He hated I was a Lesbian

I told Darrell I was a lesbian the first day I met him on the subway. I was playing with my cellphone playing a game when this guy started talking to me about the train and meaningless things. I didn't want to be rude so I smiled and kept my head down. He told me how him and his girlfriend would fight then make love. I was tired of hearing this crazy conversation. I got up smiled and got off the next stop just so he could leave me alone.

The next day he was on the train again. This time he sat across from me. He asked me if I had a husband or boyfriend. I told him no. I'm involved with a woman. Thinking that would turn him away. It didn't. He wanted to know why a "Beautiful" woman like me wasn't with a REAL MAN. I knew right then he was only thinking of sex or rather His dick. I told him how women understand woman and how soft women are and how comfortable it is to be with a woman. He was upset with me his face had a huge question mark on it. He asked me if I ever desire a man then he corrected himself a BIG COCK inside me. I told him i had to be honest, I told him sometimes. You should of seen the smile on his face. He just knew that meant I could end up on HIS Dick. I asked him why are you smiling? He told me his dick contours to a woman's pussy when he sticks it in. He talked about sex and his DICK. He would grab his cock to show me the imprint in his sweats. Yes I looked. He talked about his cock like it was made out of gold. He told me how his dick make woman cum. How he can make me want men again. I was interested on how he had that kind of power. He told me he wanted to take me somewhere one day. I told him OK. I was intrigued. He gave me his phone number told me to call him if I wanted a stiff dick to pound me. I like how that sound, its been a long time since i felt any penetration. I put his number in my phone. He knew i was interested.

I went home thinking about how his cock would feel inside me. MMMM i thought. I feel asl**p and my dreams was me and Darrell having sex. I woke up horny. But my girlfriend wasn't home. So I looked at my computer which i haven't done in over a year especially about men cocks. I looked at xHampster at men with Big Dicks jerking off I played with my pussy and when the guy would shoot his load I started cumin. It was the best cum I had in over 3 years. I went to sl**p and when I woke up I was horny again. I picked up my phone and called Darrell. I just wanted to hear him say how his dick would make me feel so I can rub my pussy I want to hear him jerk off on the phone. I called him. He answered he told me how he needed to see me to jerk off. I told him ok but he can NOT touch me. He came over and I was so ready to see his dick. He's strong confidant personality made it even more sexier. He told me to sit back on my couch and he opened up my top and rubbed my breast he knew what I needed. His dick was close to me and I wanted to touch it. I told him to stop i told him no touching. he moved back but told me to take off my bra and panties when I did his dick jumped in his pants. He reached in his sweats and pulled his magic wand out and I wanted IT SO BAD. He saw that but he played along and jerked off looking at me. ooooh that made me feel sooooo good this big fat dick was hard because of my tits and ass. I told him he could squeeze my tits while he jerked off so he would be closer. I love the sound of a dick jerking. The slapping. His swollen head aiming at me. I rubbed my pussy while he jerked and ok I let him suck on my tits. It felt so nice. He asked me can he rub his dick on my tits. I told him ok then hen asked can he rub it on my lips. I wanted to taste his dick so bad. I told him ok but not inside my mouth. I licked my tongue out to wet the head. Next thing I knew he was fucking me on my couch. Making me scream with pleasure. I came on his dick 3 times he shot his load inside me because i wouldn't let him pull out from that goooood feeling i was getting. He came on my ass after turning me over and fucking me from behind. Then he came inside my pussy again. When he pulled out i went directly to sl**p. I didn't know he left. I laid there covered with his cum. When I woke up my gf was home and I ran into the bathroom to take a shower. I could feel his cum still dripping down from my pussy. When my gf went to work the next day, I called Darrell for him to come over again. You know what i needed. He came on my tits this time I rubbed the cum on skin like lotion. All over my tits. He asked me if he could invite his cousin to come over and let him have fun with me.
I had to ask him if his cousin was as hung as he was. He told me he was Bigger. I knew from that point I was going to be in another world. The tingling the cumin the cum. When Steve came over I told him to suck on my tits while Darrell eat my pussy. Steve cock was thick and his head was huge his cock looked angry. it made me soooo wet. I sucked on it. While Darrell kept licking my pussy. I wanted Steves dick inside me, I moved Darrell and Steve fucked me like an a****l in heat. I came on his dick a long cum. I felt dizzy after. Steve came on tits Darrell fucked me from behind and bust his nut on my ass. We kept doing this twice a week for over a year. Until my gf caught us one day after we all had a great fuck we went to sl**p when I woke up My gf was waking us up by yelling. I had cum on my face and tits and they were laying one behind me the other in front. Naked. Needless to say we broke up and now I live alone but I still see Darrell and STEVE. Sometimes one on one. Darrell really was right. He knew from day one I needed Dick.

90% (9/1)
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3 months ago
I want you to cum so hard you fall asleep with your cock in your hand. Wake up hand stuck to your dick. I would love that.
3 months ago
I know, I'm addicted I keep having sex with guys now. Only 2 different ones but....I want to be gang banged one day.
5 months ago
You did it again ;)
5 months ago
I think you love cum inside you almost as much as you love cocks. ;)
5 months ago
let me know if u need another big thick cock to keep u company ;-)