I see how guys look at me and the things they say to me it turns me on. Sometimes I purposely walk through the park in the summertime with a tight top that barely covers my 38d breast and a pair of TIGHT capri's that ascent my round juicy firm but SOFT ass. I walk pass the basketball court just to hear them say nasty things to me. one time this guy told me how he could make me cum all over his cock then he walked beside me talking so so nasty how his cock is 9inches and THICK. Then he told me to look. He then grabbed his cock thru this his sweat pants to show me the imprint of his cock. It was a nice size. I smiled at him, inside I getting so wet. He told me to Please take his number and If I needed to feel GOOD to call him. He walked with me inside a store I was walking to he asked the guy for a pen. He gave me his number, I could see his cock was in need. He walked me all the way home. He asked to let him use the bathroom I told him no. He looked so strong and horny I wanted to let him inside my house so he could make me cum but I'm a LADY. He asked me for a hug. I gave him a hug his cock rubbed against my stomach and leg. I wanted to let him.....fuck me. I said thank you for walking with me home. He watched me walked away, I know his cock was throbbing. I went into my room got my vibrator took off my capri's i had on thongs took those off too, not a surprise to see they were wet. I laid on my bed and turned on my vibrator and thought about this thick cock man I rubbed the tip of the smooth head of vibrator slowly across my clit, my mind was filled with this guy coming inside my house and destroying my wet soft pussy. My eyes began to tear and I came so hard I went to sl**p holding the vibrator. When I woke up it was still on but on the floor.

So the next day I got dressed to impress again. So many guys are weak for Bubbles Bigs ass and Big tits no stomach. Guys have a hard time not telling me how much they love my body. I wanted to see if I could meet another guy that would do the same thing to me. So I went to another park a little further from my home. Another guy a little taller than the other guy whos name is Mike, this guy name is he claim is Sausage. I just smiled he told me His ex gave him that name. I asked why, I just wanted to hear him tell me something nasty. He told me his DICK was a lot thicker than a sausage and longer that average. He told me He thought I was Porn Star. I wanted to give that impression. He got a phone call and told me he had to go. He gave me his number. I took it. But that didn't get me as horny as I liked. So I went home took out the paper Mike gave me. I turned on the tv put on a nasty sex movie. Mike was on my mine as I rubbed my finger across my nipples and worked my way to my hairless pussy. I watched the movie got really wet then I picked up the phone and called MIKE.

He answered He didn't know who I was. I put on my sexy voice very wanting and pouty. I told him who I was he was shocked but Happy I called. I asked him where he was he said he told me he was laying down in bed just woke up. I knew that meant his Fat cock was at attention. I told him can he come over and help me with something. He told me he would be over in a half an hour. He asked me what I was wearing. I told him nothing. I took a shower and the door bell was ringing. I had on only a nightgown see=through and a short bathcoat. I answered the door. He was standing there with a smile and his cock slightly erect I could see it through is pants.

He gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. He whispered is anyone home? I whispered back. NO. He grabbed me by my waist from behind pulling me close to him he grinned his cock against my round round ass. He told me in my ear he jerked off to me 3 times that same night to me. I enjoy hearing that. I asked him did he squirt alot out, did he empty his sacks on me. He was still excited and needed me. He pilled off my shower coat and I could feel him getting soooo excited. I was rubbing his cock thru his pants so nice and thick. He rubbed my tittis squeezed and rubbed pinched my npples thru my pink nighty. He loved my titties he kissed between them while both of his hands squeezed his cock was throbbing. I pulled and tugged at his belt and zipper. His cock popped out. I was dizzy. It was Long and Thick and a nice shaped head. I could feel it pulsating. I started moving around on the couch my pussy was in NEED. Not noticing his mouth was around my nipples both of my titties was out of my night gown and he pushed them together and sucked them. I didn't know it was happening until he sucked my nipples. I was so weak. I could barely keep my eyes open. I stopped stroking his cock when he sucked them.
I whispered FUCK ME....That's all Mike needed to hear. He ripped off my nighty. I was laying on the couch naked. Mike's cock SWOLLEN and READY. He stood over me dangling his cock over my face. My tongue darted out licking the head making it swing alittle I grabbed for it. Mike grabbed my hands and told me no Hands. He aimed it for my mouth again. I opened and he wiped his big ole' cock all over my lips tongue then he put it in my mouth without touching it. Because his hands was busy touching my wet pussy. He fingered and rubbed my clit. I was too wet. His cock was too hard. He needed pussy he pulled out my mouth. Picked me up his pants around his ankles and he lifted his shirt over behind his head. He stood me up kissing on my neck and rubbing my fat ass all over it. While grinding on me and squeezing my titties. He laid me on the carpeted floor.

He turned me over on my stomach I heard him say he don't have condoms. I was so wet I just needed to feel his manhood. That big cock inside me. I was begging for it. I told him I didn't care I needed to feel it. My ass laying there flat on my stomach. I could hear him jerking while he rubbed my ass. I was begging. Please fuck me. He didn't waste anytime. No condom his cock squeezed and squeezed and he found the wettness it was soo wet. He pushed in. My eyes rolled back. Just what I needed. HE pounded me. I was cumming after less then a minute. I didn't want to cum so fast. I squeezed my pussy pushed his cock out.
He aimed immediatly to put it back in. I told him to let me turn over. I thought that would stop me from cumming. I was on my back he was ready to pound me again. Dick rock hard and looked so angry. He aimed while he sucked my titties and I came all over his cock. But he kept going. I came over and over and over. He fucked me hard bringing me to tears. I was so weak. I could feel him cumming, he was about to pull out my pussy squeezed and he shot his hot powerful load of cum inside me. I kept cumming form his cumming inside me. I was so weak when he pulled out. I kissed his cock, I thanked his cock. Stroked it putting the remainder of his cum from his cock on my titties. He was drained too. We laid there and both slept for about two hours.

He got up kissed me got dressed and left. I laid there still too weak to move I could feel his cum coming out of me. I was so horny from that feeling alone. I reached into my drawer while laying on the floor got my vibrator and I couldn't cum hard just jerking inside my body. I was so satisfied. I called Mike and thanked him for a good fuck. He told me To call him in two days. I did. I did. I did. I'm 5 months pregnant and We still have sex 2 times a day sometimes. I love it.
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Definitely have some bubbles I'd love to pop... sexy!
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fucking love that story
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Great story! So hot!
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Very good