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[Story] Big Dick made me Dizzy

I love talking on the phone with Darrell the guy that installed my cable last week. He saw my body when I opened the door he started to speak but couldn't. He is a visual person, he loves Big tits big hips and Big ass. I have them all. I like to see the reaction of guys when they come to my house that I share with my GF of 3 years. She doesn't know I like to do that. If she know she would be extremely pissed.

Darrell came inside mouth open and obviously staring at my tits and ass. He saw I lived with my GF and he was surprised. He asked if me and my s****r would like the premium c... Continue»
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[Story] On the Bus

When my period is about to come. My pussy gets extra wet. I need to be extra naughty. Give a stranger a couple of hours of fun. I have never did this before now.

I put on short dress no panties and the breast part barely holds my tits in. I always have to adjust or they would pop out.

So I hopped on the bus ready to give a couple of guys a show, and see how they respond. This one guy he looked like a business guy, he saw me and stopped reading. He stared at me well at my body. I don't think he even saw my face. Another guy sat next to him but a seat in between and when he saw m... Continue»
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[Story] Big Dick Lover

I packed my bags for my weekend. I didn't have to put much in it because I didn't plan on going out much at all. I plan on being naked the entire time. I'm a lesbian but I have a taste about every two months for a dick. I don't know what happens to my body but I have to get fucked or at least get a dick to rub against my clitoris until I cum. This weekend I want IT ALL. My gf think i'm going to my cousins house in New Jersey she don't know I will be about two blocks away getting fucked hard by one of her co-workers. He comes over sometimes to work on my girlfriends car. He watches me I... Continue»
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[Story] SUCK MY TITS 2

My gf had just licked my pussy but she had to leave before I could cum. I was laying in bed dripping wet and un satisfied. I knew If I look at x-Hamster I would at least see someone getting their pussy ate and they would cum. But I thought about it and I still have that number the one that gave me a Great orgasm. It was early morning maybe he needed some early morning pussy. I know how men are in the morning with their Big hard ons and I wanted to feel a fast hard fuck just to finish me off. I called him he was at work.

I didn't put on any panties I put on a skirt and a tight top wi... Continue»
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All morning i've been on hamster looking guys jerk off. I'm not suppose to like it. I'm in a lesbian relationship but I look at cock wayyy too much. I met this guy about a month ago we exchanged numbers and he tell me his sex stories and I to him. He loves to hear me talk about my gf and me having sex he jerks off on it ALLLLL the time. All this conversation about sex and he sent me a picture of his dick. Then a video of him listening to me as he jerk off. OOOOOOh it turned me on so much. So my gf went away to visit her mom and dad in Texas. I told him. He begged me to cum over so he c... Continue»
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[Story] He needed my Ass Badly

I chat with guys online all the time. I have a girlfriend i'm bi-sexual but she doesn't know. She think I'm only into women. I'm feminine. so is my girlfriend. I've been doing this for over two years. Just chat with guys all over the world. 99percent of them are trying to get me to take off my clothes. I do most of the time. Just to see what they would do. It's a lot of fun. I let my best friend Irene send her b*****r a picture of me. She told him he NEVER have a chance with me because I'm a lesbian. She doesn't know either. Jeff is in Jail for 2 and a half years. He asked Irene c... Continue»
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[Story] He hated I was a Lesbian

I told Darrell I was a lesbian the first day I met him on the subway. I was playing with my cellphone playing a game when this guy started talking to me about the train and meaningless things. I didn't want to be rude so I smiled and kept my head down. He told me how him and his girlfriend would fight then make love. I was tired of hearing this crazy conversation. I got up smiled and got off the next stop just so he could leave me alone.

The next day he was on the train again. This time he sat across from me. He asked me if I had a husband or boyfriend. I told him no. I'm involve... Continue»
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[Story] Feeling so Horny

I can't wait until the morning...I want to tease these guys at the gym. I love strong guys not overly bulky but nice body and big Dick. I love thick and long dick. I want to feel it completely take over my body. I'm wet just writing this. But in the mean time let me tell you what I did last week.

I went to a club that only Saturday it's called Sexual Saturday it's such a nice atmosphere smells sweet and the music is R.Kelly and Trey Songz Sex songs. The videos on the Televisions are all skin flicks. Ladies get in free. You would think women don't go there but we do. A lot of ladies... Continue»
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[Story] Can't get enough Big Black Cock

I'm in a lesbian relationship my girlfriend found out well she doesn't really know how much me and Joey did. She only caught our text to one another. Maybe about a week before that day she found the text. Joey and I met at a hotel we would talk on the phone he is a friend of mine from school. He always had a crush on me. We saw each other by chance at an airport. We exchanged phone numbers. I told him I was in a gay relationship he asked me for how long. I told him over 3 years, his remark was ..... so your pussy is really tight. I can't believe he had said that. But it opened up our... Continue»
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[Story] Jerky Boys

Every day I can't wait for my girlfriend to go to work. She hates when I look at men face to face, online, newspaper whatever. I'm BiSexual but my girlfriend Dred think I'm totally into woman. I do love the way i'm treated but sometimes I need..... something else.
As soon as she leaves I directly to my computer put on Xhamster and find the biggest cock so I can lay on my bed legs wide open with nothing on and get the vibrator that I hide from Dred. It's shaped like a cock. I rub it all over my clit, I'm always wet so i need no lubricant. I watch as a BIG DICK Man rubs strokes and jerk... Continue»
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[Story] I'm Weak for good Dick

Ok I shouldn't write this because my girlfriend is in the next room and if she knew what I was writing she would break up with me. I'm a soft feminine woman and my girlfriend is slightly tougher. She met me at a party for her cousin Lynn. I knew I needed to change my life after my last boyfriend that was such a cheater. He had sex with at least 3 of my friends and his s****rs best friend and a few of the girls in the building he lived. His dick was nice and juicy thick head 11 inches and with a nice little left turn curve. When I have sex with my girlfriend and my cum is good, it's becau... Continue»
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Tribute turns REAL

I love writing and letting you guys know what I like and how to make me feel good. So I decided to go a little further I wanted to see guys cum from my picture. I love the way tittie loving men squirt hard to my pictures. One guy with a big dick tributes me about 3 or 4 times. I can see by the way he was jerking and how hard he came on my picture he wanted to fuck me really bad. SOOOOOO.... I got the nerve to contact this guy he called me back and told me how he cum to my picture EVERYDAY. He told me if I was to let him fuck me ...well I knew I would be filled up. So we met early one mo... Continue»
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[Story] That's what my BODY is for

My first time out of the country I met a strong arrogant tall dark handsome with a thick cock with a curve...mmmm I met him at a night club in Dominican Republic . He was my favorite sex partner, no other man has ever made me feel like that. I would go there just so he could fuck me, he made me cum so many times every time I visit. I didn't want to leave. I would masturbate to him often. I would call him just to hear his strong voice he would ....jerk off while I touched myself. He is soooo good at making me easy. I think the fact his dick head is huge and the curve makes the s... Continue»
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[Story] The guy next door

I told my girlfriend I loved her and gave her kiss goodbye at the door. I see this guy looking at us. He looked angry. I rolled my eyes and closed the door. I've been with my girlfriend for over 4 years. I haven't even seen a cock/dick in over 4 years. I had a bad break up and I was done with men.

I went outside to walk my dog and who did I see again? The angry guy he must of just moved next door lately. Never seen him before. Weeks went by and I would walk my dog same routine he would be outside everyday watching me kiss my girlfriend and walk my dog. I'm slightly shy, but he w... Continue»
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How did I let this happen to me? I'm laying here letting my tits be sucked by two guys and one was licking my pussy all at the same time. I was tingling all over my body, I was so weak, so so weak. I was cumin and I knew whatever they were going to do me I couldn't stop it no longer, I was a goner because I felt so good. I was cumin, and I needed some dick.

The thing is I'm a lesbian I've been one for over 5 years. I know I'm only 27 but I enjoyed the company of women and men. My new Job is at a sperm bank/phone sex company. I know this is how I ended up doing what I did. Okay let ... Continue»
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[Story] He needed IT

I rented a room to my best friends cousin he just came home from jail. He had no where to go so I told Julie he could stay at my house until he get a job and apt.
The first day I met him was the first day home from jail he came in tall, hardcore personality, handsome and muscular but not too big his shoulders was squared and his chin. He carried a big duffle bag with his clothes and his iPod with beats headphones he had on jeans with timberlands and a white v neck tee shirt. He shook my hand it made me shiver it tickled. I was wearing a black tight tee and jeans. We all sat in living r... Continue»
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[Story] Tease those Guys

Ok Ok Ok I know my tits are big and I love to have them sucked ALOT. So what I would do is wear tight tops very tight so you can see my entire contour of my breast nipples and all. I love to see the actions of men when they see me. My ass is nice also but it's the breast that get me in trouble.

It was a Thursday I wanted to get a massage and only Derrick knew how give great breast massages. I called Derrick he was at work it was 10 am and I was anticipating my massage that wouldn't happen until 6pm. I turned on my computer and showed a few guys my breast and all 3 jerked off watching ... Continue»
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[Story] Wet Dreams

I always wondered how come my panties would be wet in the morning. My husbands b*****r lived with us. My husband would go on long trips with his company and would be home alone with Drew. Always on the days my husband was away my panties would be soaked on the outer and inner. One night I decided to set up a camera in my bedroom to see if I was moving around or having wet dreams. To my surprise the video taped showed Drew coming in the room with just his underwear on he would lay next to me in the bed under the covers. I couldn't see what he was doing from the video because of the covers ... Continue»
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[Story] He Love to watch 2

He finally pulled his manhood out to let me admire and rub on it. I couldn't stop rubbing it and looking at how beautiful it was. He kept sucking my titties and squeezing on them. I was so wet he could leave a spot on his pants as I sat on his lap he sucking all over my titties and rubbing his hand on my pussy I was weak but I knew If I let him keep rubbing my pussy thru my pants I would let him fuck me. I told him to stop and I got up titties out and bouncing. He was telling me to come back and sit down to be good and listen to him.

I walked over to him softly took his manhood in my hand... Continue»
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BuBBle Butt vs Thick Cock

How many days can I go without sex??? It's been 4 weeks 3 days and my pussy is so fucking wet all the time. I need IT soooo bad RIGHT NOW. I write this so you guys can know what a woman go through without your cocks.

4 weeks and 3 days ago I was home it was raining I didn't have to work and My Pussy was juicy and needed a pounding. I don't usually do this but the guy I usually let me cum on his cock was on vacation with his wife.

I got dressed no panties a tennis skirt and blouse with a bra. Ok ok ok I have a bubble ass and round breast. I've been told I LOOK LIKE SEX. I love to tea... Continue»
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