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I love to watch movies the nasty ones, the one with happy endings...the ones when a woman is laying there getting pounded on helpless and he's banging hard inside her, then his rythem change hes going faster and she's feels what's happening to him inside her and she get more turned on......she starts to cum from his pounding and his reaction to her pussy and titties bouncing up and down dued to his ability to make her cum on his dick....then one last thrust up in side her and then .....SPLASHHHHHHHHHHHHH squirtttttttttt squirtttt he cums inside her... I don't think any man should waste their cum...jerking off is healthy but have someone there to put their cum inside or on...in her mouth or pussy or ass or on her titties...woman love to feel and see the end results of pleasuring a man.

One night I was watching a movie and my b*****rs friend must of heard the noises from the television. He was there to help my b*****r with his car he came inside for something...he knocked on my door.. i answered yeah...who is it? turning the volumn down...he said Victor are you alright.? I opened the door to let him in...he peeped in, he had on sweatpants looking alittle dirty from the car...I sat down back on the bed he came in told me he heard weird noises coming from my room...I told him that was the tv. He asked me what I was watching He sat down on the bed with a water from the fridge in his hand looking parched and sweaty... I wasn't ashamed to show a man i enjoy looking as much as he do. I turned the movie up he told me He thought he heard moaning coming from the room. I asked him isn't he suppose to be helping my b*****r. He told me my b*****r went to the auto parts store and to pick up his girlfriend...he wouldn't be back for more than an hour.

I had on a long Tee Shirt but it wasn't that long when I sat down... My titties was bouncing around because i had on no bra and mmmm no panties I was home and comfy. Victor made himself at home too he took off his shirt put it on the floor. We watched the movie together alot of cumming in that movie... I asked Victor to get me a water from the fridge when he got up he was obviously turned on...his cock was pushing hard against his sweats I knew that would happen...I wanted to see how far he would go with me....
Victor handed me my water I mistakingly dropped some on my tee shirt making my breast even more noticiable... he told me i have nice fuckable titties. I knew what it meant but I asked him what does that mean. He told me It made his dick hard and he wanted to fuck them. Instantly I got wet...
I told him I wanted to give him a lap dance. He was happy and so was I...I knew I was going to cum on his cock...one way or another....
So I told him to sit in my chair by the window... he was getting harder by the second. The imprint on those sweats showed it.

He sat down on the chair adjusting his cock in his pants I dance by him sexy swaying my hips and turning my butt to him...I have on no panties so his pants will be wet. I pushed back on his cock thru his pants he put his hands around my waist and pulled me down me not knowing he quickly pulled his cock out so when i sat down there was a warm and stiff cock rubbing aiming for pleasuring my clit...I jumped when I felt that he held me there so my only movement was sliding back and forth on his THICK LONG COCK his head was very juicy...he rubbed I couldn't stop him I was weak. He controlled me. As he slid me across his cock My body responded and he didn't have to move me any more...He squeezed my breast pinching my nipples he told me...I don't have to ever be with another woman...because I am gay...he told me He would straighten me out..... I told him I can tell he could...make me change... He knew my ex girlfriend and he told me how I was still a virgin I needed him. He whispered in my ear....next thing i felt was him pushing inside but i was too tight that way.... He laid me down on the bed.....kissed the inside of my legs as he rubbed his entire shaft across my clit..... I was weak he knew it... he pounded and made me cum i was weak and he knew it. He was about to cum and I pushed him out of me but he came alllllll over my ass and pussy after he came he rubbed it all over my pussy.... yes...yes yesss... we still fuck... but I still like to watch.
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3 years ago
great story it was very erotic i really enjoyed it
3 years ago
an arousing story, especially the hind that you are actually lesbian gave it a nice touch :D
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
very good