Colada with a well endowed Dog

My name is Lucileyde'm 23 light brown eyes and short black hair. Q I will relate a story happened to me. I was always curious to see a****ls getting with women, I went ua video store and found a movie of this genre caught this movie and took go home, put on the TV and started watching our dog was so big the q was scary just looking at the size of that a****l. sena was an unforgettable, I was very mad with lust .... I have a beautiful pussy, furry with long labius and clits'm pretty excited when it gets super hard. Then I remembered our dog, always was curious about having sex with a Dog ñ but had courage as he was very horny ñ thought about it, as my husband was at work and would only arrive the night I decided to call our dog w / the room. He is a great dog and very well taken care he had a vet and was given a nice bath and a check-up ... I was very excited about the film was that sena without panties just a blouse with logo q called the dog he came wagging his tail as if he wished to tell you it is a bitch .. He already got me smelling whole I still had my legs closed when suddenly he soon felt my scent of female in CIU, I opened my legs trembling and he was half right in my pussy, my clits was incharcada was extremely hard, he started licking me stuck aspera your tongue inside me as if he wished to eat inteirinha I was crazy and I enjoyed all my fucking warm on his tongue he licked todinha ... Hmmm delight when suddenly he climbs in my cocha and start pumping half of his dick sticks out, I was very scared of that volume, but wanted to at least half of that dick inside my womb was a horny unbearable, he chumigando was crying wanting me to penetrate the excitement was wonderful. I looked right at him and was like bluza quiz ñ take p / ñ scratch my coast started getting four he already jumped on my back and started pumping fort was still standing on his rod went reguinho my ass was very hot. .... Crouched a bit and put my hands on his knees then he hit my pussy lunged his dick so strong q came all at once, resist ñ all in one tape of me and threw me on the floor with a long scream was more wonderful hurt a lot .... I stood trembling on the floor for a few minutes and the dog arrodiando chumingando me, I went to the sofa and I was on all fours on the sofa backrest so the dog came again and went up and started pumping again and right on my pussy hole and gave long strokes along with my screams of pain and pleasure as it was on the back of the sofa had ñ as he got everything out so good so strong, he metia increasingly strong and quick passing was his nails into my thighs, I felt his cock getting thicker inside me and the dog maneirou his thrusts and was only pulçando inside my pussy he breathed very strong in my ear was drooling down my neck, I felt a huge amount of cum inside my womb, I enjoyed 3 time ñ that could be more pozição, tried to get out from under him and felt there was a weight q q realized was glued to it like a real bitch, my pussy was really sore, I started crying in fear that cituação. suddenly my doorbell rings I stuck here with my dog, I went caladinha ñ meet. We were stuck for about 35 minutes when least expected he pulled his dick out of me my carpet was inudado with that amount of shit ...... was a beautiful esperiencia. Sometimes I'm here with my dog, but I'm afraid to give it practical again and get stuck with him, his dick is huge should be about 35 cm by 5 node has a 9 cm. Q q vcs think I do to enjoy him again without getting stuck in it??

77% (57/17)
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3 months ago
No comprende! Nada.
5 months ago
1 year ago
More plz - will you suck & fuck a pony?
1 year ago
Great story,
1 year ago
1 year ago
love it,no mater what others say,its sexy kool,sweetie!
2 years ago
2 years ago
google translate needs some help dude!