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Testimonial No.17 - CL from Germany (revised)

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I first got to know about this wanton Indonesian MILF and her GFE sex dating services through a friend. She surpassed my expectations by far which is quite an achievement for a seasoned monger like me. No exaggeration Liz is very entertaining and pleasurable to be around with and she performs a hell of a good (blow, fuck) job as often as you like during the sex date. I hope you like reading my long testimonial about my GFE with her.

Before Liz and I met, we entert... Continue»
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Testimonial No.16 - John from The United States

I met Liz recently in Jakarta.

The summary

She is a really class woman, and is great value for money in all aspects. The pics here are real. In fact, if anything, she looks better in person than in the photos here.
It is important to note that she is not a “young woman” any more. She is in her early to mid- 30’s. If you are looking for a much younger woman – she would not be a great choice. Put her at the top of the MILF category, however – she is a woman and not a girl for sure.

Appearance / Attitude

Liz is a striking woman. She’s not “young and slutty” – ... Continue»
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[Story] Liz's Predicament

The words ‘your wife' rang in his ears. He hung his head in his hands as despair overwhelmed him. Nicolas had asked Mark to take his life, but Mark had merely laughed and said his life wouldn’t make up for what he owed, but his wife might be able to work it off. Almost two and a half million he had lost trading currencies with no way to pay it off, and now his newly wed Asian wife was going to pay. The fact that Mark had put him out of the way, in a prison which was a first class hotel room with two women, one Swedish, the other Korean, neither of whom spoke English, and both of whom would do ... Continue»
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Testimonial No.15 - Konstantin from Greece

Accommodation: D
Tight social security restricts Liz from receiving any of her clientele at home. This means you may have to spend extra money on a hotel room if you want to have a go at her and cannot take her to your own place.

The Sex Date: A
This Indonesian MILF is 35 years of age. At first sight, her eyes, mouth and well curved body attract immediate attention. She has a firm round butt and nice breasts with brown nipples. Her skin is fair and soft and she is all about sex and orgasms. Those among... Continue»
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Testimonial No.14 - Paolo from Brasil

It was Sunday afternoon I had just finished a couple of pints when I suddenly wanted to fuck. MILF Liz is then always a good choice. I managed to reach her on her cell phone. Great, she was still available for a date! I quickly gulped down my beer and went to the ATM to withdraw 500.000 IDR to finance another two hours of her top quality adult entertainment. Once I checked in at the Medanville hotel I short text messaged (SMS) Liz room number. While I waited for her to show up I took a quick shower to freshen myself up.

When she arrived I welcomed her with a long French kiss which was imm... Continue»
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Testimonial No.13 - Dave from Canada

Once, I also had a relationship with Liz. It lasted for about six months but after that we soon lost contact. I still like to fantasize about her when I have sex with another girl or when I am stroking my dick. So, when I found out that Liz currently lives in Medan I immediately emailed her on Damn, from what I read on this blog, she still knows how to work it! I fully agree with the comments of the previous reviewers. Women like Liz are indeed only made for sex. When Liz picked up the phone, she was pleasantly surprised. She enthusiastically agreed to meet me in h... Continue»
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Testimonial No.12 - Frank from Sweden

Liz and I go way back to 1996. When we first met, she was only twenty years old. She was very innocent and somewhat shy, but nevertheless much interested to meet up with foreigners to help improve her English speaking skill, and more… Back then she was still a university student. It was during this period that she first learned how to please a man sexually. For almost two years we maintained an off and on sexual relationship. We had sex almost every time I was in town, which was about every week, over the weekend. At first she didn’t really know how to do it well but very soon she spontaneousl... Continue»
Posted by violetgoesglobal 3 years ago

Testimonial No.11 - Ole from Denmark

Liz is a fun chick to hang out with and likes a good conversation too. Fortunately, she only works freelance, so she is not at all spoiled like most of the other girls. She has a natural, pretty face and a very sweet smile. Already my dick gets hard when I think about her. She is truly addictive.
I had already three one night stands (1.000.000 IDR per date) with her over the past three months. Believe it she is worth every cent of it. Liz likes it when you shave your balls then she will play with it a lot.

From Denmark

Posted by violetgoesglobal 3 years ago

Testimonial No.10 - Ward from Australia

Yeah, Liz is a wonderful cocksucker and radiates all sex. When I met her she wore a short skirt, tank top and sexy blue boots with high heels. She has a killer body only her ass is somewhat broader. She subserviently jerked me while she sucked my balls and dick for about an hour while I conveniently read my newspaper. I have still fantasies about training her to make her my private sex slave. She is devoted and skilled at what she does, and she really enjoys it too.

From Australia

Posted by violetgoesglobal 3 years ago

Testimonial No. 9 - Patrick from The Netherland

Liz is an amazingly good fuck, a classy whore who really puts her heart and soul into her work. I have visited her three times now and I was always completely satisfied. Especially the blow jobs and the anal sex are great! I can’t remember any other woman who can suck my dick so skillfully. Also brilliant is, how she used her sphincter to massage my engorged dick to orgasm. Her pussy is bald, tight, well trained and quite exceptional. Check it out she has a little birth mark on her clit! I must admit she is very beautiful. I cannot think of another girl that could surpass her in terms of pric... Continue»
Posted by violetgoesglobal 3 years ago

Testimonial No.8 - Sanchez from Venezuela

Last weekend I hooked up with Liz… ! Wow, that woman is one hot piece of ass! First we went out, to get to know each other a bit, ate, drank wine and started French kissing in the car. While we were on the way to my house she took out my cock and started to perform a thorough blowjob while I was at the wheel. At home I sucked her nipples, ate her pussy and fingered her deeply with three fingers. I enjoyed several incredible blowjobs over the course of the three hour period. I managed to fuck her twice in her bald pussy and did her once up the ass and mouth. Each time I finished off by shootin... Continue»
Posted by violetgoesglobal 3 years ago

Client Review No.3 - Marvin from USA

I fully agree with the views and comments given above. About her origins though, I would like to add that Liz has indeed Chinese bl**d but is otherwise a real Indonesian woman who speaks Bahasa fluently. I really don’t care if she is a half breed or not as long as she looks hot and fucks great and that she does.

From The USA

Posted by violetgoesglobal 3 years ago

Client Review No.2 - Kruger from South Africa

Liz is indeed from Chinese-Indonesian descent and a very lovely lady. I think her ass (hole) and girlish pussy are definitely her most beautiful body parts. She has an easy going attitude and is certainly capable to give you a good quality time. I have no complaints about her. To me she is a top-class sex-date.

From South Africa

Posted by violetgoesglobal 3 years ago

Client Review No.1 - Nick from Belgium

Liz runs her one-woman sex dating business independently and on the weekend only. I booked her for last Saturday.
At around 1.30 PM we met in the lobby of the Swiss Bell Hotel in Medan. At first glance she looks really sexy and behaves like a true pro; especially the way she joined me into the bathroom to make sure that I cleaned myself properly. Anyway, once on the king size bed I told her what my wishes were. She wasted no time and started to perform her trade. She is relaxed, funny and sweet and extremely good at sucking cock. She really proved to be an incredibly nice (butt) fuck toy!
... Continue»
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