Mayan Sun - Growing Up – Chapter 2

Mayan Sun
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Growing Up – Chapter 2

It was my fifteenth birthday before my mother found out what was going on. She walked into Ms. Alison's house unexpectedly for some reason, and found me lying on a lounge chair with my erection buried in Mrs. Norwood's bum. My cum was leaking out of her swollen vaginal lips with every bounce on my love stick as she leaned back, while Philly, who sat on my face, kissing her with difficulty. Philly was leaking her juices mixed with my earlier ejaculate, back onto my lapping tongue and open mouth, while the two women tried to kiss.

My mother totally surprised me by just stripping her skimpy work dress, kneeling before Mrs. Norwood's full, hairy groin and setting to work with her tongue on Mrs. Norwood's dripping slit because, as she told me later, she had been dying to taste and enjoy my ejaculate more regularly since the haphazard fellatio of a few years earlier. In addition to which she had wanted an excuse to have me filling her holes with it systematically for years. After she got my sodomized teacher shuddering with waves of pleasure racking her body, my own mother started using my long and thin erection to her own pleasures, giving me fellatio and impaling herself on my long, rigid projection that gave her instant orgasms as I passed immediately through her proximal cervix.

After that, everything got much more complicated. Mom started bringing her architect friends, and a male secretary they shared, over to our house in Fair Oaks, when dad was busy at the office or out on business trips or weekends. The three women would have sex with each other and with me while they made the poor secretary watch and masturbate for hours with punishment if he ejaculated, before they let him sodomize my mother who I had already sodomized at least twice in front of him.

The secretary guy was totally into being submissive and slavish to mother. She would even whip him naked some times and had his but cheeks branded with her name preceded by the words, "THE SLAVE OF." But, even though they worked together until mother retired, she never let him get in her pussy, she just teased him endlessly and made him sodomize her because he would rather have had intercourse with her. I slept with and had sex with mother every day that dad was away at night, spilling my semen in her womb and then sodomizing her. Just like Mrs. Norwood, who she began to invite over to our house regularly, mother got a thing for giving me fellatio after I was done filling her ass and bumping her cheeks apart, which made my balls slap the space between her long thin legs

I got both mum pregnant with my s****r Angel and her business partner friend April with her son Marc. Marc was caught by his supposed father, with his dick in April's slit when he was thirteen. Marc's dad, Brian, went gay after discovering that his thirteen year old had a nine and a half inch penis already, and that it pleased his mother's deep cervix much better than his very thick six inches that did not reach the cervix at all. Marc ended up sodomizing his dad and mum and got April pregnant when he was sixteen, just seven years before April became menopausal at fifty-two.

I don't know if Marc ever left home, but he got a girlfriend I had been having an affair with, that moved in with them all and had a bunch of k**s with her. I found the whole f****y all, piled together naked in the f****y room a few times, in the middle of the night, when I came to have sex with Marc's sexy, over weight, big butted girlfriend, June, and bomb shell mother April, at their house near Sunrise Mall when I visited Sacramento. When I walked in once,

April had June's first son, Corey, aged ten, erect with his pecker in her mouth. Meanwhile, Mark was pumping his huge dick into April's slushy slit slowly because Brian, his dad was licking and sucking on his swinging shaven balls. Leah, Marc's younger s****r, was administering fellatio to Brian's hairy thick dick while he licked Marc. Finding Leah's womb moist, shaven and puffy with arousal, I pulled out my hard length and put inside Leah's tight young labia for a nice long copulatory session before I started sodomizing June's gorgeous broad butt. This was quite common for them as I said which led them all to be generally happy people with comfortable lives that stayed close to each other most of their lives.

My dad never suspected a thing because he thought that mom had two lesbian friends that she made out with at work when they were not busy at her office. I had become mom's primary male sex partner by age sixteen. Since I usually came in mother's tight little bottom, I did not get her pregnant often. Sometimes, mother would even come into to my room early in the morning and ask Angel to get over to the other side of the bed for her morning cream filling. Mother wanted for me to fill her wet slit with my love stick and send her off to work with a full organ. That way she could have her slavish secretary suck her dry before her boyfriend/clients that worked for developers and the government offices in Sacramento would come to leave their design requests and payments before they offer her their variety of different feeling pricks as a tip.

What dad thought about the lesbian friends was only half-true as I found out very young. Mother had a sex party at her office that I attended when I was s*******n; I had a whole new variety of experiences that day. She turned out to be addicted to being sodomized while giving oral sex to both men and women. For the twelve hours the party raged while dad was out of town, mum had some man's dick in her bum and either a woman or man getting caressed by her mouth the entire time. Quite a number of times she was also the contented recipient of double penetration. Mom's other work friend, Mary-Beth just liked oral sex, but she would let me have sex with her sometimes if she also had another woman to have sex with simultaneously. Mary-Beth was the most lesbian and least bisexual of the three women until she was d***k, senseless, and unable to walk. Then, because she began m*****ing the many exposed rigid phalluses with her lusty mouth with random aggression, every man at the party mounted her huge round but and gagged her with their squirting love hoses to which she submitted with woeful grimaces after the third set of males had spilled their ejaculate inside her rectum and throat. While Mary-Beth had her but and mouth pumped full of every male guest's stiffness, every one of the women at the party took their turns giving Mary-Beth cunnilingus as she was penetrated, because her female ejaculate tasted so delicious after she began to be stimulated by the men, they all wanted her squirting as much as possible onto their tongues. It was principally for this consensus between the many regular attendees at these parties, that April and mother arranged to get Mary-Beth inebriated as fast as possible on their version of "jungle juice" as they called it, a revolting blend of every spirit and liqueur in the house disguised by sugary died drink mixes such as Kool-Aid.

That day of that party I was one of only two men that got to put their erections into mother's twat. I also had to please her back end three times that day while Kevin was busy pumping his eight-inch thick monster covered in popping veins deep into mother's squelching hot vagina in a double penetration that was almost as addictive for her as fellatio following sodomy. I even got to experience what I was dishing out to mum, when a big hairy guy that had just busted his balls in mother's but, put it in mine while I was coupled with April's vagina from behind. I was watching April trying to gobble two thin cocks at the same time while I pumped my rod into her belly when Brian slipped his long, thin, and well-lubricated prick into my backside in a quick and deft stroke.

That was the day that I got April pregnant with our second c***d, Leah while Marc was only a toddler. With Brian's pecker squishing my prostrate, I came harder and longer in April than I ever had before. I passed out over April's back after that, but April told me later that Brian just kept on pounding me until I woke again with a still raging hard on inside her. When I came round again, April was coming and her cervix was squeezing my love rod as mercilessly as Brian was bumping my butt. I came again and just stayed in April until the end of the party while three other guys pounded my back end and made me come in April's desirous womb three more times. I could hardly move after the four dicks in my anus, but I knew I did not want to repeat the experience that Brian had given me too often, those guys are just too rough.

Leah was born nine months later and the genetic tests showed I was the father. Mother never told dad, he went to the grave without a clue that any of it happened. Dad even thought that Angel was his daughter, born a month premature since he had been away on the month that I got mother pregnant. Angel knew somehow, maybe mum told her, I don't know. She used to watch me having sex with mother and her friends from the upstairs landing when I was home from college since we usually did it either in the f****y room or in the kitchen.

Angel was giving me fellatio by the time she was eight, but she had been showering with me, playing with my penis, and sl**ping in my bed when visiting since she was five, when mum sent her to live with me in the Bay Area. She said that mum and dad slept together, and that mum and I slept together when dad was out and I was home, so she wanted to sl**p with me when mum was in bed with dad. I resisted for a few weeks, but mum told me to keep my s****r happy so that dad did not find out from her, and sent her to me. Angel started riding my stiff third leg on her ninth birthday.

The same year of the orgy before my eighteenth birthday, I moved out to go to college at Menlo College in Atherton. It took me about five years to complete my undergraduate, taking my time to have plenty of sex and keep the women happy with a light course load. On the weekends at first, mother would come to visit me with little Angel, from Friday to Sunday to ride my stiff rod and that of my very lucky room-mate, Craig. Later on, she would come to the flat she had gotten for me to live in with Angel when I was at Stanford, so that I could satisfy her lusts.

Angel was so keen on me as a little girl, before moving in with me at five that she even came with me on my spring break trip to the Seer when I was twenty. While I was there, little Angel watched me having sex countless times and was also present when Eugenia did the binding ceremony where she opened my scrotal sack and put a stimulating salve inside before adding the amulet and suturing my balls shut again. Eugenia told us that after I came and had a house, I would get Angel a son. The year after I moved to Mexico and bought the house in El Cien, Angel got sent down to me just before turning nine. We started having sex on her birthday because she really wanted that and nothing else. Because I had so much sex with Angel after I moved to El Cien, I got her pregnant at eleven. I made Angel pregnant with a son just as Eugenia had expected. It was unfortunate though, but the ever-weak Angel died from complications during the premature birth of the boy who also died two days later. She was buried in Todos Santos with her baby by Eugenia, Flores-Luz, and me.

Mum was very distraught and retired soon after Angel's death. Under pretence of moving out alone to recover on her own from her loss, mother moved into a lovely house with her new girlfriend Betsy a busty, very curvy mulatto with an absolutely beautiful ass and long wavy golden brown hair on her head and a fine fuzz all over her perfectly proportioned body. Their enormous house was across the town from mine. Mother had my penile services satisfying her ass, and that of Betsy every night of the week and the entire weekend in the first years Anna-Maria worked for me. Most of her women friends she brought over were post-menopausal, but they still got me to impregnate l****a, a thirty two year old African American beauty on vacation and Stephanie, a s*******n-year-old brunette freshman, during her spring break in Cabo.

During the weekdays, they would let me work undisturbed on my books until the late night, but Betsy insisted on my sl**ping in their bed with her. That way, she said, she could have my hard phallus please her while I slept. I got to sl**ping very heavily in that period and keeping my erection through my sl**p. I woke up many mornings with my tool either deep in Betsy's vagina or her mouth. Some times, mother or Betsy would manage to suck me in through their anal sphincter while I slept, a very challenging manoeuvre. Then I would wake up with either a big round dark butt, or a tight pale ass milking me hard as they rose and fell on my love stick by the wakeup methods that Anna-Maria developed later. It had been those antics that had gotten the ring with straps fitted to the bedroom ceiling in both houses.

Dad died from a heart attack the next year while at work at fifty-eight. I suspect the man just did not have enough fun to counter all the stupid stress in his suburban life. Mum came back with Betsy, to live together in Sacramento again before I started my long affair with Anna-Maria, my housekeeper. Unfortunately, for mother and Betsy, mother obtained a second girlfriend that lived with them, Anne. Anne was very jealous and possessive of mother, but she had the habit of drinking herself d***k when she was frustrated, bored, or at home while not doing any work or having sex.

Mum got good at keeping Anne frustrated and d***k while she was busy with her lovers, eventually though, Anne got the three started using Cannabis, which led to mum and Anne using Methamphetamines later. This resulted in mum keeping Anne with her, in her flat a lot of the time, in a d***ken stupor and high. Somehow, mum also got an army of horny arse holes to come over to her place and ride Anne's and Mom's orifices until they woke up from their d***ken stupors. Betsy just moved back in with me permanently at the house in El Cien where I lived with my sex goddess Anna-Maria. Several times the hung over Anne video-phoned my home-office, nude while she got sex from one, two or three jerks that had been pounding her senseless body for hours with their flaccid dicks, to beg me to come to have sex with them. A few times Anne video-phoned in to find me with my hard prick deep inside Anna-Maria or Betsy's body, ass or mouth if she came round too late at night.

It was when mother and Anne both started using Methamphetamines and Ecstasy daily concurrently with being gang-banged by the arse holes constantly in mom's flat, that I cut off my communication lines. I kept the horny and sexy hairy mulatto, Betsy, with me to kept having sex with her plump, pear shaped, and fifty-seven year old hot body that I loved so much. Mother died of a Methamphetamine overdose the next spring while she was having sex with fifteen lacrosse players from a visiting team from LA. I found out from a hysterical Anne, who had a consort of hers' who worked at Sacramento Police Department, call me from his office so that she could talk to me. Of course, I took care of the burial, attended the funeral and memorial with Betsy and Anna-Maria, and cleaned up the mess she had left with her addiction.

I ran into Anne a few years after mother died, while buying bread on University Avenue for my hotel room while in Palo Alto for a talk on one of my books. Anne begged me to come to her new place and screw her again, but I told her I had Anna-Maria with me who would also come, and she got cold feet. That was the last time I saw Anne. I heard from my next spiritual partner, Heather, who was bi, and loved sex with Betsy too, that Anne had finally gone back to the east coast when her parents, who had discovered her habits and terrible living conditions, sent her home to Boston and put her to work as a waitress at her uncle's restaurant. Heather was the fist girl that had liked me that made me feel normal the way that Eugenia had all those years ago.

At the time we met at the main library on campus, Heather was an undergraduate in her sophomore year at Stanford. I told her over lunch at the Garage, about my thesis when I had been a student and the books that I had written. Heather was actually interested in what I was doing and came over to our hotel room that night to see what I had mentally, physically, and sexually. The cute, curvy girl with thick straight brown hair read my thesis paper, and correctly identified it as a bunch of bull that I had probably written to please the university staff. I have to admit that her perceptiveness and directness really got me interested in her. I thought I had met the right woman finally. We dated a few times when I came to the Bay Area biannually and things went really well with us. A year after we met, Heather asked me if she could move in with me, Anna-Maria and the elderly Betsy with whom she had loved making out. That was my cue to open my life to her and see how she took to the real me.

I sat her down in my hotel room while Betsy was out shopping with Anna-Maria one year, with a pitcher of ice water between us, and two glasses. I began to tell her about my life and innumerable affairs, c***dren with girls, teachers, principals, my s****r, mother, and mother's friends. I told her about Eugenia and my daughter, Clara, and how I returned monthly for my new moon ritual with the Seers. As I told the stories of my sexual adventures, how mother messed with my girlfriends and eventually died from the d**gs, Heather both recoiled and grew pale. It had been months that we had been going out and we had sex almost every day that I was in around her, Heather even came over just to have Anna-Maria and Betsy some times on her vacations from college. I thought that my story would either, turn her away or she would understand and marry me. Heather listened to the entire history from when I was only seven to the present.

She finally declared that she knew that we could never be together once I was done, but that she loved me and that she wanted to have c***dren with me. She would always be with me in spirit. She also asked me to promise her to not marry any one else so that she could be my spiritual partner. That month she stayed and had sex with me almost continually in my house at El Cien, but she would never have sex again after that for years after she left for home.

Heather had a baby boy from that month we spent together, Steven Palk. I helped Heather financially with buying her a house in Menlo-Atherton, where she was born, and sent her thousands of dollars every month as my income from the books grew after the first year. Heather and I exchanged long letters every week or two ever since she left Mexico, after I got her pregnant. It took her two years to finish her degree in financial management with the baby, after which she took a job at an car sales lot in Menlo-Atherton to show her boy that she lived a regular life even though the father did not live with them by her own choice.

I have asked her to come to Mexico and marry me for the last thirty some years, and she has always reminded me that she loves me but that we cannot be together physically. Twenty-two years ago, Heather asked me to meet her in Paris for a week together since Steve was going to be away at a business and economics summer camp for entrepreneurs in high school.

I spent a week with Heather then, and nine months later, she had our daughter Suzanne Palk. Both k**s got their mother's maiden name and I was only supposed to meet them once in their lives when they had insisted with Heather that they wanted to meet their dad. Steven met me when he was thirteen just before choosing the entrepreneurial path at which time I assured him that Fairyland would provide him assistance if he needed it, though I do not think he understood quite what I meant at the time. Suzanne met me when she was nineteen, before beginning college. Both my k**s with Heather were thankful for all the support I had given and continued to provide, and the gifts I had sent from abroad for Christmas and their birthdays. Steven had his mother's intuitive good sense to see that despite his father's inexplicable wealth and fairy charms, Fairies, even Changelings were best associated with in Fairyland and not in the ordinary life and social world that did not suit them. Suzanne pined for me for four more years when fate brought us together again and I taught the witch girl a way to reach me whenever it took her fancy.

I heard from Heather how well Steven did and how he had set up his own business with a friend from school, Martin Roper. Very many years later, I discovered that Steven had vanished without a trace from a very distraught Heather who begged me to come to Menlo-Atherton and try to find him. By the time I got the news about his disappearance, Steven had been missing for months. I came to the little town and ran into several fairy lovers I saw regularly and into the Princess of the Tellurian realm, the earth and sweet waters Fairyland realm on the North American continent that includes most of Mexico and Canada. The Princess told me that she would soon have Steven freed from the clutches of Fairy Queen Sequoia. With that news, I paid Queen Sequoia a visit at the Great Hall and had sex with her for several days and nights before returning to Heather and giving her the good news about Steven.

When I returned to Heather with the news that Steven had been released, following twelve days of rampant intercourse with Queen Sequoia, I stayed at her house on Midlefield Road, for a week. During that week, I made love to Heather every evening and night, after serving her dinner, when she returned from work at the Chevy dealership where she had been a financing and accounting manager for decades, since graduating from Stanford. Suzanne, who was a junior at Menlo College at twenty-one, spent a lot of her time at home with me that week.

She left for class at seven in the morning, before Heather was even ready for her job. Normally, Suzanne would stay at school all day at the Bowman library or the darkroom inside the student union because it was boring at home within walking distance down Encinal Avenue. But since I was there, Suzanne got to pick my brain for ideas and get the sex she wanted from ten thirty, when she got back to seven thirty, one hour before Heather came home.

Suzanne got the idea of enjoying me after she came down stairs late on the first night to get a snack and drink from the kitchen. For an hour and a half she had observed my long love bone sinking into Heather, who was doubled up in front of the fireplace with her feet over her face, moaning with rapture. From the upstairs landing, Suzanne moved closer, to the end of the kitchen. From the vantage point in the back of the kitchen, she knew she could see anything going on in the f****y room without being seen. That night she saw Heather do things she had never even known about or thought that her mother would have objected to. Suzanne had also seen that her mother had not just enjoyed herself, but asked me to repeat what pleasured her most. To Suzanne, the biggest surprise came when Heather, whilst impaled on my penis, had asked me to carry her to the telephone so that she could invite, her girlfriend, Jean, to come to her house for some good-woman-man-woman fun together.

Suzanne had hidden in the kitchen watching me sodomizing her mum for the fourth time over the love-seat, while they had waited the twenty minutes it took Jean to arrive. When the doorbell rang, Suzanne took the chance to open the door with the excuse that she had been in the kitchen getting some milk to help her sl**p. Suzanne wanted to know whom this old friend was that her mother went to visit weekly, but that she had never met. She had continued her stealthy observation from the hiding spot in the kitchen and was surprised by how automatically and easily Heather and Jean had transitioned into the two friends loving each other in a lesbian passion. Suzanne had also made a note of how I had made extensive efforts to please both women vaginally, anally, and orally while they enjoyed each other with obviously years of practice.

Of course, I was happy to oblige the attractive young woman of surprising height, at six foot one, dusty brown, wavy hair, dark brown eyes, pale white skin and delicate curves and features. She even reassured me that she would not get pregnant since she took the pill and also used an implanted barrier before insisting that I do as she asks since I was so eager to please the other women. Following the six days and night of passionate fornication with the young exquisiteness, Suzanne took to visiting me frequently at home in El Cien, sometimes even joining Anna-Maria and me while we were pleasuring each other in my office or in bed.

Suzanne would ritually take me into the shower at ten thirty, when she returned from class. After gently, and adoringly scrubbing each other clean in the shower, we would copulate in the spraying water. Following sex in the shower, she would lead me to the hot tub in the garden, where I would continue copulating with the long legged youth in various positions. In time, Suzanne would be either curled on her back on the edge of the hot tub as I penetrated her lush, deep, female organ, or lying on her stomach slung over the edge while I ploughed her moist furrow from behind while stimulating her with my hand beneath her. Once she was in either of these positions, I would eventually replace my penetrating pleasure instrument from her oozing, swollen labia to distend her tight anal sphincter. At her first anal penetration, she had a bit of sharp pain and a little bleeding at her anus, but this soon gave way to enormous pleasures as my smooth length massaged the inside of her youthful bowels as it travelled in and out of her bottom.

Like many of my lovers, Suzanne discovered that day, that even though I could make her orgasm repeatedly as my length popped through her cervix with every thrust, she could not have sex with me without ultimately wishing to be sodomized every time too. This is how her clockwork sex ritual with me would terminate all intercourse by one or one thirty at the hot tub, by which time my penis was firmly locked in her anus. I carried the tall thin Suzanne with her anus impaled on my throbbing rigidity within, with her butt bouncing gently on my hip as we walked to different parts of the house where I would continue sodomizing her in diverse positions. By the forth afternoon of my seven-day sex visit, Suzanne was trying to work out with me how she could have me again after I left. It was her suggestion that I pull out while I thought of a solution, so she could enjoy some fellatio the way that Jean had on that first nigh, before I go back into her anus and poke about in her hot bowels again.

During the half hour, that Suzanne pleased us both with the fellatio of the love rod that had been and promptly returned to her narrow, tight ass, I told her she would be able to travel to Mexico to see me very easily using the Fairy gateways that I would show her before dawn. I explained to her how these time-space gaps exist all over the place and that with desire alone, she could fall into them, and be taken wherever she wanted to go in the world. I resumed sodomizing her. By Six thirty in the evening, I had Suzanne lying over the solid oak kitchen table while I sodomized her still. From them on I would stop thrusting my erect protuberance buried in her rectum so that Suzanne could more or less stand with me in her, which was very tight. For the half hour that I was still hidden on the other side of her glowing butt cheeks, she would peal the vegetables, and chop the meat and vegetables that I would make for dinner that evening.

At seven, I would begin to cook while standing askew by the stove while Suzanne continued enjoying my sodomizing tool orally that had pleasured her so much that day. At the sound of the clock at eight, Suzanne fetched our clothes. We dressed in the kitchen while I tended to the dinner and left my projecting penis with the baby soft shaved testicles outside the fly for her continued caresses. At precisely half past eight, Heather would pull into the garage in her grey BMW M5, and I would put my erection back inside my now closed trousers. Suzanne would disappear into her room and yell down a greeting to her mother as if she had been studying in her room just as the over worked Heather, in her demure suit came up from the garage with her briefcase.

Each day Heather discovered I had a raging hard erection in my trousers, waiting for her. Therefore, Heather would wrap her lips around the once more exposed penis and suck it while I put the finishing touches on the dinner. With the dishes ready and in the warmer, I would follow the tired manager in her suit to her expansive bedroom. We would shower together and I would lay out an alluring dress for her to eat dinner in while she dried the hair she had gotten wet while having intercourse in the shower. With the more relaxed Heather in a comfortable dress that gave me easy access to her sumptuous curvy body later, we collected Suzanne who had also showered, to have a delicious dinner.

After the late lovemaking session with Heather, she fell asl**p at one in the morning. That fourth night I put Heather to sl**p and strolled nude over to Suzanne's bedroom on the upper most floor of the big house I had bought Heather. Suzanne was asl**p, but I awoke her as I entered her upward thrust bottom. When she woke, Suzanne told me she had been dreaming of me coming in and doing exactly that, which was why she thought her rear had been in that unusual sl**ping posture. For several more hours, I sodomized the young beauty, precisely the same engagement I had been having with Heather earlier in Heather's bed. At quarter to five in the morning, we both went down to the garden, where I had once discovered to be a time-space gap that was rarely used, the reason for purchasing that specific house at any price.

I showed Suzanne how the passages worked and took her to the gateway inside my office, in the house in El Cien. Clearly, the gateway was the reason I had purchased that house as well, instead of a home closer to Todos Santos and the Seer. While we visited my house, I had intercourse with Suzanne over my writing desk. Her moans and shouts of ecstasy brought a very nervous and concerned looking new housekeeper named Paula to my office wet and naked from the shower, to investigate the unexpected noise. Embarrassed to find us in the act of love, she tried to flee to her room, but with gentle words I stopped her and had her calm down. Transfixed in a nearly hypnotic state, Paula observed my length thrusting into the young vagina of the tall woman with swaying breasts above the table. With her eyes fixed upon my travelling length, I told Paula how she never needs have shame about anything while with me. She was free to live however, it pleased her as long as her will did not cause harm or sought power over others. I asked Paula if she wanted the same treatment that Suzanne was benefiting from. Paula's immediate response was an emphatic yes, however, affirming her subconscious desires broke the charm and she fled in her restrictive conscientiousness, muttering the words no, no, no, to herself. Therefore, Suzanne and I returned very satisfied and in need of another shower, to Heather's house. We had been gone for a couple of hours at my house, but with the distorting assistance of the time-space gap, which responds to desire, on the clock at Heather's home we had been away for only a quarter of an hour.

A few days later, I returned to El Cien, Mexico by means of regular travel, air-planes, and busses instead of using the Fairy passages. Typically, I preferred to travel conventionally for various reasons. I became enormously wealthy over the years disseminating my philosophical texts and giving talks on the subject as well. Because the monetary system is useless in Fairyland and I had substantial reserves in it, I liked spreading my fortune by purchasing over priced services and products, and offering large tips and donations so that the funds would return into the flow of the system. For this reason, and also because the side effects of generosity spread so far, as soon as I could, I began to donate lavishly with deposits of funds, purchases of homes, and gifts, to the mothers who had borne me c***dren or c***dren once they struck out on their own if they wished it. The other main reason I like to travel conventionally is the same that takes me to public houses and gathering venues all over the world as I travel for business. I can meet many people as I travel and particularly women who wish an affair with Fairyland or a Changeling lover.

After having spent nearly a month visiting my lovers in the Bay Area and Sacramento, I returned home to El Cien, where Paula had been keeping my house as an extraordinarily well paid maid, living in the service section of the house. Everything was as I expected it, even the old Morgan in the drive, was clean and with its top up to keep the dust and moisture out. I had taken Paula on a few years earlier, expecting her to show more signs of desire like those I had seen upon meeting the plump, middle aged Mexican lady, but she was so well trained to manage and suppress herself that she had never let out her sexual interests in Fairyland. A series of complete lunar cycles passed before Paula showed any recognizable interest. It was noon of the day that I was to leave for Todos Santos once more, before Paula showed any signs of being sexually interested, but even then, I was not completely sure that she wanted Fairyland sex. Therefore, I donned my travelling suit and boots and left in the afternoon to catch the commuter bus on the side of the free-way while Paula was out on errands.

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