From Shame to Game

Part 01
By: V.I.Profferi

I lived with my s****r at my Aunty Heather’s house since the age of nine. My parents had died in a car accident a few years before everything changed. I came home from school early with my s****r, a year older than me, one rainy afternoon. The school grounds had been partly flooded and it could be said it was bl**dy cold. The fireplace was lit and all the radiators were on. Apart from the roar of the rain everywhere, it was completely silent everywhere. That is how it seemed to us when we came scuttling into the old, narrow brick house through the garden door. Instead of going around the block to the front I had helped my s****r, with the long thin legs, blue lace panties, and blond hair to her bum, slip over the brick wall. Aunt Heather, or Hed as mum used to call her, would usually have been in the kitchen on days like this preparing pie and soup for an early dinner. She was not there, but the postman’s bag was on the kitchen table.

We were surprised, of course, but Aunt Hed was a pleasing sort of lass and she often offered cups of tea, coffee or soup to workmen and other callers to warm up with a scone or a biscuit. We had not yet learned of her taste for hot sausages and cream pies. We were not naive back then, but we had not expected what we found either. Both of us had looked at each other knowingly and grinned. Wed had both seen mum sucking the cock and balls of the postman where we used to live. May had even spied mum half perched atop the dining table once or twice with the plumber boring her out. Mum had always liked the stout and muscular labourers about the town and she had married one too. It had been after May had seen mum engaged with the plumber that she had started to change things to make her happy.

Mum and Dad had been away at a spiritual weekend getaway, wink-wink, nudge-nudge, and Alice who was the usual babysitter was spending the weekend minding us two young ones. She had been 20 years at the time and was engaged to a steel worker of 25. We both knew him and he was a congeneal sort of bloke. Ten minutes after my parents had departed that friday evening on their drive to Powys, Corky arrived with a bag full of pasties, pork pies, and black currant scones from a local bakery. Alice was in the kitchen preparing a jug full of lemon squash and another full of milk chocolate for us. Dad, as always knowing Alice surprisingly well, invited her to help herself from the crates full of larger, bitter, and stout bottles he kept in the garden shed along with a cot which he never explained what it was there for. Shortly after eating, and already showing signs of coming under the influence of the beer, Alice put us to bed early with a selection of twelve movies, all of which were supposed to have been animated c***dren’s stories.

Alice had been more befuddled than she knew and as quickly as we found one of her adult videos we slipped it into the laptop we used in our bedroom. Usually we shared the laptop to do school work, and to surf the internet. Dad had put a content blocker so that we could not see any adult content, but with a video we got to see it. It was not long before my s****r started to do what she saw and of course, I followed suit. May said, “Mum and Dad sl**p together, and they do that, “pointing at the screen. “You know Alice and Corky are doing that in Mum’s bed too.” “Come on Geoffrey, -- we sl**p in the same room together, come into my bed and stay with me.” “I don’t want to sl**p alone anymore and your bed sheets always smell anyway,” May, Mum, and Alice always complained about that even if my sheets had only been slept in one night. Alice would always say it was because I masturbated non-stop, which only made me blush. Dad always just told me not to worry about it because when I met the right girl she would like the way they smelled.

I did not know much about any of that at the time, but what I did know is that my cock was suddenly very hard and wet, and it was between Mays lips. I moaned a lot and I would buck with sudden intense spasms some times. It felt fantastic. I wanted May to never stop doing that. It was better than chocolate cake smothered in chocolate syrup. I thought for a moment that the church had to have got it wrong. Heaven had to be on earth. I just could never be this good to be dead for the rest of eternity. It did not take me long to cum. I turned my head on the edge of the bed and saw once again a woman having spunk sprayed on her face and into her gaping mouth. The blond wiped the semen of her cheeks, chin, nose, and chest and ate it all up with a hungry smile. As I watched that I started coming into May’s mouth. I guessed she liked it a lot. She gasped suddenly, lurched back and came right back down once more and kept on sucking and licking.

She was still cupping my balls in her hand when May came up for air and looked straight at me with sparkling blue eyes. For an instant I gazed into those deep blue eyes in a way that I had never before looked at May. Suddenly she was incredibly beautiful. I had never really thought any girls were beautiful. The boys and me had talked about how hot various girl were and one or two of our teachers too. Hot, sexy, cute. Looking back it all seemed silly, like a game of pretend or a pantomime. I felt hot all over as I flushed. I was on fire and God help me, I wanted May more now than I could ever have imagined it was possible to want except chocolate cake or pudding. May was vintage champagne, and I had never even tasted champagne yet. That was how I felt then, but things were sketchy and uncertain. I was hearing what May said, but I could not hear anything except for the sound of bl**d rushing and my own heart pounding in my chest. May was getting onto her hands and knees like the woman in the film. With my cock still hard and covered with May’s slobber, I got up onto my knees like the man, behind my s****r, and started looking for where to put it.

May was taller than me and her long slim thighs raised her backside high enough that the most obvious entry was clearly her hairless slit. It was puffy and wet like my cock and it opened easily, but getting inside was not as immediately obvious the first time like the bloke on the film seemed to find it. I started feeling her slit with my other hand, leaning on May’s tight little pale freckled bum. She reached back between her legs and pulled her slip open to make it easier for me. I was not ready for this and I had no idea what the hell I was doing, but oh how good that felt as I slipped inside her with her soft, fleshy, muscled fanny engulfing my girl poker within its heated cavity. I started bucking and trusting at her holding her dainty but growing hips with my hand like a rodeo rider hanging onto a wild mustang. But though this mustang mare bucked it also pushed back into my hips. May did not want me to stop riding her either. After a little while of this I came one more time. Neither of us had even thought of what doing this could produce later, so I just emptied my cream deep inside May. In a few minutes I was sound asl**p. I had dosed off embraced by my s****r with my head upon her chest as she had been telling me how happy she was to not be a virgin anymore, kissing my hair, and repeating, “I love you little b*****r,” over and over.

more stories and books at soon.
if you want to read more ask me and i will post the next part.

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very good start
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Please continue the story
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more please
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God Bless You...
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oh ya that only makes it better......;)
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