Lila studied her aching breasts in the mirror, put her hands under them and hefted them. They were noticeably bigger, and the area around her nipples was darker; her nips even seemed to be standing up more. Like most priestesses she had become pregnant during her first fertile period after being hired. They were fucked frequently by different lovers, and in addition Venus, the goddess/boss, had managed to create an atmosphere of fruitfulness in the temple that seemed to assure fertility. The requirement that priestesses give birth to at least five babies for the cult had troubled Lila at first. She had never wanted c***dren and feared becoming pregnant, but after living with so many pregnant and lactating women - some of whom gave birth every ten months - she had lost her dread, and the realization that she might be getting knocked up actually increased her enjoyment of being fucked and intensified her orgasms. Now she deliberately worked a dick for all the seed she could get. Her skill at milking for cum made her a popular lay. Early in her training her trainers discovered she had strong cunt muscles and had helped her develop her skill at using them on a dick. Maybe it helped because someone had definitely put a baby in her belly.

Lila decided she would take as many dicks as possible before telling anyone just to see what pregnant sex was like secretly. The first man she screwed that day was Bob of the big dick. Bob had first fucked her on a chaise longue by the pool. Unlike trainer Donkey Dick, who liked to show his monster off by wearing a bottomless loin cloth, Bob attempted to conceal his huge dick under a kilt like most of the men wore, so Lila didn't realize what was coming the first time he approached her. Now she knew what to expect from Bob and very much looked forward to it. She lay down on a ramp and eagerly spread her legs for him. He pulled her bandeau down and looked at her breasts. "A little preggers, are we?" he teased.

"Well, so much for keeping that a secret," she giggled.

"That bandeau and skirt won't cover you much longer," Bob observed.

He took a nipple in his mouth and teased it with his tongue. He could feel the little bumps on her areolas were bigger than the last time he had screwed her. It was one of the ways he could tell a priestess was pregnant. He bit and tugged on a breast with his mouth while one hand twisted and teased the nipple of the other and his other hand worked her cunt. She was wet between her spread legs and ready for him to mount her. He eased the tip of his big rod into her and thrust gently. She thrust back, trying to get more of him. He teased her by pulling out all the way. After a moment he pressed it against her clit and rubbed it around the inside of her sex causing her to squirm and buck her hips. He returned it to her entrance and began pressing into her a little further this time. She f***ed herself to lie still as he pulled back, but she was so horny she wanted all of it right now. Bob took his time though. He knew Lila's enjoyment would be increased if he heightened her anticipation by entering her slowly. At last he was all the way in. He did not start thrusting right away but held still, just pulsing slightly. Lila loved the full feeling of his huge cock in her cunt and began milking him. She could feel him swelling in preparation for cumming, but he pulled out again. He paused a moment, reentered her slowly, and when he hit bottom they both exploded. It was several minutes before the spasms in his dick and her pussy subsided.

Lila was surprised at how much she enjoyed being pregnant. After all the years of fearing it, taking pills, wearing diaphragms, having lovers wear rubbers or pull out it had been a relief to fuck without worrying. Since she had committed to have five babies, at first she wasn't eager to become pregnant right away, but soon she actually wanted to feel a baby growing in her belly. When a lover came in her she could feel her pussy straining to suck in his baby juice. All her lovers had been highly trained and were skillful at making women cum. They understood that the primary reason they were to cum themselves was to put a baby in a priestess, and once she had been bred the reason they were to cum was because women like to feel jiz squirting in their cunts whether they are pregnant or not.

As the months passed Lila's enjoyment of being knocked up increased. She was hornier than ever and glad she could get a good fucking whenever she needed it. She loved the look of her swelling belly and boobs. As she required larger bandeaus and skirts she waited until they barely covered her nipples and cunt before getting new ones. She shamelessly flaunted her pregnant belly and boobs. She was thrilled at the first appearance of colostrum. She held her tits and squeezed more out in front of a mirror. There was no shortage of lovers eager to suck it from her tits.

Lila's tits had been randomly sucked before and during her pregnancy, according to the whims of her lovers, but as the time drew near for her to give birth she began a regular schedule of nipple conditioning to prevent the soreness and cracking that nursing infants sometimes caused. Teams of men who were experienced at prepping nipples worked on her five times a day. Of course she would nurse the baby oftener than that at first, but the amount of stimulation and conditioning the men applied would be adequate to strengthen the tissue of her nipples.

Lila entered the nursing room which was furnished with swings and cots and stools for the trainers to sit on. Jody, who was due to give birth a few weeks before Lila, was already at work. She lay back in the swing with her knees bent and her feet in the stirrups. Her huge belly rose so high the trainers working on her breasts were nearly invisible. So was her pussy which was being thoroughly fucked by Donkey Dick. Being a priestess about to deliver, Jody could choose any one she wanted to fuck her. Dick and his thick cock were always in demand, but the nearness of her due date gave her priority.

Jody loved taking a cock so much she was considering competing in the fuck races after she delivered. There were stories about women in other places who had taken over six hundred cocks in one day, but Venus limited races in the cult to two hours. A race had been held in the ante-room to the sanctum last night. The three competitors lay on platforms built to the height of a man's dick. The racers' cunts were at the edge of the platform with their legs either hanging down or their feet beside their hips on the edge of the platform. A handler stood behind each priestess ready to hand her more lubricant or whatever she needed. Jody watched enthralled as the women took one cock after another. As soon as a lover was finished another would step up to fill a recently vacated pussy. The servants were kept busy wiping up cum. Jody came repeatedly herself as she watched and vowed she would compete some day. The winner was screwed by 75 men, and Jody was sure she could do better than that.

Lila' trainers helped her into the swing which comfortably supported her back and buns, and gave both trainers access to her nipples at the same time. Even though their sucking was supposed to be therapy of a sort she thoroughly enjoyed it. Her feet rested in stirrups that she could adjust to keep her legs spread a comfortable distance apart and make her pussy accessible for fucking while she was being nursed. Her belly had become so big that the usual positions were too difficult, and the swing made her more comfortable. She had been screwed in swings frequently the last few weeks. However today she had decided to have a dildo instead of a dick.

Before coming to the cult Lila and her boyfriend had not experimented with toys or even different sexual positions. Her sex life had been very dull, so she was eager to try new things. For the most part Venus discouraged the use of dildos and vibrators because she wanted women to experience pregnancy as often as possible and dildos couldn't make them pregnant. Cock into pussy was what Venus considered the most important method of having sex. Pregnant and menstruating women were allowed to use dildos, although Venus still preferred pregnant women to fuck cocks frequently, both for pleasure and to keep in practice. Adventurous Lila had selected a rabbit for her first orgasm, and while her nipples were being worked, Bob, whom she had chosen for today, inserted the phallus into her cunt and adjusted the rabbit ears to her clit. When he turned it on Lila came instantly. Bob laughed and replaced the toy with his own. It was a very enjoyable session with Lila cumming again and again on Bob's big dick. When the nipple work was over the two trainers took turns fucking her.

Lila gives birth

One night Lila was awakened by a cramp in her belly. She lay there a moment, and the cramp subsided. She drifted back to sl**p and was soon awakened by another cramp. This time she came wide awake, realizing labor had begun. By morning she was in full labor and the mid-wife was called. Mid-wives oversaw pregnancies and delivered the babies. They administered herbs to cope with the rare cases of morning-sickness and conducted classes in natural c***d-birth.

Lila went to the birthing room with the mid-wife where Lila was led to a birthing chair. The pains were becoming excruciating and almost constant. Lila pushed until the midwife told her to stop and neatly slid the baby out. Lila leaned back and the baby was put to her breast while the cord was cut and tied and the placenta delivered. The midwife assured her that there had been no tearing and she would be able to resume sex as soon as she felt like it.


Lila was one of the lucky priestesses who could get knocked up while nursing a baby. Long before her six months of nursing her baby herself were up she was pregnant again, and between feedings of her baby she almost always had the pleasure of having two lovers milking her tits with their mouths while her pregnant pussy was fucked by a third. Her belly swelled much sooner this time, and she looked very inviting.
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