JailBait at 23

I have a best friend Jenny that has a boyfriend that's in jail. He always use to flirt with me and talk about my breast and butt. How he could make me...cum. I told him to stop but he never did. He got caught stealing from his job. He was sentenced to 2 years.

Jerry collected call Jenny she wasn't home I answered. He as always flirted he must of called when he was horny I think he is always horny. He asked me to send him pictures of me. He told me he wouldn't let Jenny know I sent them. He told me he could sell them to the guy there and make some money for cigarettes. I asked him what kind of pictures..? I knew he meant naked but I wanted to hear him say it. He told me pictures of my Lips my ass, pussy and my tits. He told me how guys would love me all night...I just smiled but I really thought about it as he talked and I could make a bunch of guys have a good night in a place like that. Their last thought and probably first thought would be ME. MMMM i thought to myself. Jerry then said he would keep a couple of pics for himself. I already knew that. I smiled. I felt a little excited and asked him for the address.

Jerry told Jenny he had a friend that wanted to meet me when he come home. She told me he was a nice guy with a great sense of humor. The first night King came home he called me and met me at Jennys house. He stood 6foot4 a bulking 2oo plus of muscles. I was impressed. He was funny...but I wasn't laughing I was staring at his body he was staring at mine. He told me he and half of the jail including Correction officers was enjoying my Pics. He was so sexual by the way he talked and walked. He made me so horny just by talking we walked outside to my car to talk some more.

King told me to go to a hotel right then, he told me he wanted me to be the first woman he had sex with. He was rock hard looking at my tank topped breast. I drove fast to the hotel while I rubbed his hard cock in his pants, it felt so thick. I paid for the hotel he could barely walk his cock was so hard. Poor baby. I just wanted to help him. I held on to the front of his pants. People was walking by looking but I didn't care neither did he. We were in another world. I couldn't open the door fast enough...he was squeezing on my breast and humping on my ass. Let me describe what my body look like....I have 38dd tits 24 inch waist 39 inch hips so i'm all ass and tits and I love to have my tits sucked and I wasn't disappointed he pulled one out in the hallway of the hotel and sucked on it.. I froze. I couldn't move as he humped my leg. I was so ready. When we went inside he ripped my top off OMG i had no other shirt to put on...but I didn't care. He sucked both titties back and forth and back and forth and put them together and sucked both at the same time while squeezing and massaging them. His cock was out his pants and HUGE and BoBBING looking for a place to get warm. I grabbed for it, King popped my pants button and snatched off my pants while the entire time sucking my titties. He pushed me on my back on the bed next thing i knew he had his shirt around his head and his pants half way down and he rubbed the head on my pussy from clit to hole about 3 times he pushed my legs open wider and I was being fucked by a mad man... he had no mercy for my tight pussy and the thickness of his cock. He just pounded me....on my back he wouldn't let me get up to change positions he wanted to leave me on my back to take total advantage of me. And that he did.

He came after about a minute...no condom he shot it on my titties. He was so happy. I kissed his neck as he laid on top of me and grinded my pussy against his cum soaked cock he took off his shirt and whipped my breast off then his cock got hard again with in a couple of minutes he told me he would cum all over my pictures thinking about he would cum inside me. I told him he could. He kept me on my back and fucked me again HARD...I think he has only one speed and that would be fast and hard. I was on my back legs up tits bouncing eyes closed because I couldn't open my eyes. He fucked me so hard I know he hit the back of my pussy. He hit a spot no one else has. So I just took all his pounding. His pounding became alittle more intense he went side to side and round and round inside me hitting every possible nerve inside me. He whispered in my ear after he picked his face up off my tits. I'm CUMMING....inside YOU. I couldn't talk I was felling realllll good. He shot his load inside me...I thought he wouldn't stop cumming. He filled me up. He didn't pull out even after he finished he sucked and massaged my tits and slept like a baby.

When he woke up I was in the bathroom his cock was rock hard. I was on the toliet peeing he put his cock in my mouth, I couldn't really open my mouth that wide. So I did a lot of licking. He held my head and the other hand on his cock jerking it he shot it right on my face he pushed back to wet up my titties. He started spelling out his name with his cum. I got up got in the shower he did too. I washed his cock he washed my tits and ass. His cock got hard again I was horny anyway. He pushed me against the shower wall opened my legs and he pounded me against that wall. Lifted my legs up around his waist and Pounded no mercy. This was a wonderful night and morning. I still didn't have a top to wear. I wore his Shirt.... but whenever we had sex he would never let me change positions he love to have me on my back...3 times in one night always. When King got locked up again he wrote me but I missed HIM....my pussy missed him.

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very good
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great story!
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Not to bad. Thanks
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