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The Return of the Namelist.... :D

Namelist-entries are encrypted for the first 7 Days after Upload.
It should give you enough Time to backup the file if you like it.

Encryption will be in Twofish @CFB 256bit with a 10 to 16 Digit unique Password.
Bruteforcing this will take approximately 1-3 Years, in case you are bored.

How does it look like?
Jenna Haze = YS6eLTnOHkeq4PlZIy73z4fMJTdI5Wz5mmQ=

Passwords will be given out only to people that are long time friends or have uploads themselfs.

This one is compatible with the tool I use on my laptop, other Java... Continue»
Posted by ctoan 2 days ago

The Best of the Best in Porn

Highlighting the greatest porn stars and those trying to become the greatest. If I have missed any please let me know. These are not official rankings but to my knowledge this is where they stand so if your searching, these names will not let ya down.

For legend status 10 Years and 24 Titles Per Year seems reasonable, exceptions would be porn stars that were very active early or late in career or porn stars from back in the day when porn wasn't so mainstream.

Legendary Women (Min. 10 Years, 24 Titles Per Year)

Nina Hartley - 31 Years - 1,035 Titles

Katja Ka... Continue»
Posted by ShitJustGotReal4U 2 months ago

we think couples might enjoy this vidblog

Posted by creative13 4 days ago

Best Lesbian Video Uploaders

I may be missing some, so please if you know of anyone else who uploads lesbians videos, post them in the comments so I can add them, hope this makes it a little easier to find your lesbian fix. If your name is on this list and the content type is wrong, let me know and I'll fix it.

List Updated: 1/23/2015

Active Uploaders: 17

Occasional Uploaders: 6

In-Active Uploaders: 16

Total: 39

Names with a * are users that don't upload often or very much, this list is in no set quality order.

Name - Content Type - Profile Link

J... Continue»
Posted by ShitJustGotReal4U 1 month ago

Uploaders: Free All in 1 Video Editing

This is an updated version of my 3 previous uploaders blogs. Special thanks to Hamsterdamm ( ) for informing me of this program.

Download "Any Video Converter" ( ), as always make sure you check the boxes so you don't download any unwanted junk.

Just follow these 2 steps and it's all good. (Sorry for the small print, right click and save the image to see it at full size if you need larger print.)

Step 1: Follow the Arrows

Posted by ShitJustGotReal4U 17 days ago

Taylor Vixen

............................................. Continue»
Posted by FredoBaggins 8 months ago

Real sist3rs & twins in porn

This is a list of real sist3rs in porn for anyone that is interested in looking them up. Most of these sist3rs (especially the twins) have done some scenes together. Will continue to update

Whitney & Britney Stevens
Ava & Mia Rose
Cassidy & Krissy Lynn
Cayden & Crista Moore
Shana & Roxy Lane
Sasha & Samantha Sin
Lanny Barbie & Kimberley Franklin (half sist3rs)
Tawny & Tommie Ryden
Delilah & Daisy Strong


Cherish & Cali Marie AKA The Milton twins
Chocolate & Mocha
Taylor & Tyler Starr AKA The Potter twins
Lacey & Lyndsey Love AKA The Lov... Continue»
Posted by SCIPIMAN 2 years ago

The top MILFs / Cougars over the age of 40

A collection of MILFs/Cougars in porn, pornstars over 40 years old and going hard. Some of these ladies have been in the business for over 20 Years or have come back after taking a break. Some have run their own amateur websites for years before going pro, others are late bloomers and entered the industry at 40+ years of age. Will continue to update this list

Lisa Ann - 20+ years in porn

Lisa Ann
Born - May 9, 1972
Years active 1994 - ... Continue»
Posted by SCIPIMAN 2 years ago

M&JB's Hall of Fame 20: Iconic Lesbians

Hey gang,

Some lesbian videos go beyond hot and wettening and stiffening and deserve an iconic status. Here are some of the films we consider to be not only our favorites, but also ones that are truly memorable and classic.



1. setting: a barn, a real barn. The passion between these two is palpable and drives us crazy wild. You may have seen parts of this one elsewhere here; here is the complete film, with the two completing themselves with such energy ("Shit dude!" says C at one point) and zeal that we had to include it.

Thanks, [user]iLuvLesbiansXXX[... Continue»
Posted by creative13 8 days ago

Deleted Videos

I want this blog to be current, on top, so I copied everything and made it new. I also put the new entries on top from now on. This is the latest:

Right Fuckings 9 :
I really love making these compilations sometimes, don't know what's always so inacceptable about them ...

Right Suckings 5 - Asians, Nurse & Holiday :

Right Cummings 7 :
No more Right Cummings, Fuckings or Sucking accepted it seems. I will try to upload these features 'only for friends' next time, maybe th... Continue»
Posted by GrafPorno13 9 days ago

great Teaching video

Posted by vintage9999 10 days ago

My Ending

Hi everyone...

I'm having a hard time writing this post. How can I sum up my time here?

So, as some of you know, I'm planning on leaving this site soon.
I love this site, and I love the people I met here. Some of those people (you know who you are) I talk to often, and a very few became my true friends.
I started my crave for sex and porn at a very young age. At 13 I already sucked cocks (of students and several teachers), 14 was first full sex, when I was 16 I did my first gangbang (a lot more came after that amazing experience), at 19 my first bukkake (out of 4, and many more to come... Continue»
Posted by bbear1 18 days ago

My latest fav

Posted by vintage9999 18 days ago

Genre / Video Type Requests

If you want me to post certain types of videos, let me know. Genre only. I'll work my magic as best as possible, my genie is on holiday and only the succubus will bite.

Posted by cumworld 28 days ago


Posted by vintage9999 27 days ago

LetsTryAnal Full Movies and Scenes

LetsTryAnal Full Movies and Scenes

( full movies )

lets try anal 5

lets try anal 7

lets try anal 8

lets try anal 9

... Continue»
Posted by LetsTryAnal_FanClub 4 months ago

M&JB's Hall of Fame Entry 13: Foreplay Vi

we've tuned into these particular videos over the past week and over the holidays
for foreplay
to be honest
masturbation for both of us
both late at night and early morning

west coast

have to be quiet
other f****y members home

1. Genuinely wild lesbian grind session for lovers of tribbing lesbians from findling

2. Gals, guys will stiffen... Continue»
Posted by creative13 1 year ago

For Brandi Love Lovers

Friendly, mature, open-minded, erotic, sensual, and fun to watch:
Brandi Lovers.



----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue»
Posted by creative13 7 months ago

Veron Avlu Video Collection



[video] Continue»
Posted by creative13 1 year ago

a smattering of other videos we think you'll

Here are some other vids from other places we both think you'd like.


1. Wonderful lesbian video recommended by Jam50000
If you like non-Barbie lesbians and real squirting, this will please you. These two gals wind up using JB's favorite toy with the ever-pleasing Hitachi(look in our sex toy blog gallery, "A few of our favorite things"). Though not our preferred amateur style, the gals are really into it, are real, and they have orgasms that aren't faked. As Jam50000 advised, check out the last 5 minutes if you're in a hurry. Continue»
Posted by creative13 11 months ago

How to Watch My Wife With Other Men? A Simple Meth

You say to yourself: I want to watch my wife with other men. Although most wives prefer a monogamous relationship, many others love the swinging lifestyle. The trouble is, most women would never admit it. The aim of this article is twofold: to help you make your wife comfortable enough to admit to her sexual needs and to give you a good method of finding men for your wife.

Let us assume your wife secretly loves the idea of letting you watch her sl**p with other men. What you need to do, to help bring her out of her shell so to speak, is confess your own desires. And the best time to do so ... Continue»
Posted by nightswaps 3 months ago

Getting Started In swinging... Are You ready?

Are you ready to start a swinger lifestyle? Well I think there are a few questions you should ask yourself, then if you have answer about 80% of the questions yes, then you're ready to knock some doors down.

Question#1: Are you willing to have sexual encounters with multiple partners?

Question#2: If you are Married/attached to someone, Are they willing to have sexual encounters with others?

Question#3: If you are not easily to get jealous over another man or woman having sex with your partner,

Question#4: Do you practice safe sex? IE: condoms, birth control pills, sp... Continue»
Posted by nightswaps 6 months ago

Swingers Comun Sense and Social Courtesy

All of us want to be successful as swingers. It doesn’t
matter how often, with whom, where, or in what style we swing.
One of the nicest things about our lifestyle is that most
of us relate to each other with understanding, thoughtfulness,
and common courtesy; just as we ourselves wish to be treated.
Think C.S.A.S.C. (Common Sense and Social Courtesy).
If you employ the following suggestions or adapt them to
your own situation, you should become a welcome participant.

BE COURTEOUS - Be aware that this is a lifestyle full of insecurities,
uncertainties and fears... Continue»
Posted by nightswaps 6 months ago

tonight we watched and visited...

November 30th, 2014
..finished cleaning the house, while JB made dinner, very cold here, so have roaring fire in the stove going.
between all that, we had some "recesses/play-times". Here's what we were looking at tonight from ya'll.





* ... Continue»
Posted by creative13 1 month ago

Our Favorite Squirting Orgasms

What I love so much about JB is that she has really gotten into squirting in a big way. So much so that whenever we make love, we end up happily running to the bathroom to get a towel. We know that Xham has helped over the years.

There are squirting videos
and collectors by the thousands on xham.

there are those special ones,
ones that quicken the pulse,
and wetten and swell us
making us feel swell.

Here's our list of the better ones that have inspired and wettened us and swelled us.



1. Of course, JB tops our list. She's been wette... Continue»
Posted by creative13 10 months ago

An Excellent index of models' initials

Thank you Au_Loressi for this great work


Posted by OtOExile 4 months ago

http://www.... Continue»
Posted by sahny 1 year ago

Some hot vids which you should have to see.

Maria Rya :

After a lot of pictures and teasing vids of this Russian sweety and one of my favourite models does some great solo work : (copy and paste this link in your browser).

Two milfs doing great fingerwork :

One of my favourite mutual masturbation vids : (copy and paste this link in your browser).

Three teen gals watching porn :

surfnut placed this amazing vid. Three teenage girls watching a classic vhs porn t... Continue»
Posted by Anteros 1 month ago

My Favorite Fantasies and Turn Ons

Sometimes i feel like a broken record, answering the same questions over and over about what excites me, what i do in real life and what is just fantasy. Typically this is followed by an offer to make my fantasy a reality. While i appreciate the offer, most of my fantasies are just that, fantasies! In fact the majority of my fantasies, things that excite me and get me very wet to think about, are things that i would never want to experience in reality, with anyone (neither with my husband nor anyone else).

i am very happily married and we are 100% monogamous with each other. i am not r... Continue»
Posted by nadia877 7 months ago

My Favorite Videos

*** If you discover a link to a video that has been deleted, please let me know so i can remove the link from this blog. :-) Thanks, nadia ***

Folks often ask me, after seeing the many videos in my favorites, which ones are my absolute favorites. Obviously, i love BDSM videos (especially those with bondage in stockades or stockade like devices that immobilize the sub’s wrists out to the sides of their neck), but i also enjoy videos with gangbangs and even vanilla videos, especially those that show the male actor achieving orgasm without jerking of in the woman’s face. It is surprising to... Continue»
Posted by nadia877 8 months ago