The guy next door

I told my girlfriend I loved her and gave her kiss goodbye at the door. I see this guy looking at us. He looked angry. I rolled my eyes and closed the door. I've been with my girlfriend for over 4 years. I haven't even seen a cock/dick in over 4 years. I had a bad break up and I was done with men.

I went outside to walk my dog and who did I see again? The angry guy he must of just moved next door lately. Never seen him before. Weeks went by and I would walk my dog same routine he would be outside everyday watching me kiss my girlfriend and walk my dog. I'm slightly shy, but he was one of those strong verbal types. He saw me one morning he walked behind me he called out to me so I would stop walking "Hey can I ask you a question?" I didn't know what he was about to say....he asked me if I was 100 percent lesbian or 50/50? I told him first of all it's none of your business and second 100 percent. He immediately grabbed his cock thru his pants and said he can change that. I was intrigued but I couldn't let him see i was. I walked away. My panties was starting to moisten. I know my body has a way of making men want to convert me. I can't help how big my tits and ass is I heard the more I get my tits sucked the bigger they get. Yes I love to have them sucked. anyway......

He kept talking to me in his deep voice that's when I noticed his hands and feet they were large. Me being shy only made him more aggressive. He told me giving my sweet body to a woman is a waste. My body was made for a man to shoot his cum inside me, and keep me pregnant and horny all the time. He told me if he was my man I would never wear clothes in the house. He told me how making a woman squirt was his speciality and his dick is very very thick and 10 inches. I wanted to ask him if his cock head was big but then I would look interested. mmm.

I told him that I was in love with my girlfriend and I don't need dick or cock.

He said but u like your pussy licked and tits sucked, he told me he can make me cum so hard I would cry from that. By the time he told me that I had opened my house door and went inside i told him not interested and thank you. I closed the door then went directly to my bed and masturbated 3 times, i thought about how his cock would feel i was very interested and intrigued. But I wouldn't let him know nor my girlfriend.

It was monday morning and my girlfriend was leaving and all weekend all I could think about is wearing something revealing as I walked Prince. I had on a halter top it is made of rubber and cotton it only covers your breast stomach and shoulders are bare. I wore a short skirt. I walked Diane to the door gave her a kiss. I seen Bobby the next door guy watching while smoking a cigarette. I closed the door then emerged with Prince pulling me outside to pee. I had to run a little so my tits bounced up and down. I know he saw that. I knew what I had on would make him a little crazy. He walked up behind me kind of fast. He told me he thought about me all weekend. He jerked off to me and it was powerful squirts he said he had to throw out his sheets. I smiled. I know those sheets were soaked because of my body. That made me feel really good. I told him to stop telling me those things he know I have a girlfriend I told him I've never cheated on her and I won't start now.

I had to ask him do he have a girlfriend and he shouldn't be wasting his cum on the sheets but with his lady. He told me his lady was my pussy. I looked at him I couldn't contain my smile. I told him to find a girlfriend quick because he wasn't getting any of this body. He told me He will fuck me one day and I won't regret it a second of it, and he promised he wouldn't pull out when he cum so I can feel a real Mans happiness going deep inside me. I thought about that hot cum squirting.........ok ok ok I have to focus. No I don't need that, I'm happy. He told me he would convert me back to men and I wouldn't want to be with a woman again. I asked him do he think he's that good? He told me to walk with him to his front door, I did with curiosity. He opened the door. told me to leave Prince on the step. I told him no, he whispered in my ear, give me exactly two minutes to show you something. Promise you will love it.

I have to see what it was he so desperately wanted me to see. We were at the front door he closed it behind me. He had on sweatpants. He told me to let him just look at my tittiess he wanted to show me what I do to him. He told me he wouldn't tell anyone I won't touch you, just want to look at them as he grabbed his cock thru his sweats such a wide grip. I knew what that meant. I told him ok but he would have to pull my top up. He was glad to. His hands was so big but my tits were bigger. He pushed me against the front door, he was so aggressive it turned me on. My tits were out and he sucked them to make the nipples drip and hard. My eyes closed my mouth opened and I let him suck my tits from side to side then he put them together so he could suck them at the same time. That's when he grind his cock on my leg very close to my pussy. I was moaning and melting and horny as a rabbit. I pushed him off of me reluctantly I was weak. His cock was swollen in his pants. I asked him to show me what you have to show me so I can leave. Knowing I didn't want to leave at all.
He pulled his draw string loose and next thing I knew a Big Thick long with a curve to the right cock was bouncing up and down. He told me....this is what I do to him all the time. He told me he know my pussy was good by the way I walk and the fact I was with a woman so no penetration he knew when he fucked me he would cum fast the first time.

I knew if I touch it I know what would happen he walked over closer to me.....dick in hand pointed at me. My panties was soaked. I was going to let him.......... OK I told he could leave me alone.... I told him he could rub the head on my panties and suck my tits but thats it. I told him he has 3 minutes then I had to leave. He rubbed my hips with both his hands and bent his head down to get a tit in his mouth. He rubbed his very hard dick on my legs he then grabbed his massive cock then opened my legs slowly with the other hand and rubbed his dick head all over slowly on my panties. He kept sucking my tits. I couldn't stand up anymore my legs were very weak from all the pleasure I was getting. I tried to pull away after 3 mins but his cock was rubbing on my clitoris at the time and my panties was off I don't know when that happened. His dick was wet and sliding across my pussy I felt every vein and his dick head teasing my clit. he started rubbing it and grinding at the same time. I didn't know I was moaning loud, my Prince started barking. He kept hearing me moaning and me being pushed against the door a lot. My cell phone was ringing I didn't hear it. He told me my phone was ringing. I took it out of my purse. It was Diane, I answered trying to push him off me....he smiled and pushed me against the door one good time and next thing I knew I felt his head pushing against my pussy hole. I moaned, Diane asked me what was wrong I told her I hit my toe on the side of the bed. He was loving this his head pushing i want to feel it inside me at this point. He whispered in my ear....She can't do this to u.

I told her I had to go I had something cooking that's when he whispered in my ear again...yeah my dick in your pussy. I love to hear a man talk dirty. he talked to me the entire time i was on the phone with her in my ear. He said his pre cum is on my pussy and he wanted to fuck me so bad. he told me to get off the phone. I got off the phone with her. I knew i was at a point of no return. He told me to go sit on the couch I told him my pussy was wet i would stain it. He told me we were going to wet it up more than that. I smiled i know what he meant. My pussy hasn't been this wet in years. He was following me walking weird cause his cock was swollen I guess his balls was swollen too. They looked full. He pushed me down pulling my legs he was between them. His cock looked angry and HUGE. I was his sex object his toy he fucked me up and down left and right picked me up and fucked me Hard I squirted on his dick. Then I came. He held back just to give me a good hard cum, he came so hard he went to sl**p on top of me, I know i milked him. When we woke up he pulled out slowly he was getting hard again. I was filled with his manhood inside me. I told him I had to pee. When I came out the bathroom he was right there dick hard and ready again. I knew i couldn't stop it. I didn't want to. He fucked me again my pussy is so tight he had to pull out before he bust again, I wanted to feel it on my tits. I told him I need him to cum on my tits he fucked me hard i mean hard for about one minute and pulled out and drenched my breast and mouth. I wanted to cum on his dick one more time so I sucked his big dick until it was nice and thick the way I LOVE IT. He fucked me and sucked my tits at the same time. I moaned I could feel his strokes change and his dick jumped inside me.....I knew I was going to cum too, so I tightened up my pussy on his dick pulsating it and I had the most amazing orgasim ever. He whipped his cock on my pussy spanked it then told me he wasn't finished with me. I was laying on his cum soaked couch panting tired and cummie. he helped me put my clothes back on. I was weak. He gave me gatorade i was dizzy and my legs were weak and soar. We knew how nosey our neighbors are. I didn't care I was too weak to walk home alone. He helped me. I think my pussy was still cummingg as i was walking.

I knew that wouldn't be the last time he saw of me. He knew it too. My gf asked me what was wrong with me how come I was so sore, I told her I went to gym and worked out too much, I could barely walk. I saw him when I walked Prince. He smiled at me, I smiled back. The next day I was back at his house again. I was adicktedddd.

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1 year ago
over and over again til there is a puddle on the floor
1 year ago
U can make me squirt?
1 year ago
amazing what a good dicking can do for ur perspective! u should give me a chance ill really turn u out