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Testimonial No.15 - Konstantin from Greece

Accommodation: D
Tight social security restricts Liz from receiving any of her clientele at home. This means you may have to spend extra money on a hotel room if you want to have a go at her and cannot take her to your own place.

The Sex Date: A
This Indonesian MILF is 35 years of age. At first sight, her eyes, mouth and well curved body attract immediate attention. She has a firm round butt and nice breasts with brown nipples. Her skin is fair and soft and she is all about sex and orgasms. Those among you who are familiar with Asian women will instantly notice that she is at least partially from Chinese origin. Liz is not as short as most of the other women in Medan. She has a friendly face and unlike most other women, who mostly look vulgar with their neon bright colored outfits, Liz is always dressed in good taste. She is polite, well mannered, modest and subservient. She has a classy metropolitan attitude. Her English is proficient and she only dates foreigners.

Conversation, General Work Attitude: B+
As far as I know Liz is a very communicative person (GFE). I already visited her more then eight times. She always makes me feel very much welcome. She answers all my questions and is open to conversation, if that is what you want. She doesn’t try to push you away when you want to screw her again even if you can see that she is already a bit tired. Totally cool chick!

Sex: A+
Lizzy loves performing good striptease showing of her tits, and spreading her pussy and ass cheeks in the most explicit ways. She behaves strictly submissive and gives a fantastic body to body massage. I had her kiss me everywhere and had her lick my clean asshole too. She sucked on my nipples while jerking me off and massaging my balls. In between cock sucking she hit herself with my dick on her cheeks and tongue while looking flirtatiously at me.

Her blowjobs can last very long and are magnificently deep and intense. I instructed her to turn around, bend down, arch her back and to allow me a close-up peek at her pink pussy and puckered little asshole. I immediately penetrated her and started fucking her pussy in an upright position. I kept pounding her phat pussy her until I almost came and then moved on into her puckered asshole. She didn't resist when I lubed her ass up and sank my cock into her Asian asshole. She moaned and groaned the whole time, begging me to cum and cumming herself several times as I reamed out her ass for at least twenty minutes. Her fully distended asshole gaped at me after I retreated. She spontaneously spread her two half moons, grabbing each asscheek with one hand spreading her buttocks and asshole open wide providing me with a rare view all the way up into her anal passage! A truly unique experience of which I immediately took mental pictures. Shortly after shye let go of her ass cheeks she let off loud farting sounds which made her giggle.

Later I took her up the shitter for a second time while she was lying flat on her back, a pillow under her hips, with her legs high up into the air, her calves pressed against my shoulders. She was bent double like a Swiss knife and had nowhere to go. Meanwhile I was pounding into her asshole again. I noticed that she tried to use her anal muscles to get me off quickly. I French kissed her continuously and also spat in her mouth. Overall, she received five loads of cum in six hours. I don’t know exactly how often she came. When she left I saw that she walked slightly queer probably because of all that hard fucking I did into her.

Rates: B+
Very reasonable priced. two hours 500.000 IDR, Six hours 750.000 IDR and a one-night-stand for 1.000 .000 IDR.I took her home so I didn’t have to pay extra for the hotel room expenses. But before the sex we went out for dinner and drank a few glasses of wine.

Working hours: C
Liz is only a part timer, highly sought after and therefore often occupied. She only makes appointments for the weekend. And only on very special occasions she is willing to have sex-dates during the workweek. Just offer her up to 25% percent extra on top of her basic fees. She is a busy little bee so it might not be easy to visit her spontaneously.

Liz is a lovely Chinese-Indonesian lady who gives you good value for money! She is HIV free, healthy and hygienic and expects you to be the same.

From Greece

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Good job K.