Jail Bait Part 1

You see, I work with criminals at a half way house. On their way out but not quite free yet. Like clock work at 7pm is curfew, i work with one other guy at this location. It's in The Bronx, a lot of people who live in the neighborhood doesn't know what kind of house this is. For the most part it's extremely quiet and neat. Most of the time I'm left alone in the house I work the midnight to 8 am shift.
This one night around 3:30am. I was reading a romance novel, a inmate walked up to the desk, he talked about his case. Like I wanted to hear it at all. Then suddenly the conversation changed from court to SEX...he was telling how he was on an bus it was crowded and he stood behind this woman with a juicy ass, like he said LIKE MINE. And he couldn't stop himself from rubbing against it, the woman didn't say a word see even moved side to side alittle. He said he then pulled out his penis and rubbed it all over her ass. He said he got so hard from her ass he was too hard to walk out bus without being noticed. He loved it when women looked at it but he hated to have a man even glance. So he whispered in her ear to let him come to her house and let him finish inside her. He said he could see her gasp and swallow he said that was the tell-tell way to show a woman Want IT.
That's when I caught myself staring at what he was doing on the other side of the desk. He was stroking his MAN HOOD...I mean that in the greatest way. It was Long Fat and mean looking, and I gasped and swallowed. MMMM...maybe he was right. I acted like I didn't see IT. He was enjoying the view...I had on a low V-Neck top..I have nice titties and a BIG ass so ...he was enjoying the view.. so he kept telling the story. The Woman got off the bus without words, he followed her cock rock hard and needs release. She knew he was following her see walked up to a door opened it and left the door cracked. He said he went inside that must of been an invite.
I was busy watching his hand and his eyes looking at me jerking it hard. It was turning me on. I was there with 6 other inmates and no other staff. We were basically alone. I got up to let him look at my ass I could hear his abuse to that sweet cock. It was going faster and faster I bent over to pick up air...I was letting him get his look on while I turned around quick. He was beating it and his eyes were half way closed. He told me He fucked me many times like this. I asked how? He replied, 'Don't worry you put me to sl**p A lot of nights.' I smiled. He told me he wanted to really fuck me, it wouldn't be soft either. I knew he wanted to abuse my pussy. The thing about this guy had a way with women. He begged me to let him cum on my titties and butt and he would go to bed. I told him hell no This is my Job. He knew a place where we could go. Then he told me he would cum inside me the first 2 times. I told him HELL NO. He said PLEASEEEEEE 'I haven't had sex for the entire two years i was in that hell hole' He said he wanted to get his Dick out of the sand. I was wet but I wasn't going to lose my job. He kept begging all night he made me so wet I almost almost said YES stick it in... He kept jerking i told him to meet me by my car in 20 mins.
He was rock hard and ready to attack my pussy. When he got in I drove away about a half mile up the block. It was quiet there. He was squeezing his cock from outside his pants. I guess trying to control himself. I told him he could only cum once I had to go back to work. He agreed and pulled out his dick from his sweatpants, it bounced out swinging side to side. I wanted to catch it with my mouth and play with his balls. But I stayed still just admiring his MAN HOOD again. He told me to lay back. I did, and he gave me the best fuck of my life. It lasted for 28 mins. He pulled out and shot it all over my pussy from behind. His cum shooting on me made me cum.....TO BE CONTINUED..........

95% (15/1)
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3 years ago
fuck them fuckin twats. this was a good ass story! it got me wet.... the thing i loved about it was i could picture it as the story went.... hope u got a part 2
3 years ago
not that good why homeless deadbeats 2.5/10
3 years ago
Oh my na dat made me so f-ing wettt! Love it and wud like more plez!!!
3 years ago
omg so hot! loved it!
3 years ago
Great job. Got me hard. Thanks.
3 years ago
Hey asb147k.....go fuck YOURSELF you asshole
3 years ago
good start but details / descriptions