Mayan Sun - Todas las Santas – Chapter 3

Mayan Sun
Valentino Incanto Profferi

Todas las Santas – Chapter 3

Stepping outside the door, I was suddenly overcome by the striking rays of the sun. I had my light duster coat over my arm as I locked the door and pulled my wide brimmed hat lower over my squinting eyes. It was still early in the afternoon when I left my concrete block pueblo house and set off down the dusty street after shutting the iron gate. Taking my hat by the crown, I adjusted it to shield my eyes and neck from the hot Mayan sun over the Baja California peninsula. Tonight I will begin a long set of days filled with loving that will, with any fortune, end well after the next moon rises.

As I paced onward in my old travel boots, my dreams came back to fill my mind and keep it from melting in the sun. I had an hour to walk before reaching the bus stop on a dirt flat on the side of the two lane free-way, flanked by two Palo Verdi cacti. Paula, my current in house maid, had always been able to surprise me; she is a superb cook and has taken excellent care of me for almost a decade. Despite feeling her carnal desires for me many times, she had yet to lay a finger on my body. I could not be sure if it had really been a dream or reality, but when I awoke this afternoon, she had already left to do her errands. She had left me a plate of warm cheese and elote tamale smothered in her sweet red mole, a cup of warm black coffee, and a clean house. As a courtesy to her, I cleaned and left my dishes to strain before setting off.

I could not shake the memory of her soft lips touching my back while I was in the shower. Those gentle, chubby, long fingered, dark hands had taken my flanks firmly and caressed my wet hairy chest in the shower while she had pressed her soft, full figure with enormous motherly breasts, into my back as lightly as she had kissed it. Paula had whispered at the base of my ear as she reached lower on my body, " wait" and she began to carefully soap me from my belly. The caressing soap lingered, making my skin tingle as her hands descended and circled my waist to find my male organ. In my dreaminess, I felt the warm tingle of the tepid water as it trickled down my sensitized skin. While she gently soaped my back, flanks, arms, and legs, she had stealthily reached between with the other hand to stoke the growing pendulum she had seen pleasure Suzanna only a few months earlier.

Paula's pale hand had my long pink firmness in her soft grasp. I forgot where I was as my heat swelled in her palm. She circled me as the soap rinsed off and devoured my flesh between kisses, nibbles, pinches with her teeth and raking my testicles with her nails. As her purple nails sank into my testicles, I released into her throat and then I passed out.

I had awoken with the shower still soaking me while sitting on the shower floor leaning in the corner of the square tile wall. Whilst regaining my awareness, I heard her sweeping the porch. I stood up and could see Paula's plump form in her usual rose robe with a loose cap over her hair bun through the frosted shower window.

I had doubts about the occurrence having actually taken place, but I felt the memory of her soft-lipped touch on my engorged phallic skin as I have of her hand since it touches mine twice each day. Paula had kept my home clean for just under nine years, cooked for me, and inhabited my upstairs room for almost eight after having tried sl**ping in a separate bed in my room for a year. I had let her sl**p wherever she wanted, and she had chosen my room because she wanted to have sex, but after a year of no letting herself, she had moved upstairs. Each morning she would wake me from my naked slumber to a cup of coffee and one of her delicious concoctions, seated on the bed next to my naked body and watch me as I ate unclothed. She would give me her hand as I began to rise to stand next to her and I would take it and hiss it, before standing up before her with a singing half erection that she nearly touched with her partly open lips each morning. Every night she would bring me my liqueur with a biscuit and a chocolate into my study, where she would sit on the arm of my chair where I sat naked, while she was completely unclothed to watch me eat. I adored observing her, sitting close to me with exposed long dark breasts and erect brown nipples, while I ate. Before she retired to her chamber with a bounce in her large bottom with every step, she would give me her left hand while covering her hairy slit with the right, and once again, I would take it, and kiss it before she left. She was always very precise, raising me three hours after sunrise and retiring herself three hours after sunset.

Steadily I made my way to the free-way along the rutted dirt road. I passed the village shops, the mechanic's and the shack from which Dona Marissa, who's trucking husband was usually away, had served me many late night meals before asking me to satisfy her craving to be mated with, as I made my way back home from these journeys. From the corner of my eye, I saw the wrinkled dark hand holding a mauve scarf waving energetically from the second floor balcony. Anna-Maria flashed her elderly warm smile at me as I took my hat off to her. Returning my hat to my crown, I blew her a kiss from my palm as she disappeared back into the shadows of her home.

The old memories of the twenty-five years before Paula came to me filled my mind obscuring the dreams. For twenty years of those twenty-five, Anna-Maria had not only been my efficient and diligent housekeeper who helped tend my many visiting lovers; she had also been my lover, my assistant in work and my accomplice in my adventures. I had been away for my monthly tour of loves as I was embarking on today just before my obligations with her had changed. I had slept unusually late on that morning. I had been dreaming of Clara's young firm rump as it had rested on my hips, bobbing lugubriously after having energetically ravished herself on me while I was lying on the springboard over her k**ney swimming pool. I awoke and found my dream vision to be from real sensation. I smiled broadly to myself and reached for her soft broad hips, watching the bouncing, little, unused breasts. Anna-Maria's rump was firmly set on my hips and bobbed gently as she held onto the straps attached to the ceiling above my bed that many of my lovers had used before.

"Will you also keep my company and bed?" I had asked her. Silently she raised her thirty-nine year old slim, dark form by the straps just high enough to rotate to face me without losing contact with my presence in her. After some moments of silence, she started to speak slowly in time with the rhythm at which she would rise and fall still impaled on my penetration. "I am barren as you know. Yet, I am lusty and have had a hunger to consummate with you, but have not found cause to give me license until today." "I know from my cousin's friend's niece of the virile passion games at Señora Clara's home." " You infected her bottom with your love potion after having cleansed her with your natural enema." " You filled her with your hot passions as a reward for her native Indian beauty and for her curiosity watching Señora Clara's pale body collapse after your third mounting of that mare in heat." " I also am a mare in heat."

"I wish to remain in your home, have you as if a husband, romp with you on your travels and be your accomplice in your orchestrating and countless affairs." "Will you have me even though I can bear you no c***dren?" For all the pleasures Anna-Maria provoked, gyrating upon me, drawing up the seed through the lush and warm lips of her vulva, I could see no reason to refuse her request. She was a slim, long limbed well-curved woman of delicate shapes and long black hair that was often in a large bun while she worked. Her soft flesh and narrow form was always superbly clean and radiant. All the work of keeping the house and cooking kept her muscles firm and supple. Her habit of always walking to do her errands in the afternoon kept her pale skin tanned a dark golden brown. She had come to me seeking work after having an annulled wedding on the grounds of bareness, about two year after I had bought my house in El Cien. She had heard wildly varying rumours. Some said that I was a wizard, which I was not. Others claimed that I was a Fairy, which was close to the truth since I was in fact a Changeling. There was also said that I was the most tolerant lover and the most satisfying, which was completely subjective and could not be substantiated. Of course there was the gossip of my astounding wealth and financial generosity, both true. However, the wealth and generosity were unfortunately attributed to dealings with the Mafia in Mexico City and paying off people to keep quiet and inform me of threats, a ridiculous and preposterous idea born of watching films on television.

Anna-Maria would have been the ideal wife and mother, but for her infertility, she needed a home and work to support herself, without the f****y she had counted on. For five years, she had had whatever she needed while living with me as a hired help. I was usually home most weeks as I did my philosophical work in my study with the portal, on the second floor by the mango tree window. She had my company whenever she needed it, undressed most of the time, which simply added to her amusement as seeing her body would slowly rise my tool to an erect and oozing state as we sat together and talked. An entire wardrobe of linen dresses and matching sandals and slippers had been provided to her orders and tastes. Furthermore, she had a free hand to go and come as she pleased as if we had been married. If she had wanted the use of the old Morgan in the drive, she would have been welcome to it.

I found myself lucky to have had such a companion at home after the change. Anna-Maria had transformed from the hired housekeeper to a hired wife. We discussed my work in progress between our tasks, over glasses of Jamaica juice and slices of shortbread. In the early evenings or late night, we would indulge our lust and enjoy each other in the courtyard, the shower or the bedroom. Some evenings I would surprise her by stealthily approaching her shapeliness unexpectedly while she laboured over the dinner and filled her warm womb with my passionate worshipping that sent her into yelps of ecstasy with every thrust that pierced her tight cervix. By the time dinner was ready to be served her aroused ejaculations of fluid were dribbling down the insides of my legs after having coated my emptied testicles.

Many years had passed as we aged and made the most of life. I had my monthly trip to visit my lovers and their entourage in Todos Santos, Eugenia, and Clara the Seers. Additionally, I had made my biannual trek, to San Francisco and London that led to also visiting my many lovers in California and Europe. On my biannual journeys, Anna-Maria would always accompany me. We would always make our rounds of the Independent Movie theatres of the San Francisco Bay Area to see if any new and upcoming directors held promise for the future and enjoy leisurely lunches at Anamandara, the superb Vietnamese fusion eatery opposite the maritime museum on the Embarcadero. We would invariably get ourselves into the Civic Centre, Haight or Tenderloin in the City, Hillsdale, Orangevale, or Sunrise areas in Sacramento on the way back to our hotel room and find a happy go lucky lady that just wanted another chance with Fairyland and that would oblige us for a night or two with hours of intercourse and sodomy.

London had had its rituals as well. The Henley Regatta was always enjoyable, but I generally avoided the cucumber sandwiches served with tea even though Ana-Maria quite enjoyed them. The old Lebanese kebab shop served us the most delicious lamb in pita sandwiches behind the old Working-man's College in Acton Town before we made our way to the theatres of Soho, to find ourselves a frivolous play to enjoy. It was a pity that it vanished before our eighteenth return. Thereafter we sated ourselves with one of the many subterranean sushi bars around Piccadilly Square. After the show there was usually a straggler or two outside the theatre with one too many drinks and no ride home happy to share a hotel room and a bit of fun with us. We would inevitably pay our respectful and lusty visits to towns around Bath, Swansea, Solihull, Marseille, Lyon, Barcelona, Aachen, and Arlon making our rounds with lovers past before returning home to Mexico.

The bus pulled up to the two cacti and the shaded bench upon which I sat. I hauled myself up the step of the air-conditioned Aguilla coach amidst a cloud of dust and deliberately shook the dust off my boots before paying my fare. Travelling by bus had appealed to me from the start of my stay in Mexico. Initially it was economical for a post-graduate philosopher with only a published thesis and $20,000 to last him a year. Since then, I had grown accustomed to it and found that my clandestine mode quite suited the purpose of the trips and allowed me another way to redistribute my earnings. I paid my two hundred pesos, tipped the driver the customary hundred, and declared my destination before taking my seat at the back. I always took my beauty rest and invariably slept lightly as the coach jostled down the narrow two-lane road flanked by desert on all sides.

The sun had set on the desert peninsula when the driver awoke me with a tap on the shoulder. Todos Santos, he announced softly as he trotted back to his seat. I shook his hand and passed him another friendly hundred pesos. With a wave of my hat the coach departed and I turned to face the Cultural Arts Centre. I did not have far to walk but I was in no hurry. The night was still young and the trip always left me peckish and dehydrated. The cafe' in the centre of town where the tour buses and bikers liked to take refreshment was open as usual, so I gingerly pushed my way through the heavy, rustic wood doors and waved at Joel, the barman and owner.

The plump Esmeralda was at my elbow as I lowered my hat. It and the coat were in her fleshy tender hands in seconds and I was gently steered through the tables by her caressing hand on my bottom, to the murky corner by the kitchen door where she gave my crotch a friendly squeeze as an invitation for later. As always, she made polite conversation about how hot it had been today and how quiet it was tonight to distract others at the bar from watching where she had put her hands on me. She asked me if I would be visiting the Seer again and wished me good fortunes in my usual business. I returned her inquiries with direct answers with warm complements on her healthful good looks, attractive attire, and excellent grace of person and of service as I fondled and patted her robust bottom beneath the skirt as it faced the kitchen doors. The young, plump, red-cheeked girl deserved every one of the complements and more. Her red-cheeked dark face with its dramatic Indian features, soft fleshy skin and delicate lines moved musically around the room tending to the other clients in her form hugging summer dresses that showed her rounded shoulder and covered her to the top third of her shin.

A few minutes later Joel was in the seat next to mine with two cold beers before us. The thin faced middle-aged man next to me flashed his warm papa smile at me, reached out to shake my hand, and patted me on the back with the other. He coughed gruffly and the serious scowl reformed on his face. He told me that the Seer had had another pregnancy vision this week. Last year she had predicted that the retired head of the National Engineering Agency would have a c***d at age fifty--six. The prediction had been footnoted by the press, but a half page article had been published after her successful delivery of the c***d ten months later. This time it was the young wife of the Secretary of Finance that had been honoured with the prediction after having not conceived in the first six years of their very public marriage.

He drank deeply of his beer mug as I watched him expectantly. Esmeralda glided up to our table and deposited a dish with flautas, fried chilies, and two salsas before taking a seat on my lap for a few seconds during which she massaged me into an erection. I took one flauta, dipped it in red salsa, and nibbled it over my napkin after Esmeralda felt the rigidity that wanted her soft roundness. While nibbling, I watched Joel following the young curvy girl with his eyes into the kitchen doors. The prediction had been made public and the young woman was on her way to meet with the Seer. She was expected to arrive yesterday, but the arrival was unexpectedly delayed to the day after tomorrow, the day of the new moon. Joel congratulated me on my timing and suggested I see Clara, early before the official party arrived.

We conversed amiably while we finished off the plate and cleared our glasses. Joel stood up, and I followed his lead. I shook his hand and we slapped each others' backs f***efully in a friendly way. I passed him a note of five hundred pesos and said I needed a little while still and another beer. From old custom, he kept the excessive change and I stayed as late as I wanted. I pulled my pipe out of my coat pocket and the bag of sage leaves from my shirt pocket, with the matches and nail. I untied the handkerchief from my wrist and spread it over the table. Over it, I filled the pipe and packed it with the head of the nail. Raising it to my lips, I lit the Meerschaum bowl of my calabash pipe with the reed matches I had received with my second beer. I had been smoking nothing but herbs for some forty years.

As I sat and smoked, I pondered the coming rendezvous and reminisced about my past. Clara and I had known each other since my trip down the peninsula thirty-six years earlier, after obtaining the doctorate. We had met on the coach trip to Todos Santos. Clara had boarded the packed coach in Tijuana where Eugenia had her raised by other f****y members, and sat in the back. By the time I had boarded the only remaining seat had been next to her; it could be called fate as we were destined to meet at Eugenia's house in any case. I had asked the then twelve year old if she minded my company and she had obliged me with a knowing and seductive smile I had not expected. Despite being shy and quiet for the first few hours of the journey south from the border, she had unexpectedly asked me if she could please have some food when the coach had stopped for lunch. Naturally, I fed her whatever pleased her from the roadside stand and brought a little bag of treats and drinks with me aboard as we departed.

During our lunch I had learned that she was travelling to Todos Santos to relieve her aunt that had been taking care of her elderly mother Seer, Eugenia. She would be having her birthday shortly after arriving, and I was her first responsibility as the new Seer in training. We attracted the attention of the entire bus when I set her bubbling with raucous laughter when I asked if she new how I was related to Eugenia from when I had been seven. After the initial embarrassment I learned that she was a psychic diviner like Eugenia, that had foretelling visions periodically, and that she knew I had been the long awaited father and was intricately connected with the entire establishment of the Seer's residence and future residents as the only male Changeling linked with Fairyland connected to them.

After having discussed our f****y for some time, I became a curiosity to the naturally magnetic Clara. My natural reticence in public without a public role only aroused more probing questions out of Clara. She had become utterly silent as I told her how I had taken my savings and boarded a Grey Hound bus in Palo Alto, California after publishing my Ph.D. Thesis and receiving my diploma from Stanford. I had worked for two years in my rented studio apartment paid for by my well off and ever-lusty mother. After six months of editing and revisions, I had submitted the paper to the board and presented my oral arguments and defences for my thesis. It felt like I had written a magic spell. I was granted my qualifications on the sole condition that I find a publisher and bring back a copy for their archives.

Naturally, I looked up my undergrad colleagues from Menlo College to find a connection that was in the publishing business. I had found just such a person at Harpers of San Francisco. Linda had been my contemporary and occasional lover that had used her double majors in communication and business management to get her post as a regional distributions manager. After a triad of luncheons in her luxurious Brisbane home where I penetrated her succulent, shaved, pink vagina and filled her love cavity with thick semen several times, she insisted that I spend a weekend with her to earn the privilege of one engagement with her chief editor. I spent all of Friday at her house waiting for Linda to come home from work.

At two in the afternoon, Linda's thirteen-year-old daughter came home to find me waiting in the Jacuzzi naked. Sonya did not hesitate to strip and get in with my erection. As Sonya stood on the submerged bench with her virtually hairless slit pressed to my mouth, she told me that her sixteen year old b*****r had started having sex with her months before. This had started one summer after his d***ken aunt Carla started sucking his penis when it popped out of his boxers with her hand's encouragement. Aunt Carla had been doing heroine with him after school for over a year. Linda had thought she was making sure he did his homework. That had had led to regular sex and then to sex with her friends too. Soon after Aunt Carla had started the sex relations, her b*****r told her about it and asked her if she wanted to try it. Sonya had been willing to try because she had been high on heroine too and had loved the taste of his spunk and of being eaten out. Her b*****r's penis was too short for her long pelvis though, so she wanted to try mine before mother Linda came home. Linda's thirteen year old had a beautiful large bum because of her deep pelvis, so I agreed to love her as I was sure to be able to content her with my slender length.

That weekend I had anal sex with Sonya every time Linda was out or asl**p. The rest of the time she was having oral and anal sex with her b*****r upstairs while I was busy screwing my long thin shaft into her mother. On the first night, I told the willing sexual experimenter, Sonya, about the joys of anal sex, and how that way, she might like sex with her b*****r. In this way, I produced another sodomy addict that night. On Sunday morning, when Linda went to church, the two k**s feigned being tired and wanting to sl**p late rather than attend the lengthy service that included brunch. While Linda was away for nearly four hours, Sonya was double penetrated by her b*****r and me on her bed for over three hours. We took turns filling the girl's anus, womb, and often neglected mouth. Linda only found out that the siblings were having sex after over a year and a half had passed when her b*****r finally got the then fifteen year old Sonya pregnant with Linda's first grandc***d when she was only thirty nine.

By the following Monday afternoon, Linda had arranged for her chief editor, a Madam Flowers, to come to Linda's house for dinner with me. We ended up eating out on my suggestion that the k**s had homework to do. Sonya and her b*****r had a much better time that they would have had listening to me talking Madam Flowers into accepting my book. On her account, Harpers agreed to publish a closed run of the thesis for $5,000 up front with its returns in royalty payments if it sold more than double the investment. It was what I needed. Five thousand dollars and two months later I was published with copies being sent to the libraries of congress, all the Ivy League universities, and a few overseas schools such as the University of London.

Clara asked me where I was planning to stay; I had to admit I had no idea. I had to find a place to stay soon so that I could start writing my actual philosophy for I felt it would be too imposing to stay at Eugenia's very long. I had written a thesis that I did not believe in, but that I knew would be approved. Now I only had money for one year and hoped to get the next book published on better terms so that I could support myself. The next day we had another lunch stop during which she was unexpectedly silent. As I walked back to the coach with the usual bag of goodies for us to enjoy later after buying us lunch, Clara stopped me. "The Seer, "she said, "has a big house with extra rooms in front of the sea a few blocks from the centre of Todos Santos as you must know. Will you please come and stay a long while; you need to work on your books first and foremost. I know that she will not mind." I was stunned at the offer from this young woman and did not know how I should answer, but I also knew she was right. After my silence punctuated by stuttering she took my hand as if I were six and she my mother, and peacefully led me back to my seat on the coach. We did not speak much after this, but Clara kept on holding my hand as my mind spiralled in quest of the appropriate response.

She dosed off eventually and rested her head on my shoulder still holding my hand. Clara's fragrance was clean and fresh like summer morning right after it rains. I knew that she meant what she had said. Furthermore, she was right about needing a place to stay from which to begin work immediately. It would be much more pleasant to stay with her f****y in a home than a hotel, and I could not really say that a hotel was an affordable option with my budget. A rush of relief came over me, as I accepted the offer to stay as long as I needed; consequently, I relaxed bodily. Clara squeezed my hand and sat closer as she leaned on my shoulder. I declared quietly to her that I would stay with her. Without opening her eyes she responded, "I know, and you will stay a year, and then buy your house with the magic gate." I did not contradict her, but wondered what she meant.

That feisty twelve year old was showing me her colours. We rested silently in our seat, hand in hand until late in the night when the other passengers slept. It became clear that even thought Clara had been raised mostly in Tijuana; she had heard the stories of my many visits at the Seer's. Clara opened and put her hand through my fly to caress me to her desired size. With her hand and later her mouth stimulating my organ, I slid a long fingered hand beneath her short plaid skirt and past her brief. While returning the favour she offered my throbbing phallus, I massaged her cleft until swollen and moist. I provoked her firm clitoris to come out from its hood when I also drew out one small, undeveloped breast from beneath her blouse and bra and suckled it adoringly. In the dark dead of night, at the back of the bus, Clara slipped over my then exposed erection and testicles with her brief pushed to the side, exposing her engorged labia. Once we were joined, I closed her blouse to restore her as much privacy as we could have, and gently rocked her hips upon mine until I felt her vaginal walls quivering with delight after I had filled her with the milk of love.

We then slept leaning on each other's shoulders through the morning. We did not leave our seats until the dinner stop at six when we had an enormous dinner. The drinks and snacks from that stop lasted us until we disembarked in front of Joel's cafe in Todos Santos the following afternoon. It was a nine-block walk to the back of the Seer's house. We passed a series of small shops and a few houses where today there is an orchard. The salty ocean breeze was a refreshing change from the dry cold air conditioning of the coach. Despite the same blazing sun of the lunch stops, the damp shade in the tree filled town felt like an all over body massage.

At last the Seer's house stood before us. A short, thin Spanish looking, white haired old Eugenia in a dark blue, flowery, sleeveless dress came onto the porch and waved us down then took a seat in one of the white iron mesh chairs. Clara simultaneously released my hand, dropped her duffel bag on my foot, and broke into a sprint. I crouched to pick up her bag and watched from the ground as my thin, tanned, long-haired blond companion sprinted in flip-flops holding up her dress in her hands. I watched with a smile, as Clara threw her arms, affectionately around the old woman's neck and kisses her on the cheek lingering. As I came up to the porch and set the two bags on a bench with my coat my old lover and magical instructress, greeted me and addressed me as "papá." I took her hand and bowed to kiss it, then greeted her again with an affectionate kiss to her lips and a naughty grope of her soft paps. Eugenia's response, as it had always been was to take hold of my implement and stroke it while pushing her tongue in my mouth in an exploratory kiss. It had been five years since we had spoken or been together.

In her commanding matriarchal way, she told me to bring the bags, as she would show me my room. I flashed a broad smile at Clara, resting in an oversized chair with her hand already massaging herself beneath the little plaid skirt, as I disappeared through the carved door of the house behind Eugenia, the Seer. As we walked through the foyer and up the stairs to my room, Eugenia talked volubly in a spirited and warm tone. ""I have been waiting for you to come for many a year. I saw you last December completing one of your many books of the future. I saw you leave for your new home in one year from now also. You are welcome to stay as long as it suits you. I know you will do well with your books and I look forward to the seventh c***d. Clara will be the next Seer, as you should know; she came because it is time to complete her training. My younger s****r has been helping me with my work, but she did not have the gift."

She continued, "I know that you will be working many hours each day and that you may keep a late schedule to utilize the cool hours of the night, but I will impose three permanent restrictions on you, and will not charge you any fees as I usually do to others. You must eat the cooked lunches with the rest of the household, in the dining room; it is served at one o'clock, you might remember. You must not work on Sunday, as it is the Sabbath, God's day of rest. You will take at least three contiguous nights and days off every month beginning on the day of the new moon's eve and entertain with Clara, myself and other guests of this house. Furthermore, it is my hope that you love us much more often than that, but I will not require that of course.""

Naturally, I found these restrictions odd as they were exclusive to me, and the talk of seven c***dren confusing, but inexplicably reassuring as the pattern of my earlier life was repeating without the turmoil that comes with d**gs and addiction. It was like being held close by one's mother and felt loving and comforting to be known with such clarity and conviction that one will fit so well into the pattern.

When shown my second floor room, Eugenia rapidly glided past me and closed the door behind us. Indicating to me that I had years of loving to make up to her; she removed her dress, and offered her body to me. We kissed, cuddled, made love, and enjoyed oral and anal sex together for three hours. Finally, Clara came in already nude, to tell us that the staff was awaiting us in the common room in the appropriate absence of garments, nude like herself. Before we left, Clara requested that I briefly couple with her before descending with the reigning Seer caught on my love hook by her behind. Therefore I happily obliged to fill Clara's depilated channel with my ejaculate before returning the rigid instrument to Eugenia's bottom. With Eugenia fixed upon my erection once more, I carried her in the wake of Clara's joyfully bouncy ass, down into the common room where the new staff of Changelings greeted us with applause, kisses, embraces and welcomes.

Once we were all comfortably seated at the large dining table, Eugenia spoke to me whilst announcing to her satisfied staff, "Your faith has guided you well this far, keep it close to you always and much more than what has been foretold will grace you in this life. Always follow your nose." I closed my eyes as her hand disappeared under the table to caress me while we ate. Seated between the new and the old Seers, I was soon distracted from eating my delicious dinner by their relentless desirous caressing interrupted by short bursts of fellatio from one or the other during the meal. It took us nearly two hours to finish our dinner. The housekeeper, the cook, and the grounds keeper at the time, each requested to straddle my penetrative tool while still having dinner. Each of the five females had her version of first round fun during the dinner without guests. After eating, we resumed our fornications and sodomy in the common room where we all drank more of the delicate wines the Seer kept in the cellar.

By nightfall, Eugenia and the cook returned with me to my room. After hearing the sound of a curtain pull while I was impaled in the round bottomed, black haired mulatto's jutting plump reproductive organ, I turned with her, on the ball of one foot and found myself looking out over the beach onto the open Pacific Ocean with its cold rolling waves and a light evening breeze cooling my face as I continued copulating with her over the window sill.

On either side of the window were two wooden shutters. The inside shutter was inlaid with carved cylindrical posts forming spaced slats like the banister of a staircase. The outer shutter was solid with raised panels to the outside. Both sets of shutters were anchored to the wall on its respective sides, with a hook and eye clasp.

The room was square, with a high ceiling, smooth white concrete finished walls, and ceiling, terracotta tiled flooring, and about fifteen feet of length on each side. Before the window stood a wooden table, with a matching chair and two lamps. To the right was a sink, in the corner with a small mirror above and a hamper below. On the opposite wall, behind where the open door would stand, lay a smooth solid wood platform on legs, with a soft mattress dressed with thin linen sheets and pillows. The matching wood dresser and wardrobe stood side by side to the left of the window. I had never expected to live in such a setting, but it had been a wonderful start all those years ago.

It was now very late in the night, close to closing and the young Esmeralda came to sit with me as her shift came to a close. With her warm hand shifting up and down my thigh with anticipation, she asked me if I would follow her to the cellar. Having consented, I collected my coat and hat from the seat, put away my pipe, waved an energetic thank you to Joel behind the bar, and dropped two bills of five hundred pesos on the table next to the ashtray for Esmeralda to collect later. As I set off in her supplicating, fragrant wake to the little dark cellar full of barrels where she always felt comfortable mating with me, I watched her raising her skirt to reveal her bare, lush cheeks as she descended the steep stairs ahead of me. Following an hour of coitus during which she suffered through her thrashing, but silent orgasms that left her delirious for a few moment, we kissed passionately before uncoupling for the final time that day.

It was a quarter to midnight by the time we emerged back into the empty bar so she could let me out to the street. I took the same path I had been shown, sixty-one years earlier by an intoxicatingly beautiful Eugenia Seer with tattooed henna on her delicate little hands, and which I had followed monthly for the last thirty-five each month just before the new moon. It was a typically warm night with mild humidity and a temperature of roughly 85° F, with a light gusty breeze. With my light duster that I carried for the infrequent eventuality of rain, I strolled down to the back gate at the mouth of the orchard that had replaced a series of sparsely populated old buildings I had purchased and had unmade years earlier for the benefit of my lovely Seers.

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very good is there a part 4 ???