The Convent part 2

After that day, Sarah went to the mother superior to tell her some of her thoughts about her and me. As an heir of the kingdom I was meant to become the king one day and I told Sarah that I didn’t wanted to lose her. She was more than happy to follow me in the outer world but she told me that she could not build a f****y with me; her destiny was to be my whore and no more.

Mother superior was in her cell when Sarah went to visit her. She was a tall woman with blonde hair and still with a gorgeous body for her age. Her name was Gawinn and she was the last daughter of a Norwegian noble f****y and as a long tradition the last son had to take vows and serve the Holy Church. And so she did. Sarah was surprised not to see her properly dressed at that time. Gawinn told Sarah that she had a little migraine that morning so she decided not to take part in the day activities. Sarah couldn’t avoid noticing her slender legs and her wonderful sight with her long hair free from the veil.
Gawinn told Sarah to come and sit on her bed and took her hand while she asked about her and me. Sarah told her about our first sexual experience. Sarah told Gawinn that we had anal sex for a while. Gawinn wanted to know every detail about my penis size and if I hurt her while entering her anus. Sarah blushed but could not avoid obeying her and told that it did hurt in the beginning but shortly after I was entirely into her ass she started to feel good. She told her that I had a big penis and it was difficult to get me inside her but after that it felt wonderfully and she felt to be completely filled by me. She than told how devastating was the pleasure she felt while I was fucking her asshole and how big I became shortly before coming into her.

Gawinn started to feel uncomfortable but couldn’t stop hearing what Sarah was telling her. She asked about my sperm and Sarah told her how much semen I could squirt and how good it tasted. Gawinn was mesmerized and asked Sarah if she really tasted my cum. Off course she did. And it was sweet like almond syrup with a salty back flavor. Gawinn removed the gown from her legs and spread her knees a little. She didn’t want to commit a mortal sin so she asked Sarah if she didn’t mind touching her to give a little relief from the suffering she was causing her with her words. Sarah didn’t want to disappoint her so she agreed and with great delight she spread her Mother Superior legs to reveal her hungry pussy. She started to caress her while the wetness was getting more and more. Sarah was near her cut and could feel the musky scent. While Sarah put a finger in Gawinn’s pussy a large drop of her wetness started to drip on her thighs. Sarah instinctively leaned and liked it. She felt how good the flavor of a pussy tastes and decided to go on with her tongue. She started sucking and liking that pussy so eagerly. Gawinn was in ecstasy; she grabbed Sarah’s hair and pulled her head inside her hungry folds. Sarah had her whole tongue in Gawinn’s pussy when she started to shout loud she was about to come. Sarah tried to get away but Gawinn firm hand kept her head in place. One more loud moan and Gawinn came squirting on Sarah’s face. Sarah’s mouth was wide open and she swallowed every drop of that flowing ambrosia.

Gawinn fell spent on the pillow still moaning. When she felt better told Sarah to sit on her face and fuck her mouth at once. She removed her soaked pants and reached up for her Mother Superior. She asked her politely the permission to smother her and fuck her with her cunt. Gawinn whispered how much she wanted to suck on her pussy. Sarah sat with all her butt on Gawinn’s face. Gawinn put the whole tongue up Sarah’s cunt and started to suck deeply. The wetness of both of them was impressive they was holding each other like two lesbian lovers enjoying their mutual excitement. Gawinn was about to go again when Sarah came in her mouth so violently. Gawinn was drowning in that pussy juices while coming herself violently.

That night Sarah came to me in my bed and begged me to fuck her so hard that came twice before I was about to come. She didn’t allow me to relief myself in her butt because she wanted to swallow all my sperm. I removed my hard prick from her very wet ass and stuffed it into her mouth. She devoured that her-own-asshole flavored cock. When she deep throated I came spurting a large amount of hot cum. She didn’t let a single drop out of her mouth. She cleaned my cock well and fell asl**p against me. What a day.

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3 years ago
awesome hope for a part 3, 4...
4 years ago
So much views, so few comments.
4 years ago
a nice story
4 years ago
very hot and naughty a real turn on