Gay girl need cock

I lay in bed masturbating to the thought of my girlfriend b*****r banging me to submission. I know..i'm a lesbian, i'm soft a lady and guys flirt/fuck me alot I go on line just to see a guy jerk off to my picture. I love it. I really do. I get horny a lot when she goes to work. I know this guy who lives in the same two f****y house as me he lives over us. He look at me like he wants to devour my pussy. I know I'm short Italian and I have big tits and a black girls butt. He smiles at me but in a very nasty way.I hope one day he would come over I would put him to sl**p. My pussy creams when I see him. One morning my gf was preparing to go to work. I laid in bed gave her a kiss see ya and next thing I knew i was going to the side door that connects his upstairs and my apt to one another.

I knocked on his door he answered. I told him I needed to let him know what he does to me. I asked him do he eat pussy. He said his dick eats pussy. My eyes went directly to his crouch. I remember licking my lips. I told him how long I havent had sex with a man or saw a cock up close. He was too happy to help me. His cock bounced side to side. I could feel my pussy drooling. It pulsated. I can imagine my pussy wrapped around his cock and I would squeeze and make it cum inside me. He asked me did I want to touch it.
I just shook my head yes. He moved closer I reached and squeezed and rubbed and stroked. I was moved closer and closer to put his cock in my mouth. He didn't complain. I held it with one hand and rubbed it all over my mouth and tongue. Beating my tongue with his cock. Then I sucked it. And sucked it. And Sucked it. I could feel him jerking uncontrollibly in my mouth. He had pulled my titties out and was squeezing them. My pussy was so wet and begging for his cock I could have slid around on the floor with it. He was moving his head and his eyes was closed as he squeezed my titties and I sucked even harder. He pinched my nipples. I could taste his pre cum. I knew what that meant. I had to SUCK HARDER. My titties are big he was enjoying them. My top over my titties and bouncy. I felt him change his stroke in my mouth. I pulled it out and aimed at my nipples. He shot his load on my titties seem like it was endless it wouldn't stop. OOOOOOOHHHHHHH he saturated my titties with is cum. I was feeling so good. But I needed to feel a cock INSIDE MY PUSSY.
I left went back downstairs. He told me to come back before my gf come back from work in about 2 hrs.

I went into my room pulled out the vibrator me and my gf use on each other put in a new battery and laid in the bed PUSSY Soaked and swollen clit. I turned on my DVD with these guys gang banging one girl that is shaped like me. I pretend it's me being gangbanged and the cum just......wouldn't stop. I came so hard. I needed some dick. After I went to sl**p. I got up to knock on his door again. His mother was home. I waved to her she waved back and we went into his room. Needless to say....No condom just raw nasty hard banging sex.
He stuck it in while I was on my back. He bust a load inside me he told me he was too weak to pull out. I didn't care at that time it was making me feel good.

2 months later after having sex with him over 15 times I told my gf. I wanted to have a 3some with a man. She wasn't happy. I knew if she didn't want to I would do it anyway. I'm bi sexual now and I'm 4 months pregnant. Still letting the guy upstairs have his way with me now no condom all the time. I love cum.
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1 year ago
mmmmm lucky girl
2 years ago
very hot story
2 years ago
too realistic with hot gay girls
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
got me hard
3 years ago
nice..she sounds hot
3 years ago
so fucking hot!