since ive become pregnant

Since I became pregnant seven months ago I have noticed that all I think about anymore is sex and doing naughty things. The sad part is my man ran off once he found out I was pregnant. This left me horny and trying to find ways to quench my insatiable sexual appetite any way I could find. The fact that I am pregnant, and now very obviously so, limits my choices of sexual play partners quite a bit. Many guys are turned off by a pregnant woman, or frankly they just don’t want to deal with the whole thing.

I awoke one Saturday so turned on and amorous I could hardly stand it. Before getting out of bed I decided to do what had become a habit for me every morning for at least four months now. I played with my pussy and milk filled tits. I simply couldn’t get quenched when it came to sexual satisfaction. The more I masturbated the more I wanted to be fucked by a real guy. I decided this morning as I took my toys ready to fill my pussy that afterwards I was going to go out and find a hot, horny man with an even hotter cock to come home with me and fuck me all afternoon long. One way or another this day was going to be the day I finally got the fuck I had been longing for since my hormones started raging a few months ago. It seemed such a shame to waste such a wanton desire with myself only. Not that I don’t absolutely love pleasuring myself, but I was longing for something more.

Every morning it is the first thought that comes to my mind usually happening after I feel the bedspread brush against my erect nipples titillating my full breasts, or I feel the rush of bl**d on my full pussy and then my clit stands erect just ready to be stroked until I reach nirvana. This is when I always give in to the temptation, no longer able to take the delicious torture another moment. Then I slide my hand down under the sheet grazing my full tummy on the way down and begin to play with my craving cunt. I use my thumb to flick my hard clit and then slowly I thrust my next three fingers, one finger at a time, inside of my horny tunnel. It has been wet since the day I found out I was pregnant and only seems to get wetter as the days pass. My pussy will gush fluid always and has since I have been pregnant. I can even squirt when I finger myself off now too. Sometimes I take a rabbit vibe and let it tickle my clit off until I scream out in horny pleasure squirting my hot cream all over my sheets.

My tits have gotten so big that I can reach my nipples into my mouth and taste my own pre-milk as well. That really gets me amazingly hot and turned on and only serves to make me gush more and more. I had officially become a nymphomaniac and truly insatiable. I finished toying with my cunt and sucking on my tits and decided I had to have a man and fast! I couldn’t wait another day to get fucked by a hard dick. I got fixed up and wore the sexiest thing I could find being that I was seven months pregnant. It is fashionable for a pregnant chick to wear tight clothing and short skirts now so I wore a tight mini dress that showed off my belly and huge tits. Surely I could find a man that had a fetish for girls who had a bun in the oven. I decided to peruse town and go to my favorite stores and shops until I found a man that seemed enamored by me. I was just about to give up but at my last stop, while I was admiring the long Italian cucumbers, a man walked over to me obviously enjoying my adoration of the vegetables. I knew there was no time for shyness, so I decided whatever he said I would answer boldly.

“Do you enjoy the longer variety Italian ones in your salad?” The somewhat older man asked me. He was probably 52 about 20 years my senior which was an added plus in my book.

This is when I surprised even myself and replied, “I don’t know about in my salad, but I sure enjoy fucking the longer ones better.”

The look on his face and in his eyes was priceless. He looked like a cat that had just swallowed a canary. I was kind of surprised I said it too but I did, so I figured he and I should just go with the flow. We chatted there in the produce section for a bit and made the typical innuendos about the melons and other fruits and veggies that resembled the male and female anatomy, until it was apparent we both wanted to get laid extremely bad. Finally I got brave once more and blurted out.

“You want to come back to my place? I live alone and we could have tons of privacy.”

Of course the sexy near stranger said yes and off we went, him following behind my used Chevy Cavalier in his shiny new Jeep Wrangler. It was obvious we both were in this tete a tete for the hot sex, so we didn’t mince words and once inside the doorway, we attacked each other with sexual fervor like you wouldn’t believe. I knew I was horny, but boy the way I threw myself on this hot older guy kind of floored me for a few moments, but I quickly recovered and the two of us had a sex romp that would make a hooker blush.

He made it clear he had a thing for pregnant gals like me by the way he utilized his expert mouth on all of my girly bits. He nursed my tits to perfection making me go nearly insane with need. The harder he sucked the more I ground my pussy into him almost begging to be fucked.

“I’m going to make a feast out of your swollen pussy before I fuck you so hard your head will spin.” He declared and I laid back and let him eat my pussy like a starved a****l.

He licked my clit until it stood hard and tall like a miniature cock. He flicked his wet tongue across it making me shiver in ecstasy. I pushed my cunt up to his face covering him in a layer of my pre-cum. I reached over and unzipped his pants and his big cock sprung out of them like a jack in the box. It was as hard as wrought iron and ready to bang me I could see. He continued to suck and pull my red hot pussy lips until I was about to cum everywhere, and that’s when he told me to get on all fours so he could fuck me.

When he slipped his trouser snake inside of me inch by delicious inch, I thought I was going to pass out from the sheer pleasure of it. It had been so long since I’d been pounded that his 8 inch dick felt like heaven inside of me filling me up perfectly. He slapped my ass with his gargantuan balls making me cream two times in a row all over his cock. When he pulled it out, I could see my cum pooled at the base of his hot dick and that made me fuck back towards him with a f***eful passion while he thrust and banged me pushing forward. Finally I felt him stiffen like steel inside of me, and I knew he was about to unload a river in me. His dick stood erect for a few moments in my pussy, and then I could almost feel the load of seed spray inside of me washing my womb down with his cum. As he came he pinched my erect nipples until they shot milk over his fingers and I took my finger and got some off before sucking my own milk from them. I shared a lick with me and this caused me to cum once more in unison with the hot dude from the grocery store.

We fucked hard and furious until neither of us could fuck another stroke that late afternoon. We both smiled at one another extremely satisfied for a little while anyway. It just goes to show how you really never know what or who you might meet up with in a seemingly innocent pace like the produce section of your local market. Also, if you are insatiably horny there’s always someone ready and willing to bang you hard until you cover them in hot cream. That Saturday afternoon when I was so hungry for sex I thought I’d explode, remains one of the hottest sexual adventures I have ever had, and that night I slept like a baby for the first time since I had gotten pregnant.

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