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Testimonial No.14 - Paolo from Brasil

It was Sunday afternoon I had just finished a couple of pints when I suddenly wanted to fuck. MILF Liz is then always a good choice. I managed to reach her on her cell phone. Great, she was still available for a date! I quickly gulped down my beer and went to the ATM to withdraw 500.000 IDR to finance another two hours of her top quality adult entertainment. Once I checked in at the Medanville hotel I short text messaged (SMS) Liz room number. While I waited for her to show up I took a quick shower to freshen myself up.

When she arrived I welcomed her with a long French kiss which was immediately followed by a very hot striptease performance. We lay down on the bed where she started sucking my dick and licking my balls like a cock starved slut. She spent about twenty minutes sucking and licking at it trying to milk me dry. I was tipsy already so it took a while. All the while she kept moaning and slurping loudly at my privates. When I finally came I splattered my cum all over her pretty face. With my fingers I worked most of it in her mouth and the sweetheart swallowed it all down. She looked a bit messy so I had her clean her face with Kleenex.

Then, I sat her on her knees with her round naked butt cheeks high up in the air so that I could freely admire her exposed genitals. I had her spread her ass cheeks with both hands so that her pussy and asshole started gaping at me after a few minutes. I instructed her to maintain this position for quite some time while I took close up photo and video shots of her with my handy-cam. Wow, she is really beautiful down there.

I inserted first one, two and later three fingers into the rubbery ring of her anus. She moaned loudly and rotated her hips clearly enjoying my anal stimulation. After several minutes of butt fingering she was able to take up to four fingers into her now fully distended asshole. I felt like a gold digger who shad struck gold. She must have had some good butt boning before to be able to take four of my big fingers up her asshole the way she did. We fucked three times. Over the course of three hours she sucked my dick three times. After the sex we had a nice conversation. She sent me home with sore testicles.

I like Liz a lot, she has an inherent refinement that I greatly appreciate and she is clearly an educated woman. Her sex dating service is the excellent mix between professionalism and personal touch.

PS: Keep on the good GFE!

From Brasil

Posted by violetgoesglobal 3 years ago
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7 months ago
1 year ago
awesome! I am going to Rio in June. I hope to be as lucky as this person!
2 years ago