By: V.I.Profferi
Part 03

I obediently withdrew farther into the dark upper balcony corridor with May. She placed herself in such a way that she could continue to watch and listen to the fornicating adults upon the snooker table. Using her undressed skirt as a pillow, and later as a muffle, May raised her backside only enough for my penis to reach her anus. I bowed my head to her broadening girlish rump and began to lick, kiss, and suck her anus. I held her cheeks apart and did as I was told with my face buried in her tail. With one practiced hand my s****r reached back and began vigorously masturbating. As the aroma of her succulent vulva grew I began to salivate heavily as I always did when giving cunnilingus. It made no difference at the time that I had the taste of her arse in my mouth. I salivated and lubricated her puckered rear passage and soon discovered that my tongue made repeated and easier entries. May had got me rock hard once again and I knew exactly what she was waiting for. I inserted first one, followed by two, then three digits into her rectum. Rapidly I found the pinched sphincter had been transformed into an open flower. All it needed was me to insert my proboscis to accomplish the wishes of my enchanting s****r, May. By now I had been overcome by my arousal. I plunged into her little tight arse and smacked her backside as I had learned pleased her. My sacks slapped her swollen labia and I felt her entire body clench tightly and then relax. With each stroke May clenched harder. I knew now why Aunt Hed had been grunting such a great deal. Her yelps had not been muffled precisely by Constable Lewis’s cock, despite its impressive girth.

When May and I had retreated into our room to avoid detection, when the party ended, May could not contain her ecstasy at the experience. “You are going to HAVE to do that to my arse again tonight… and as often as possible.” May was pensive for a few minutes while she put herself in position for more deep anal penetration perched upon the edge of her bed which we shared. “I am going to pay Auntie a visit with an arse full of your seed. She will hate what I have to tell her, but she will love the way I taste though.” She sniggered fiendishly and barked at me, “Put it in, I have a deal to do and no time to waste.” It only took me a few minutes of hard anal pumping listening to her slurping sphincter and smelling her gushing pussy juices to blow a huge wad of spunk up her pooper. As soon as the load was deposited May was away down the corridor in her night gown to deliver her load to the mistress of the house, Aunt Hed. I tried to listen from our room for a while, but I could only hear one muffled yelp that sounded like horror and then only silence. I lay under the covers and fell asl**p quickly waiting for May. It was dinner time before May woke me. May was not alone when she woke me though. Aunt Hed was there, kneeling beside the bed. I could see a little trace of sticky semen on her nose and on the corners of her mouth. All Aunt Hed said was, “I ordered Chinese delivery for dinner,” and she took my cock and began to suck it like a woman possessed. With her wide big lipped mouth she sucked hard like May had never done, and she licked my sack as well all the way to my arse hole. As soon as Aunt Hed had got me hard with a pulsing red cock head that dribbled pre-come she got atop me and sunk my cock into her sopping wet fanny. She smelled of old sweat, semen, and sex pheromones. Her hips were a full 48 inches and her 40 C breasts were round like melons with enormous pink nipples that flushed many shades of red as the heat within her rose and fell in cycles. Her fanny was mostly shaved and her long legs surrounded mine in a vice grip that pushed my cock and balls up atop my thighs.

When Aunt Hed kissed me, I could taste my own juices in her mouth mingled with those of May as she had sucked my semen out of May’s arse, when her tongue slid down my throat. Most of the time her breasts would envelope my face and I would have felt claustrophobic if she had not been rocking constantly. When I finally had a chance to see beyond Aunt Hed’s enormous jugs I saw May had our video camera filming from a tripod and was taking pictures with the digital camera wearing a strap-on black dildo. I never expected to have the chance to fuck my hot and sexy red headed godmother, but there I was sweating pinned beneath her with my cock buried inside her. Her cunt would periodically spurt pussy juice onto me and I felt the wetness run over my legs and collect into a pool on the mattress under my tight boy buttocks. I heard May tell Aunt Hed to turn around and suck me a bit before taking her nephew’s cock in her inveterate slutty arse when the doorbell chimed. Aunty slipped off deftly, dressed her robe and set off down the passage with a skip in her step. She returned after a few minutes, having left the food warming in the oven to resume where she had left off, sucking my cock while I watched May, behind Aunt Hed’s broad arse. My aunt’s body clenched and relaxed atop me while her face was pushed into my groin, forcing my cock into the back of her experienced throat when May thrust the dildo deep into her beautiful womanly arse. May fucked our dear aunt until she had made me shoot my wad into her hungry mouth. Auntie showed her snowball to the camera, wiped what had spilled off her chin into her mouth and swallowed with a broad smile. “Wow, Geoffrey’s cream tastes good May, that was a lovely appetiser,” said my aunt. “How about a bit of dinner then.” We got up, filthy, covered in each other’s fluids, and naked to go down to the kitchen for dinner. May did not even take off her dildo.

Part 04 coming soon.
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