I loved when my b*****r would go to school..I would go in his room and take his DvDs you know the xxxxxx rated ones. I would take it to my room and look at all those BIG COCK men banging those women pussys and I would pretend that it was me they were doing it to. My pussy would get sooo wet from the thought of a fat headed thick cock rubbing against my vagina teasing me before he couldn't take anymore and he have to stick it in. I would shiver from the thought. So I would play with my pussy fingering it until I feel asl**p.
Sometimes I would bunch the covers up and rub against it just to imagine a cock rubbing against me. I would sneek the dvds back in his room. I was still a virgin at 19 and I only had sex with another female my best friend she would lick me and I would cum. BUT I NEEDED A COCK. She knew it so she set up a date with me and her cousin Drew.

OKAY, i said DREW? He was 6foot4 and a strong looking man. I told her noooo... not Drew verbally but my mind and body said YESSSSSSS. I moved around in my chair rubbing against the chair knowing I would so enjoy his manhood.

He called me the same night around 11pm and I was in bed almost asl**p. His voice was deep and smooth and he spoke low. He told me he couldn't wait to be the man that gave me my first COCK he said Dick. I was getting wet rubbing my legs together in bed and squeezing my pussy with my legs. I asked him how big he was he told me to hold on and he would get a measuring tape. He fumbled around then told me 10 inches long and very Thick. I told him how it would hurt. He told me don't worry he would make me so wet it will go in so easy. I was melting when I heard that. I was all his. I asked him not to use a condom because I wanted to feel all of him and how a cock would feel the skin the vains the sperm I wanted it all. He told me what if I got pregnent. I told him I will get the shot in the morning. He told me he was stroking his cock I knew it how could he measure if it was swollen? He told me listen to him cum on the phone. I was so wet I didn't want him to waste his cum or that hard cock on just jerking it on the phone. I begged him to come over and not cum until he came over. I begged and begged...He finally went to the shower took a cold shower. He was at my house in 15 min.

My b*****r was sl**p my father at work my mother away on trip with s****rs. I was so ready. He walked up with sweat pants and a tight shirt clinching his huge chess. I could see his cock moving side to side in his sweats. He gave me the biggest huge i felt so protected and warm and I could feel his cock against my hip. He wispered in my ear...I always wanted to fuck you. That's when he pushed me closer to him his hands on my butt and his cock was feeling so nice rubbing alllll over my leg and passing by my wet pussy to the other leg. I had on boy shorts so you know my ass cheeks was alittle exposed and a tight wife beater without a bra. I was ready.

I grabbed his hand and led him to my bedroom. He wrapped his arms around me pushing his half erect cock against me and walked in unison to my bedroom. When i turned to look at him his cock was pushing to get pass those sweats. I could see the contour of his cock. He told me he haven't shot a load in over a week and he cum really hard. So he pulled out a condom...I took the condom and threw it on the floor. I want you and all you have to offer, i told him while i rubbed his cock through his pants. He grabbed my titties my nipples was poking out and he licked and bite through the t-shirt. Squeezing my titties together and sucking my nipples I pulled my top over my titties and he made a noise...I reached to pull his cock out. He continued sucking my titties and giving me such pleasure..I stroked his cock I couldn't even stop rubbing it...It felt soooo HOT and I could feel his pulsing. I wanted to suck his cock...I needed to suck it. I've never sucked one before and I needed it in my mouth. I went to my knees and his sexy cock was rubbing against my lips and my mouth opened My tongue rolled across his head and shaft and it felt so natural to give this man pleasure. He told me he love my lips. He looked down at me his face at lust written alllll over it. I licked all over it the I tried to put it in my mouth I sucked it without teeth...I watched enough of my b*****rs movies... I sucked and licked and caressed his balls and cock until a little cum came out he pulled me up quickly...he told me that was pre-cum I had swolled it. Not bad at all. His cock was sticking straight and He wanted to lick my pussy to calm his cock down alittle he told me. I let him...damn he lick pussy just as good or even better than his cousin...maybe it was all the foreplay that made me feel so good. He sucked my clit made a humming noise and his nose rubbed against the top of my clit. I told him to stop...I pushed him away...I needed that 10 inch cock... inside my pussy. He whispered in my ear...I going cum inside you, first. I laid down on the bed...he told me no not the bed...too much noise...He laid 3 blankets on the floor and he helped me down on the floor his cock swollen beyond swollen....throbbing and so was my pussy. My legs was open my titties being sucked his cock rubbing on my clit getting me hornier....and begging for his cock when he rubbed the head against my hole i knew it was time.... my pussy was soaked his cock was swollen and yesssssssssssssssss the head was in..........he pushed in slow at first...i saw stars...I had no control of my pussy his cock controlled me. He pulled out and pushed back in and pulled out I begged for it everytime he pulled out....I said thank you when he stuck it back in...It hurt but in a good way. He pulled out and my pussy squirted...I thought i was peeing on myself...It was sooo nice...and nasty...H stuck it back in and that was it....he did it slow no more....He banged hard trying to make me crazy and weaker and weaker...I never came so much...I think about 4 lie.... He sucked my titties and I moaned so loud my b*****r knocked on my door asked me if i was OK? I had to get myself together and Bearly could talk. I said YYYES. I'm ok. Watching a crazy movie. He left the door but i was still cumming... He banged until he whispered in my ear...I'm cummmmmmming. He shot inside me and I started cumming again. When he pulled out...slowly his cock was dripping and his cum and my cum on it. He whipped his cock off on my titties all over my nipples... I couldn't move...he had control of my pussy still. I just let him do anything to me. Then he made me suck his cock clean... I went to sl**p not even knowing he had left and i was laying in cum with cum all over my body on the floor when I woke up it was 8 am. I was sticky and cummy. I felt great. and soar. I took a shower. I could still feel his cum rolling down and out my pussy. I called him to thank him. He told me he wanted to come over 4 times a week to give me his cum. He told me that was the hardest he shot a load ever. He told me my pussy was so nice and tight and taste sweet. I told him he could fuck me anytime. ANDDDDD we did it over and over in his car, a bar, my house his house, a department store always nice and nasty...we still have the best SEX. MMMM i need a cock right now.
92% (20/2)
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3 years ago
that was such a great story. i was cumming wishing i could have seen you
3 years ago
That made my cock throb...thanks
3 years ago
Oh that story was sooo hot..I feel like shooting a load now..
3 years ago
4 years ago
that was such a hot story! loved reliving it with u!
4 years ago
i need you ,right Now !
4 years ago
very hot and sexy a real turn on