To her parents, of all people. Sandy didn't lie about most things when it came to talking with her mother and father. She told her parents when she missed curfew because of a late night party where the k**s were evacuating the scene smelling of booze and pot. Sandy's parents forgave her. Sandy told her parents when she ran the f****y car into a tree by the pure accidental happening of receiving a text message while driving, replying to said text message, and doing her make-up when she was supposed to be turning. Sandy's parents forgave her again. Sandy told her parents the reason she got a D in Chemistry was because she knocked her Bunsen burner over when her teacher interrupted her nap, and it just so happened to set half the classroom ablaze. Sandy's parents forgave her even that time, at least after she stopped smelling like sulfur.

Her parents forgave their youthful brunette daughter because she was so honest with them all those times. They thought that Sandy, being head of the girl's basketball team, member of the honors society, and prom queen candidate, could never do wrong. But if she did, accidentally of course, they knew she would tell them about it immediately and honestly. To think that their little girl, though filled with teenage hormones and submerged inside the world of high school politics, would lie to them was simply impossible. It never occurred to them in the slightest.

But, Sandy HAD been lying about one little tiny thing. Well, not little... or tiny... or even one thing even. But Sandy was lying to her parents about the certain subject of her boyfriend, Clay. Her parents thought that the limit of their relationship was perpetually stuck at hand-holding in the halls and note-passing in class. How naïve they were, for Sandy and Clay engaged in more than just middle-school romance , which was fitting, you see, because they were well past that stage in more ways than one. Both were seniors in their high school, and their activities together reflected it.

No, they didn't know that their daughter regularly wore her lowest-cut tight shirts and smallest skirts just for him. No, they didn't realize that she snuck out sometimes late at night to lock lips with him at the park. No, they didn't believe that she had been giving him head after school in his car eagerly, or that he reciprocated on her with an expert tongue.

No, Sandy's parents didn't know that their daughter was so involved with her boyfriend, because she didn't tell them any of that. She reasoned that she told them about every other little thing that she did enough that she deserved a little secrecy in one aspect of her life.

Secrecy... The idea brought Sandy's hand down her panties every time. They always were so wet from thinking how bad she was being when she wrapped her lips around Clay's impressive member, or how naughty it was when his slithering tongue tasted up along her wanting slit made her whole body quiver. Sandy knew she was really lying to her parents every time she bid them goodbye in the morning with a big innocent smile on her face while those lewd, secret images flickered in front of her eyes. But that turned her on so much! And now she committed an even greater lie as she waved to her parents as they drove off on a weekend trip.

You see, Sandy had just told them her biggest lie yet. Her parents were under the impression that their perfectly innocent daughter was going to be studying all weekend, for a big Biology test was coming up, and she wanted to be completely prepared to take it, all of it. As she told them that the current chapter was describing sexual reproduction and how hard it was for her to remember the parts of male anatomy (no doubt due to her purity on such a subject), she u*********sly rubbed her thighs together.

Her mother nodded and smiled, not saying anything. On the other hand, her dad said in his jovial manner, "Heh, just make sure you don't study too much of that stuff, Sandy. It's not like it's going to be used anywhere soon."

Sandy grinned, simply saying, "Don't worry Dad, it's not like it is a hands-on lab assignment." They all laughed, even while Sandy's hand stroked up and down her leg in a great effort of resistance. She hugged her mother and father goodbye, bidding them to have a good time, because she surely would be.

Sandy watched their car pull out of the driveway. "Too slow..." she thought as her hand finally found permission to slide between her legs. As they drove off into the distance, they couldn't have seen their daughter slip down onto the couch, unbutton her tight jeans, and slip her eager hand down her smooth pink panties. Needless to say, they were soaked from her seemingly innocent dialog with her parents. True, she did have some Biology homework involving male anatomy, but school had nothing to do with it this time...

She played her fingers down either side of her wet slit meditatively as she thought of her real plans for the weekend. She and Clay had been getting increasingly bold as of late with their hormone-driven excursions. One time they were almost late to school because Sandy couldn't hear the five-minute bell over the sounds of Clay's grunts as he filled her mouth with his hot spunk. She licked her lips as she remembered the taste, rubbing her palm down the length of her slit.

Though they both loved kissing and licking and grinding, they both wanted more. No, needed more. Sandy groaned as her pussy twitched, recalling telling him that her parents wouldn't be home for the weekend. He responded with a sensual kiss and whispering all the things he was going to do to her when the weekend came while his fingers rubbed through her thin panties.

So Sandy made the plans, and they went perfectly. Her parents were gone, Clay would be there any minute, and she was already getting ready for him as her finger slid into her waiting hole. It was tight, even with her only her slender fingers inside. Though a part of her thought how impossible it would be to fit Clay's manhood into her tight virgin pussy, her lusty thoughts of his cock sliding into her hot waiting pussy turned her on even more.

Lost in her sexy thoughts, she was surprised when the doorbell rang quite suddenly. Her eyes flew open and she jerked her hand away from her slick pink pussy. Quickly she buttoned her tight jeans and got up, wondering why her parents would come back. What if they found Clay? What if they caught him and he confessed everything to them?? Her lie would be discovered, and she would be in so much trouble!!! She hurried to the door, hiding one hand behind her since it was still slick with her juices, and opened it as innocently as she could.

Just as she was ready to make up another set of half-truths, she saw who it was. Clay stood there, smiling at her. Before she could react, he already had his hands around her waist, kissing her deeply in the doorway. The sudden fear of her parents returning instantly gave way to relief, then to carnal excitement. She wrapped her arms around him, pressing her pert breasts against his chest as she kissed him back even more passionately than he began.

By the time they parted lips, Sandy dimly realized that she accidently got her feminine cum all over the back of his t-shirt. She giggled and apologized sheepishly, but Clay just chuckled and told her not to worry since he was going to cover her with his cum too. Sandy could almost feel it, and it made her weak in the knees and hot between her legs. Taking his hand, she gave him a sly, sexy look as she led him upstairs. She ended up pulling him in her excited haste. Perhaps Clay wanted to tease her by walking slowly, or wanted to raise the anticipation in both of them, or wanted to torture her with dragging out her lusty needs... Or maybe he was trying to take off his shoes, which was difficult when Sandy was tugging on his arm so urgently. In any case, it felt like an eternity had passed before they stopped. Sandy gave Clay a sexy grin which made her pussy tingle as she opened the door to her parent's room.

Within moments, they were in each other's arms, fervently kissing and tugging at each other's clothes. First Sandy tore off Clay's shirt, then Clay peeled up hers. Both garments were cast aside as Sandy pushed Clay onto her parent's king-sized bed. She went straight for his jeans, tearing them off Clay just as he unclasped her lacy bra. Sandy's whole body tingled as she saw her boyfriend's manhood pressing against the thin fabric of his boxers, knowing that it would soon take her virginity. Sandy slid her tight pants down her slender legs bit by bit. She wanted to tease, but couldn't help herself to slow down. Clad only in her small pink panties, Sandy sunk down until her eyes were level with Clay's already firm member. Her hands expertly freed it from his restricting boxers, and slowly brought her lips to its head.

Sandy loved the taste of Clay's cock. As her lips touched the head, it jerked at the sudden soft warmth, and she felt its precum glaze her tongue. Oh, how Sandy loved that feeling, a feeling that her parents thought their innocent daughter couldn't even imagine yet. Down her lips slid, surrounding Clay's manhood with a sultry wet embrace, her lust growing with her anticipation. Clay groaned loudly, Sandy's expert treatment far more intense than all those times in the car as she devoured his cock.

All the while, Sandy's hand had been busily working on her own sex, rubbing her slit through her now very wet panties. Of course she was aroused by Clay's groans and his cock twitching inside her mouth with ever breath and lick she took. But that wasn't why her pussy was so utterly soaked right now. The real reason kept running through her mind, about how she lied to her trusting parents and they believed their innocent, flawless, trustworthy daughter was busy studying from a book instead of with her tongue. She groaned as her pussy clenched beneath her roving fingers. Lying was really turning her on, and in such a naughty way.

Sandy couldn't take it anymore. Giving Clay's ridged cock one last lick, she stood up, showing off her hot ready body. Clay watched as she ran her hands down her young pert breasts and trim stomach to her obviously moist panties. He licked his lips and began forward, thinking he was about to get another taste of his oh so sweet girlfriend. But she shook her head slowly, and without taking her eyes off of his, a grin touched her lips as she pulled her panties down just as slowly. They had barely touched the ground before she was atop Clay, straddling him, her pussy dripping with lusty thoughts. Clay's hands slid up her shapely thighs to her poised hips, and remained there, waiting for her to make the move.

"This is it", Sandy thought, "the ultimate lie..." She looked down at her boyfriend's imposing manhood, so large it seemed impossible her tight virgin sex could take it all inside. That thought made her pussy quiver with want. But cum was already running down her inner thigh even now, and not because of the impending sex. Sweet, innocent Sandy was going to get fucked without her parents knowing, and on their own bed! Her chest heaved with hot heavy breaths just from this soon-to-be reality as she lowered herself onto his cock. As her wet pussy lips kissed the tip of his manhood, Sandy's sinful lust finally overcame her, and with a loud moan she thrust herself down fully.

Immediately, her moan turned into a scream, but not one of pain. As she felt her virginal barrier give way and her tight snatch was filled with Clay's hot manhood, her pussy clamped down onto his invading member and a fiery pleasure swept through her midsection. Clay, surprised to shock with Sandy's sudden motion, could only form fragments of curses and loud groans as she instantly began sliding up and down his long shaft. The just deflowered Sandy did not start slowly and with pain but fast, feeling only the burning pleasure of his cock piercing deeper and deeper into her belly....

Faster and faster she bounced atop him, her breasts shivering and quaking every time her soft ass impacted his thighs and her spread slit kissed the base of his cock. Clay hadn't recovered his senses, but his hands guided her hips, lifting her as her pussy slid up his cock, and pulling her down with a jerk before she would nearly free his cock from her velvety embrace. The bed creaked loudly, and the headboard banged rhythmically against the wall behind them with a sound that Sandy now realized was familiar late at night... Only now it was she and her boyfriend making the bed rock and protest under their fervent fucking. That turned Sandy on even more, and it reflected as her whole body contorted and waved like a flame as her hips ground and pounded into Clay's.

Sandy was fucking with abandon, ignoring how quickly Clay was breathing, or how his cock twitched inside her tight snatch, or how he looked at her and kept saying something. Sandy didn't care. Though her eyes were open, she saw nothing. She heard his words, but didn't understand them. Her mind was filled with the pleasure of her boyfriend's cock so deeply inside her, her orgasm fast building up and up. She forgot everything else, even the fact that Clay's cock was sliding in and out of her bare pussy without anything but naked skin and her juices between them.

All thoughts except one flew out of her mind. The scene of her parents coming home to ask how she had spent the weekend, and with a smile telling them that her biology studies were pretty long and hard, but she stuck with it and came out in the end. In fact, she would say eagerly, it felt so good to take in so much of the stuff in that she would study more often in the future, at every chance she got. And her parents would be none the wiser that as they hugged their daughter and said what a good girl she was that her panties would be dripping with the knowledge of how Clay fucked her long and hard, taking their daughter's virginity on the very bed where she was conceived.

Sandy cried out as her orgasm was on the very edge, and out of instinct from the very peak of her ascent, she impaled herself on Clay's member, taking in every inch of his dangerously twitching cock into her virgin body. She felt an odd feeling way at the back of her pussy, a dull impact that shook through her insides. It was the head of Clay's cock slamming against the mouth of her womb. That slight feeling pushed Sandy over the edge, and every nerve in her body exploded with pleasure. Arching her back and crying out was all she could do, and amidst her outcries she thought of how Clay would cum all over her innocent body, on her tits, in her hair, on her stomach, and how sexy it would be to lie about that she had been trying a new lotion to her mother.

She didn't even notice how Clay too had reached his climax, or how hard his cock was jerking inside her right that moment. She didn't realize what was happening, because Sandy never in fact had studied the biology section covering human reproduction like she said she was going to. Instead, Sandy moaned as a glob of hot semen jetted into her bare pussy, glazing her inner walls. Her body felt the insemination begin, and u*********sly she jutted her hips, lining up her spasming cervix with Clay's spewing cock.

With another mighty lurch, Clay injected a spray of cum directly into Sandy's unsuspecting womb, followed by another, and another, flooding her with semen. More and more hot cum filled the once innocent Sandy, and she only came harder as that new warmth spread deeply within her, pulling ever more spunk into her fertile womb.

Finally, Sandy collapsed onto Clay, her sweaty body clinging to his, breathing fast and hard, her soft breasts nestled against his chest. She looked at him, and he at her, and they gently kissed, a pleasant fuzzy feeling planted in both their heads. Sandy smiled and whispered how nice it felt to finally have him take her virginity. Clay reciprocated, saying how sexy it was that she wanted him to cum inside her.

"But wait," Sandy thought, "I didn't let him cum inside me. He couldn't, cause I'm not on the pill!"

Clay got a confused look on his face. "But, I kept asking you if you wanted me to pull out, but you just kept going..." She kept his cock twitch again inside her pussy, and more gooey warmth pumped into her body, "Aren't you on the pill, Sandy?" He asked.

"No!" Sandy panicked, quickly rolling off of her confused boyfriend and running her hands down to just below her navel as she lay on her back. Not a drop of cum resided on her lovely breasts, or in her hair, or even on her stomach, but she could feel a warm sensation slowly leaking out of her used hole. But that was only a trickle, and most of that new feeling was right below her shaking palms, spreading through her uterus.

She was about to jab her fingers inside to dig out as much as she could before it was too late, but Clay stopped her.

"Sandy! If you dig it out, it is gonna stain your parent's bed. Then they will know we fucked here..." Clay was already getting up, his cock shrinking after his primal duty was completed most successfully.

Sandy, though wishing to get the dangerous sperm out of her as soon as possible, had no choice but to keep it all inside her, or else the stain would easily be found by her parents and her lie discovered. She couldn't let her parents know she had been having unprotected sex, even if it meant keeping all that potent sperm inside her vulnerable pussy.

Clay decided to go, as Sandy was too upset to continue. He collected his clothes, suggested she take a shower, and left, wishing her luck as he went out the way he came. Sandy remained laying there on her parent's bed awhile, her mind racing while her hands shivered above her filled womb. She nonetheless made sure none of Clay's fertile cum escaped her recently deflowered pussy. Finally, after feeling all that dangerous liquid seep deeply inside her, Sandy clasped her hand over her still cummy sex and quickly sneaked over into the bathroom. As the warm water rained down onto her body from the showerhead, she shoved her fingers as deep as they could go inside her pussy. She felt the familiar smooth texture of Clay's semen along her inner walls, but as it dribbled out of her pussy down her inner thigh, she felt the warmth sloshing around even deeper inside her. It seemed as though she waited too long to get up, and all of Clay's cum had nestled snuggly inside her uterus... When it would come out, either now or in nine months, Sandy didn't know.

After realizing that the damage had been done, Sandy tried to calm her racing heart by reasoning how unlikely it was that she would get pregnant, even though her period was about two weeks ago and she had been horny as hell this particular weekend due to her timely ovulation...

"No!" Sandy thought, "I can't get pregnant, or else mom and dad will know I have been lying all along!" She sank to the ground, the water spraying onto the tops of her breasts and running down the currently smooth line of her midsection. She was still rubbing her belly back and forth, hoping that the cum residing just under her fingers wouldn't do what she knew it would be doing right now. "I won't be their innocent little girl anymore! I am gonna be their naughty daughter who got knocked up over a lie..."
Sandy's hands sunk lower, following the water down to her still willing pussy lips. "I could get knocked up over a lie. In mom and dad's bed. And they don't have to know..." Her fingers slowly invaded her occupied channel, pushing the semen still drenching her tight channel towards her filled womb. The thought of getting pregnant and hiding that from her parents was turning Sandy on even more! That would be a lie even bigger than losing her virginity! How hot would it be to play the sweet virginal daughter as her nicely flat stomach grew larger and larger without them even suspecting that their cute little daughter got knocked up on their own bed!

Sandy jerked her hips as she came on her jamming fingers, her inner walls clenched and milked her fingers just like they had for Clay's pumping cock. Her heart raced faster even than when she was fucking Clay, and she knew what she wanted. She looked at her fingers, dripping with sperm pumped from her inseminated cunt, and quickly shoved them back in...

Sandy had been lying for three months now. Again.

It was breakfast at the start of the weekend, and Sandy and her parents had been eating a nice meal of pancakes and eggs. Sandy had helped herself to quite a bit, especially the eggs. She was hungry this day, as her appetite had been growing over the past few months or so. Her parents attributed it to all the academics of the finals she just aced and the basketball championship game she just won. Just a little bit late, of course.

"If you don't stop eating so much, you'll end up getting a big belly on you," Her dad joked with a big smile.

"Don't be so mean!" Sandy's mom quipped, "Sandy deserves to eat more after all the hard work she has been through with all her studying and exercising." She turned to Sandy with a proud smile, "In fact, you can eat enough for two!"

Sandy looked up after finishing up her third helping of scrambled eggs with a smile. "Haha, right, like I would get any bigger than I am now. You two talk like I am pregnant or something." Sandy's hand, under the table, slid up and down the inside of her tingling thigh.

Her parents laughed at their daughter's clever joke, and so did Sandy. Then Sandy's mom and dad got up and hugged their daughter goodbye, telling her what a good girl she was and how proud they were of their sweet little daughter. Sandy had to lean forward to hug them, and made sure not to squeeze too tightly, as that simple act would give her new secret away. As Sandy watched them leave for another business trip, her hand slid up her thigh to her very firm tummy.

Looking down, dressed in her hoodie, no one could tell she was any different than before. But she unzipped the loose-fitting sweater and shrugged it off as she walked to the bathroom. Her thin-cotton tee-shirt was left just outside the door, and she was glad; it had been a little restricting around her growing bosom.

She looked at her body in the large mirror, admiring the form of her topless body. All her exercising had kept her body in perfect shape, fit and toned from slender shoulders to smooth calves. Her hands caressed her breasts, which had been so tender as of late. She had stopped wearing her favorite bras because they were getting too tight and uncomfortable, and being braless felt great anyway. Looking at how her once small tits had been maturing so nicely, she squeezed her nipples, and sighed as she felt a pleasant chill run through her veins. Squeezing her fingers and thumbs together, she felt the slightest bit of moisture squirt out of her extended nipples. She smiled.

But she had to turn to the side to see what aroused the most admiration out of her. She turned as her hands traveled down her slender form. For the most part, it was a straight line down with only the slightest of curves of her ribs to cross. But then, right below her belly button, her fingers stopped on the little addition she had been carrying for the last couple of months.

She rubbed her hands over her belly bump, planted there by Clay a few months before. They broke up a few days after that particular weekend where he took Sandy's virginity and gave her a little present of highly fertile sperm in return. His reason? Apparently his last girlfriend ended up getting knocked up a few months before, and he had to be responsible and take care of her. Sandy saw Clay often kissing and running his hand over her very swollen belly in the halls between classes.

But Sandy didn't care about Clay anymore. As she ran her hand over her bulging tummy, she remembered her discrete trip to the doctor where her ultrasound showed that not only was she thoroughly knocked up, but was carrying twins! It seemed that not only was Sandy ovulating that weekend, but that she was a little more fertile than usual. And while she tried desperately to hold in Clay's cum to avoid a stain, his relentless sperm seeped steadily up her fallopian tubes. And while Sandy came all over her working fingers in the shower, those eager sperm surrounded her two hapless eggs and impregnated her while she screamed in sinful ecstasy.

She watched herself rub her pregnant teenage body in the mirror, and her hand slipped down her loose-fitting sweat pants to her bare pussy. The conversation with her parents had got her so hot! Did they suspect that she really was pregnant? Morning sickness hadn't hit her very badly, but she sure was eating more and wearing loose fitting clothes rather than her usual tight-pants and shirts. And, of course, her tummy was growing bigger and bigger by the day, swelling with two babies now three months along, now almost as big as a small watermelon.

But no, Sandy's parents didn't suspect, she knew, because they still thought their darling daughter was a virgin. Sandy moaned and licked her lips as she shoved two fingers into her tight hole as she stared at her pregnant body in the mirror. They didn't suspect, because she hadn't told them about Clay, or that weekend, or her advancing pregnancy...

In fact, she had been lying about her weight gain, saying that it always happened after the basketball season was over. All the times Sandy had run to the bathroom to throw up had been quick stomach flues, and her loud moaning in the shower was because of a stubbed toe. Surely these occurrences could not be because of a horny teenage girl, recently impregnated with twins, getting off to the fact that she was still hiding her very telling lie from her none-the-wiser parents.

Sandy knew that once they found out, it would be too far along to end the pregnancy. Her fingers slammed into her pussy so hard and fast she could feel her filled womb shiver inside her. "And since mom and dad are so rich and forgiving..." Sandy thought as her mind began to cloud with impending orgasm, "They will forgive and support their poor daughter who was f***efully impregnated by a cruel stranger..."

And now Sandy was cumming again, her pussy clamping onto her fingers as they jammed deeply into her very pregnant body. Sandy didn't lie about most things to her parents, but this secret was far too hot to tell the truth about just yet. This lie was going to be far bigger than she had ever imagined, the proof growing inside her fertilized womb this very moment. She would be lying for another couple of months before her growing belly would finally tell the truth about Sandy's showing lie.

And Sandy would love every minute of it.
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