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Meeting Changelings – Chapter 1

I was seven years old when I first came to the little beach town of Todos Santos. I had come with my parents, on a cruise that took us down the Mexican coast and down the western coast of Central America. The tour bus took us from Cabo, where the ship docked for three nights, to Todos Santos in the morning before taking us into La Paz for dinner.

My independent architect mother had her own office in Orangevale where she worked with two girlfriends and had tons of affairs that dad either ignored or didn't know about. Her tall shapely body with the right curves in all the places won her many clients. More paying customers were won by the big green eyes and long dark hair with loose waves that hung over her tanned shoulder blades that were on permanent display with her tanned legs from beneath her revealing dresses. In short, her sex appeal got her lots of customers that were happy to pay her well for her designs because they could always get a lot of extra satisfaction from the meetings she held daily for their benefit.

Dad, my government administrator father, worked for the State of California in Sacramento and kept his little life simple by staying d***k all the time. My parents were absorbed with the quaint buildings and faint sense of disorder in the little town of Todos Santos because they were out of their skulls as usual. Mum took prescription amphetamines recreationally, thanks to the doctor who saw her in his office once every week at night, and dad was usually d***k if he was not at work. That was why they did not notice when I walked off toward the beach. I had seen a beautiful, darkly tanned Mexican blond woman in a dramatic billowing dress that had waved at me with Henna decorated hands that had actually been tattooed. But then again, they hardly ever paid me any attention, being wrapped up in the dramas of their little suburban lives and jobs in the state capital.

I had vanished, without a trace, into a beautiful two-story Spanish style house on a little lot on the edge of the beach. This was the residence of the Seer, Eugenia, with whom I spent that day and night while my parents worried about me and had the whole police department of La Paz searching for me. They had no idea were they had lost me. I could not in all honesty say that I cared at the time, but I am sorry I made a sport of torturing them for so many years now. They were trying their best to raise me well, of course, I know that now, but at the time I was glad to be rid of them for a day. They were just a couple of ordinary folks, and they just could not manage my visions of Fairyland and outbursts of magic that made unexpected things happen when I needed them. They just ignored anything too weird for them to take and reached for their d**g of choice.

I had a wonderful time with Eugenia that day and night. We sat on her beach-front porch for a few hours while we talked about magic, the sight, and sex. I asked her to let me sit on her lap because I wanted to feel her and be felt, I was kind of sexually hot for her, but at first I thought I liked her like a neat aunt or older cousin. Eventually Eugenia started touching me with her hand inside my pants while I played the baby and suckled on her large, tanned, and soft breasts.

It was the first time that I had gotten an erection; she even got me to cum while I sat on her lap. With my cum all over the front of her dress, she simply took it off with no fuss at all. I learned later that this happened every few day with her, but usually with men, not boys. Then we had dinner with her staff, everyone nude. It was a strange day with no other guests, but I only found out this was unusual years later. I sat between Eugenia and Flores-Luz, the housekeeper at the time, and across from Norma, the fat brunette cook with dark, wavy locks on her head matching with the fuzzy tufts under her arms, over her cleft, and protruding from her sexy tight buns. Flores was a very dark woman with Aztec features, long dull, black hair, big sexy lips, and great big hips that gave her fabulous but cheeks.

I never felt as great as I did when I was with the women of the house of the Seer until years after when I met the witch that I wanted to, but that would not marry me. Only the Seers were witches at that house, all her staff were either Changelings or mortal Fairies. For the entire dinner, either Eugenia or Flores-Luz played with my little stiffness with a hand while they ate with the other. Some times, they both touched me. Norma jammed her foot between my legs and caressed my balls with her toes. Needless to say, I hardly ate from the dinner, but I felt fantastic from all the attention. After the dinner, Eugenia took me to her bed with the other two women and talked to me about how she wanted me to come back as often as I could for she could see that our futures were intertwined. She told me about my gifts: charm, proximal sight, perception, magnetism, and persuasion; and she taught me how to use them. During my lessons with Eugenia, Flores-Luz enjoyed herself on my stiff little erection that she kept up for over an hour.

There were many firsts for me that night. Both Eugenia and her housekeeper gave me fellatio, and they taught me to push their hot buttons with my hands, tongue, and lips. I spilled my seed inside Flores-Luz's hot, swollen lips for the first time then too. This set me up well to please many girls later in my adolescent years, particularly as my length grew. Unfortunately, this also set my expectations so high that only older women could really satisfy me for years, even though there was a steady steam of girls close to my age ready to impale themselves on my attentive prick in the name of their education. This led to many strange affairs after I came back to school in Sacramento, which I will get into later. Eugenia even introduced my young erection to her accepting, beautiful, compact bottom that gave me an unexpected, lasting passion for sodomy that both shocked many of my lovers and brought many of them untold hours of pleasures with the guarantee of no pregnancy.

In the morning, I awoke to discover Eugenia lying face down on the bed next to me with her legs curled beneath her getting another man's love in her rear. Simultaneously, Norma was laying on my other side perpendicular to my body in the exact same position as Eugenia, gobbling my once more rigid implement while both Norma and Eugenia were sodomized by what turned out to be their regular Fairy lovers. When the two Fairy men were done with their lovers' succulent behinds, I got to sodomize Norma's colossal hairy bottom, while she offered fellatio to both the lovers' spent but enduring erections. Meanwhile, Eugenia called the police department at around ten in the morning, pretending to have found me sl**ping on her porch. Within a few hours during which I continued fornicating with the three women and their two lovers, my fatigued and distressed parents arrived in a Federal Police car with a very relieved Mexican officer that spoke English. I made a great big fuss about how nice Eugenia and her staff had been feeding me and getting me warm without a mention of the real treatment, I had the pleasure of receiving. Therefore, I got my parents to donate the Seer a couple of hundred dollars as a thank you gift. The pleasant and fit young officer, who had clearly been flirting, fondling and fornicating with mother the past night, also got a big bill as a thank you before entering the house in the wake of a very flustered Flores-Luz who was following after mother, who I saw raising her skirt as she walked in ahead of the officer. Dad stayed distracted, being d***k, talking to Eugenia and me while mother had sex with the officer inside the house for about an hour. For the rest of the cruise my parents paid more attention to where I was than they ever had, even more attention than when I had come home with a concussion and a broken arm from a skate boarding accident doing a trick on the steps of the public library on I street, at age six. Mother got pregnant, I guess from the randy Mexican officer, but she miscarried after having tried some new d**g her lover doctor had given her for a new kind of high.

After resuming the cruise, and for the three years after that, I talked constantly to my parents about how much I had loved Mexico, because I had, and how much I wanted to go back to Todos Santos and Cabo. Odd things started happening more often to me after I came back to school. I started using my magic to get ideas that my teachers would like at first. My grades shot up from C's and D's when the new school year started and stayed steadily high ever after. It was strange just getting a feeling for what your teacher likes and wants. I would follow my hunches and get A's almost all the time and I hardly studied.

After a couple of year of these kinds of things, my life got even weirder. Things started with my science teacher and two girls in my science class. Ms. Alison kept me after class at the start of the year to talk to me about sex, Fairies and Changelings. She told me that she had heard from one of the Changeling women that served the Fairified Witch Seer, Eugenia of Todos Santos that I had the abilities they wanted, and I would be inducted the following summer, when my parents took me there for my eleventh birthday.

The two girls I was introduced to by her were a little older than I was, and were presented, as Tania and Vila, stunning blond, sensual twins that were also Changelings. That afternoon, Ms. Alison had me start by giving her cunnilingus and a rimming while Tania and Vila took turns on attending to each other's sexual organs orally, while one of them enjoyed me in their lips making me ever harder and longer. As it was getting late in the afternoon, Ms. Alison called my parents from her desk while Tania lapped at her moist, puffy labia. During the nearly half hour phone call, I was probing inside Vila's soft round freckled buttocks with my swollen erection deep in her pulsing rectum, as I watched her beautiful blond-red hair and developing freckled tits waving wildly as she convulsed with the pleasures of being sodomized.

Ms. Alison told my mother I would be having detention late for having kissed a couple of girls and disturbing the class repeatedly that afternoon. She even told mother to expect that I would be getting a lot of detention from then on and that I may need extra tutoring after school very soon. With Ms. Alison off the phone, Tania took the love rod that had been pleasing her twin and took it into her lips fervently, and adored it as her pursed lips travelled up and down my stiff part while I proffered Ms. Alison my oral pleasures to her glistening, aroused hollow. Ms. Alison took me to her house with the twins at quarter to six, to keep the janitorial staff from finding us. At her house I had intercourse with, and sodomized each of the three wilful females again before she took me home to a thankful, very high, and completely naked mother who was straddled acquiescently on father's semi-erect phallus while he slept off his drink. I went to my room and watched from the open door overlooking the landing above the f****y room, how Ms. Alison pushed my doped mother off my dad's thick little dick and gave her oral sex while she pushed her bottom into father's face.

In less than ten minutes, the Changeling, Ms. Alison got father to wake up to the scents of her prepared, fragrant vagina by getting mother screaming with orgasmic pleasure. My semi-conscious dad, who probably would have left the room in a jealous rage normally, mounted the surreptitious teacher's sex organ and pounded his little rod aggressively into to her fearless depths until he lost his balance and fell backwards after exploding his wild oats inside her throbbing womb. Father hit his head on the coffee table and passed out while my teacher kept mother yelling, coming and gushing onto her face in bursts, until mother also passed out on the sofa. She came upstairs to my room that night, and slept with me while my parents recovered in the f****y room. Before sunrise, she woke me to sodomize her again before stealthily leaving to return to her home.

There was always a girl or two that wanted to study with me from then on, to try to get better grades resulting from the praise that Tania and Vila circulated among the girls of the school about my abilities, which is where it all started. Of course, it would not work for most of the girls, so they would try to get me to have a relationship with them instead so that I could more directly help them with the lust, homework and to cheat on tests. This got us all in a lot of trouble with the teachers and our parents many times. Ms. Alison resigned around that time, for two years before coming back to the school, because I got her pregnant and she wanted to have the baby old enough to be babysat by some of her non-working, married Changeling friends. Tania and Vila had to meet me at the mall or park at night after Ms. Alison left so that I could keep sodomizing them in the dark alleys and inside bushes because they also had regular parents that did not understand. Eventually this got very hard and we lost touch after their parents moved away to another job out of state.

One of the girls that were trying to get better grades lied that we were having sex without ever having touched each other, when she saw no improvements. Somehow, Jenny had missed the point of the gossip as a ploy to be alone with me to have sex in fact, and instead, actually believed that I was really helping with grades. After that false allegation, I got an equivalent to solitary confinement with my lovely brunette teacher with blue eyes, Mrs. Norwood. With my knack for pleasing my young teacher with the, long thin legs, pale skin, narrow hips, tight bum and long pink nipples on her spilling over breasts, I ended up having sex with her when I was eleven. This happened shortly after having been with Eugenia again for a week that summer, while I had detention with the beautiful, bed-able, married, teacher.

I had gone back to spend a month in Cabo with my parents when I was eleven. While I was there, I got my parents to leave me with Eugenia the Seer for a week. Dad was at the hotel bar almost all the time until he got a whore to convince him to drink with her in his room, which made his hotel bill four times higher than they had expected. My mother, had of course kept the officer's name and she spent that week in a La Paz hotel, getting laid by him and every other friend he cared to invite to her hotel room. I think she was visited by some fifty guys that week, some of whom stayed with her several times and gave her a very sore jaw and anus. Of course, mother tried to keep this up while back in Cabo, but she only got some twenty other guys to take her to their hotel rooms the next two weeks. With dad having the whore with him all day, mother had to get guys that would have their own rooms.

Every guy on the streets of Sacramento, when we returned, looked at mum with her funny walk when she would go out on errands. A few times, she even made me wait inside a store while she went to the back with the attendant or the manager to receive more hard cock pumping in her lovely butt and face.

It was great being there again that week. I participated in two ceremonial evenings, for clients of Eugenia, a ritual of the sight, and binding ceremony that made sure my future was tied to that of the house of the Seers for the rest of my life. On the first night that I was there with Eugenia, I took part in the Communing with a Village rite where I had to penetrate and ejaculate into each of the staff of the house and the one visiting woman guest that was leaving in the morning. I spent that whole night, filling the guest with my rigid young member and loads of semen upon Eugenia's pleading. During the days, I spent all my time in bed being loved by and loving Eugenia, Norma and Flora-Luz. I learned a lot more about giving physical pleasure to adult women on that visit. I even got Eugenia pregnant with Clara the Seer in those seven nights.

My mother never suspected any of this even though with a little curiosity I got a long confession of her that had her blushing with shame while revealing all her secrets and sexual preferences. At first, she fondled my penetrative organ absent-minded as her memory reminded her of her many adventures. Later she began to masturbate it as she told about the fifty lovers that drove their manly erections into her awaiting orifices, and all her other sexual affairs. When she was done, and her flowing arousal had dampened her skirt, mother remarked on my not having ejaculated yet before she started pleasuring it with her juicy, plump lips. She did have me coat her mouth and throat with my viscous white ejaculate, making her longing for of having it again, but she stopped herself before she implanted the remaining stiffness into her womb.

This married teacher I had countless detentions with to have sex, ended up talking my mum into having me get private tutoring with her to excel in the advanced courses she would enrol me into. I had the affair with Mrs. Norwood for years with that pretence of visiting, her house at first, three times a week. Eventually, when Ms. Alison came back to the school, she joined Mrs. Norwood in tutoring me. She arranged to have the continual intercourse and sodomy sessions with the teachers and schoolgirls moved to her house both because she was single, unlike the married Mrs. Norwood, and because she lived, close enough to my house, for me to come alone on my bike from home or school. This meant that I started to visit my tutors five days a week, spending many hours before school and after school satisfying their lust.

After Ms. Alison came back and we moved the orgy to her house, where Mr. Norwood would not come in unexpectedly, Mrs. Norwood started taking the pill because she got pregnant from me emptying my testicles into her plump, freckled pussy every day. She lost a bit of weight with the constant sex too since she had stopped watching TV and snacking after work. Mrs. Norwood even told me that because we had so much sex, her husband had started wanting to have sex with her again occasionally, and she had gotten three adult man lovers in addition too.

The postman started delivering her mail at eight thirty or nine in the mornings on her days off from school, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. He would come in with or without his uniform, to ride her sex and give her the spunk that his obese wife did not want any more. One of the Sacramento County Sheriffs that patrolled her neighbourhood knocked on her door one Saturday morning when he saw her changing, after the Postman had left, in her upstairs bedroom window. Since he had liked what he saw of her, and her husband was still out playing golf as usual, she invited him in to fill her twat, still frothing with the postman's spunk with even more of his thick semen. After he came in her shallow chasm while riding her from behind, Mrs. Norwood told that the Sheriff split her buns with his organ and entered her joyful,practised anus with his short, but very thick hot rod and did not stop riding her rump until her husband pulled up in the driveway outside. The Sheriff got her phone number and came over after calling for the best time, to pound his lover's hairy mound and hairy crack every Friday night and Saturday afternoon when her delinquent golfer hubby was playing. The Sheriff apologized that his wife wanted his tool on Sunday morning before church, and his s*******n year old daughter wanted if all Sunday afternoon and evening, while his wife was out playing bridge with her friends.

Her last lover, the priest at her local church had her first in the confession box on a Sunday afternoon, which was usually boring for him, waiting for the confessors that never came. After she told him about all the men that were starting to love her many holes like clockwork and that had made her take the pill to keep from having countless pregnancies, he closed confessions on Sunday permanently and asked her to offer her protruding, succulent labia, and rump to his manly projection. After also penetrating her love chasm with his huge stick of punishment and plunging through her buns with his big rod, filling her with his fertile white jet, Father Mc Inness made her suck him dry and sign up for special services. Every Sunday, following the late morning banging by the Postman, after the noon service was one hour past, she was to come to his private chamber in the basement. Once she was sufficiently undressed in the lower regions, he could sanctify and purify the evils injected into her by the Sheriff and Postman.

With his insufficiently used, enormously long, and thick penis, he cleansed her by riding her womb for three hours and repeating the treatment with her infected bum for another three hours. Once he had completed the six-hour, exorcism with his massive rod and large hairy balls slapping her thighs from behind all six-hours, Mrs. Norwood told me that she had to offer him fellatio until he came in a hot flood that shot down her throat, feeding her hunger for male seed. That took her nearly another hour, some times longer. Since her husband went to the bars with his friends on Sunday after also going to church with them, it was great to get the extra attention and to eat so much tasty semen. Mrs. Norwood said that she loved sucking a cock that was still hard after having been travelling through her cervix and sphincter for a long time fist. She also hoped that she would be able to get the same treatment from her husband's gang of golf, church, and bar buddies some time soon, maybe at her house when they all came over d***k to watch porn flicks on-line one Sunday night. I warned her she was getting addicted then, but to deaf ears.

There was another, of many girls, Wendy, which wanted to study with me, who was in the advanced program Mrs. Norwood had enrolled me into. However, with the false allegation credited to me by the foolish Jennifer, the teachers and parents were suspicious. Mrs. Norwood arranged to supervise our study sessions at Ms. Alison's house since I went over to her house for supposed tutoring any way. The supposition was that with two teachers watching, there was no risk left. I still don't know if either teacher had anything to do with it or not, but within one week of beginning to study with me, Wendy was studying how fast she could get my implement erect and the many ways it made her feel when I put it in many different parts of her body. It was after Mrs. Norwood saw Wendy's gaping sphincter oozing creamy spunk onto the brown corduroy sofa subsequent to a deep sodomizing of Wendy, while Wendy had me plunging deep into her throat while I lay upon the sofa that ever after, the teacher had me sodomize her too specifically so she could give me fellatio afterwards.

Mrs. Norwood got a taste for oral sex with a sodomizing cock from Father Mc Inness, and did it with me, the Sheriff, and I heard years later from Ms. Alison, that she had gotten her husband's friends as weekly regulars also. Later, Mrs. Norwood enjoyed the entire Sac State football team, including the coaches, who obliged her anal to fellatio addiction as a gang-bang in the locker room at the university where she was taking continuing education. She would suck the player that had just burst his load of semen up in her bowels while the next player sodomized her to his explosive climax. She had gotten severely addicted by then, leading to nearly thirty men taking her in rapid succession several times that day.

Wendy's mum took her out of the program after we had been having sex for nine months because her grades were falling. In addition, she discovered Wendy with her ten year old, younger b*****r's phallus implanted in her anus as she bounced on his hot, inflamed, red balls joyously on a Saturday morning while the two were watching cartoons in his room. Wendy had started sl**ping in her b*****r's bed five months earlier and had been having sex with him and several of the neighbours' boys for nearly eight months. The boys had ranged from nine years to the nineteen-year-old freshman at American River College. Most of them had eventually started sodomizing her little buns too, because she wanted them in there.

The scandal in her f****y got Wendy sent to psychotherapy every week for a year while her little b*****r was sent off to a boy's only boarding school in England. I found out much later from one of my lovers, that in the West-end of London, Wendy had gotten her father to divorce her mother and live with her. She managed this by revealing to him, pictures of her mother having sex with her b*****r and the neighbour's husband at the same time while her b*****r was home for the summer vacations. Wendy got her dad to rent the two spare rooms to two college boys she like having sex with whenever she was not riding her daddy's little, thick erection. They stayed together until her father passed away, but the college boys changed every two quarter, once Wendy was tired of them.

That momentous summer for her f****y, Wendy had of course been having sex with her b*****r too, that was how she organized it with him to get the pictures taken by the neighbour's digital video-cam, to f***e the separation. The mother, who had started having sex with her son on the trip to England when she had enrolled him in the boarding school, moved to England after the divorce to keep having sex with him. It turned out that the mother had questioned her son about the sex he had been having for the entire trip from Sacramento International Airport, through all the flights, three layovers, and the train trip to the town in the Midlands, where the school was. By the end of the thirty-eight hour journey, when they had gotten to the hotel in the back of a taxi, the mum had had one breast nearly hanging out of her jacket that the driver had fondled as her body had hung over the back of his seat. With her hand on the driver's hard implement and her skirt hitched up in the back of the taxi, her ten-year-old son had administered cunnilingus that made her moan into the driver's ear.

Of course, the taxi driver had helped her with the luggage into her B&B room. Because the driver was in the room, Wendy's b*****r had watched his mum beg the driver to drive his erection that she had been feeling through his pants, into her juicy gash as she rubbed the front of his trouser in the hotel room. The driver had sex with her for a half hour or so and left after spilling his seed in her and collecting a one hundred pound tip from the horny mother. With his mother lying prone on the little bed with hot semen seeping out of her slit, the aroused eleven year old sodomized her broadly spread butt cheeks and then got her sucking him just like his s****r had done while she was delirious from the surprise and enormous sex deficit she had accumulated with her husband. He then spent most of the next three days sodomizing and having sex with his mother before entering the school housing compounds. Wendy heard about it all in letters that her b*****r sent her weekly that only increased her appetite for her father's manly flesh.

Wendy's mum ended up living in an old little English house near the school, with a retired Pub Tenant she had sex with when her little boy with the large penis was busy with learning. The Pub man had a young barmaid with whom he still had a love affair after he moved in with Wendy's mother. The mother had such a sex appetite that the barmaid came over to have sex and moved in with them to share the boy and man with the mother when she was not at work. Both women enjoyed sodomy from time to time, and enjoyed each other's bodies often as well during the long sessions with Wendy's b*****r and the Pub man.

Wendy had gotten pregnant thirteen times over the years from any one of the men that lived with her and had seven girls and three sons over the years. She never bothered to find out which college student or her dad were the fathers since she arranged for three men who got great jobs to stay with her and her ageing father after graduating. Since she had such a small pelvis and butt with a shallow vagina that any of their little dicks over five inches could push through her cervix, she loved the sex with essentially any man. She even had their friends that got brought over to the house for parties that inevitably ended with an orgy that centred about her wanton youthful womanliness.

The year after I started going to be tutored at the house of Mrs. Norwood, I ended up also having sex with the principal while I was having detention with her. Principal Bloomfield was a stout, little woman with enormous breasts and an enormously wide, shallow little pelvis and bottom atop thin little legs that she worked out with daily. She liked wearing red, purple, and pink suits with stockings and no undergarments so she could masturbate while at her office with ease. She had grey-blue eyes with very large epicanthic folds and a take me to bed expression in them. Her poker face for work faded as soon as she saw my erection stiffening when I saw her breasts through the suit jacket. I had been sent to her office by a teacher for something silly, but she wasted no time. The principal got up and locked the door to her office after ordering her secretary to not disturb her at all until notified otherwise. She offered me her gigantic bust to get me harder, removing her jacket and blouse. While adoring her provocative udders, she caused my shorts to fall to fondle my increasingly long organ. In less than twenty minutes, I was pushing the hot, purple head of my extensive erection through her popping cervix to great effect. Because I missed my afternoon tutoring that day, the principal gave me recurring detention for at least once every week ever after that.

Principal Bloomfield even got brave after six months riding my impregnating organ in her office and told my inattentive mother that I had been so bad that she wanted to continue the detentions every Friday weekly from eight in the morning to eight at night, throughout the summer at her house. For eight weeks, even after she had confirmed she was pregnant, I would meet with Principal Bloomfield in her f****y room to have sex with her while her husband was busy next to us filling the neighbour's wife with his useless baby seed. We even switched two or three time a day during those long summer Fridays, when I would pump into the newly wed neighbour's wife of twenty, a womb full with my fertile secretion. Philly, as she was called, became one of the regular young women to visit me for my services at Ms. Alison's house for years after that.

That summer Principal Bloomfield and Philly both got pregnant from my semen, because Mr. Bloomfield was actually sterile from the horrendous toxins, he had been exposed to while serving in the air f***e for twenty-eight years. The principal took a year sabbatical to have our baby and Philly, who started visiting me at tutoring, passed off her baby boy as her new husband's because she couldn't stand him. She had gotten married to her boss at the insurance office a few months prior, because he had pressured her since she started working for him at age s*******n. That was, I think, when my mother got suspicious and started asking me questions, there had now been about three or so pregnancies with women that I visited regularly.

By my thirteenth birthday I was getting tutored at Ms. Alison's house three times a week when I had sex with her and Mrs. Norwood and sodomized both her and the married bottom every time so that Mrs. Norwood could then suck my increasingly longer erection. In addition, I went to her house two other times a week when I had sex study sessions, one with Amanda and the other with Katie who did not like sodomy, but liked fellatio before I sodomized Mrs. Norwood or fornicated with either Ms. Alison or Philly. Some times Mrs. Norwood would watch me penetrating, Philly, Amanda, or Katie, over the dining table or the back of the sofa from behind the kitchen mesh screen. How the girls did not notice I do not know.

Both young girls had boyfriends on the school soccer team that they never let touch them in public before we met, but then they both started having sex with the boys after starting with me at the study sessions. I found out because they both admitted it to me when I mentioned that they smelled different and were looser than before. Once Amanda left the program, two friends of Katie's signed up, Sarah and Eileen. Both were big fleshy girls with that sexy, soft glow that the slightly overweight ranch girls get that tell you they feel wonderful bouncing both upon you or beneath you. Both girls had marvellous large buts and eye-catching boobs that were exaggerated by their eating habits on the farms they lived at in Orangevale.

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