I didn't say a word....He Pulled my shirt over my titties and he sucked and sucked and ruffled to get his cock out. He made that sucking sound as he pulled his mouth off my nipple. He stood straight and pulled his zipper down. His cock jumped out. It had to be 10 or 11 inches and soooo thick with a fat head. OOOO...I couldn't stop stroking it. He knew he could fuck me he just wanted to tease me until I Begged him. It didn't take long and I licked the head, kissed it stroked it rubbed it on my titties alllllll over them. Next thing I knew....I was laying on my back with my legs open rubbing his head on my clit. Next thing I knew.....I was in another world..... He was Banging and BANGING and BANNNNGING me so hard, my eyes teared, I couldn't even speak, it felt soooo fuckingggg GOOOOOOOD. He whispered in my ear....Damn your pussy feels better than could of ever drempt. He told me he wanted to cum inside me....I was too weak to say no.... 5 mins later he jerked and jerked and I felt HOT HOT Hot cum squirt inside me and fill me up. I must of came from him cumming inside me... We both fell asl**p......but that wasn't the last be continued.....
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4 years ago
cant wait to see what happens next!
4 years ago
please write more about you & jamie or what ever tickles your sweet fancy as you are a very good writter
4 years ago
4 years ago
Oh Baby... Excellent Story and the way that you told it is like you painted a Picture for me... but with Words!
Without a doubt, as I Read your Story my Cock began to Grow... it got Longer & Longer, Harder and Harder....
And Now it was I who have Unzipped his pants, wrestled my Thick Hard Cock Free from it's Captive and Restrictive Jeans... and even as I type this Comment... Using Only my Left Hand because the Right is Filled with my HOT THROBBING Manhood and the CUM is Swirling around my Balls!
After envisioning You, Your Sexy Body and the scenario of this Story Fresh in my my memory... it took Very Little Stimulation before I was Spewing Out an Stream Of HOT Sticky CUM!!
I would Love EAT Your PUSSY and Fuck You Right NOW!
(Tuesday ~ The 25th Day of May @ Noon)
4 years ago
Great story!...hope you write more!