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[Story] Mother in law back again

She called me down to the house.

“Are you free for an hour?”
“I’m not up to much I guess”
“OK, give me 5 then come down”

I more or less knew this time what I’d be going for. Ever since that day I’d not stopped thinking about her, and every time we’d seen each other there were knowing looks. We both knew what had happened before; we knew we enjoyed it far too much. A taboo had most definitely been smashed and the exhilaration of the whole experience was surely something we couldn’t achieve again, but was just too hot to be forgotten, and too good not to have another go.

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[Story] Helping out my mother in law

It was an odd text message. My mother-in-law’s an unbelievable 65. At first glance she would pass for 50. Immaculately turned out, nice clothes, nice make up. So, to get the text I got was intriguing. “Help! I’m stuck”. I thought she must have either locked herself in, or been in the loft space and the ladder had slipped. She often went up there to sort things out. Whatever, she was stuck, I was the only one who was close enough to help, so ‘show some enthusiasm’ and go find out.

From the office at the bottom of the garden to the house is 20 metres. Far enough away to hear yelps o... Continue»
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