He loved to watch

I usually take my son to school around 730am my husband leaves an hour earlier. I was walking back home one warm April. I admit I wear tight tops and my breast are FULL and Round I love to show cleaveage. I have an above average round ass and a flat stomach with a little pouch from having my son.

When I drop my son off another parent his name is Johnny drops off his daughter. He's tall big hands large feet nice shoulders. He usually wear a thick white tee shirt blue jeans or sweats that shows the outline of his cock. And it swings when he walks. I can't help but to watch him as he walks by, I have on shades so he can't see I'm staring at his cock swinging. But I think he knows.

One overcast day Johnny asked can we walk together to our repectful homes. I told him only if he don't mind stopping by the park I needed to get some exericse. He said sure and We talked about our k**s and laughed about the things they do. Suddenly he asked me If I cum when I have sex.
WOW I said Are u serious right now? The way he looked at me I can tell he wanted to fuck the shit out of me. The way he stared at my breast and how he didn't stop looking like I was a cold drink on a HOT day.

He stopped walking touched my arm to stop me also he told me he think about being with me over and over. I asked him how do he think of me... I knew just wanted to hear it. He showed me his right arm bicep told me I was the reason why he's worked out on one are more than the left. I acted like I didn't understand. He told me when he wake up his DICK is hard and the way he bring it back down is by thinking of my body. He told me he shot a load one time that reached across the room. I was getting wet. He asked me if I could come over to his house and help him with something. I played stupid but I knew what he wanted. I told him sure.

When I get there Johnny made me very comfortible he put me in a room with a huge television large leather couch. He put on a movie soft porn but still a good plot you wouldn't know it was porn at first. He was warming me up. He saw me looking at the imprint of his swinging cock. He asked me if I would like to see it, but he told me I couldn't touch it.
I laughed.
He asked me again and put his hands in his pants I couldn't take my eyes off of IT. He couldn't take his eyes off my breast. He told me he wanted to watch me touch my tits and pussy. While he watched.

I told him NO. Stop I have to go. I got up and was headed to the front door. He ran over to me cock a little hard and in his sweats. Wait Wait he tells me.

Lets talk a little, but honestly he told me.... He wants to suck my titties and cum on my ass titties and pussy. He told me I LOOK LIKE SEX. He was making me so horny but I had to act normal.

I told him If he wanted to I would let him watch me but he couldn't touch.

HIS COCK moved around in his sweats. I just smiled. He told me he HAD to suck my titties first.

I said OK. Plus I wanted to feel his tongue on my titties. I LOVE MY TITTIES being sucked. It makes me weak. A man can do ANYTHING to me when he sucks them. But I won't tell Johnny.

He pulled my titties out of my top and bra thru the U neck sweater I was wearing he sucked them back and forth. From the left to the right. My legs started first. I couldn't stand up. He saw the reaction I gave and he took advantage of it. My nipples wet and hard and titties look like they were FULL. He stopped and pulled his string to his sweatpants his cock was so swollen it looked so hard in his pants. I asked him did he want to rip his pants? Because his cock was going to bust thru. He smiled knowing I just wanted to look and feel IT. to be continued.............
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1 year ago
yeah - keep going
1 year ago
i want part 2!
2 years ago
you wanted to eat his ass didn't you.......Sweet
2 years ago
Great job! Can't wait for the next part!
2 years ago
wow superb...cant wait for the next part...
2 years ago
Please...hurry with the continuation
2 years ago
Dam baby,,now I am between a hard cock and no place to put it,,,thanks,,,
2 years ago
Keep writing
Great story