long night

The music in the club is roaring and the crowd is buzzing and kicking as I see a face, it's yours, bobbing your head to the beat of the bass awaiting for someone to choose you and dance with............sitting by the bar as I look at you and our eyes unite and a smile shines from your appearance. I get up and walk toward you and take hold of your hand and pull you across to the centre of the dance floor and we sway side to side as I hold your hand and place them behind your back. I grab you near to me. You whisper in my ear "what’s you name" and I say in a soft tone "does it matter" by then I twist you around and pull you close to me and we move in again side to side. You bend backwards as I hold you in my arms and your hip joins to mine pushing against my thigh as I pull you up towards me and our lips cross paths and I feel this velvety alluring taste from your lips.

You lay your head on my shoulder and ask me "you not going to ask my name" I say "no. I have no need to know, yet" you move back and look confused as I look into your eyes. Again I seize you from behind your waist and pull you adjacent to me and we move to the beat as I control your movement from the hips down. I move your hair and see your neck bare. Vein bursting absent of your neck as I come closer, kissing you gently. I hear you exhale heavily and the panic kicks in. I see you close your eyes and again place your head on my shoulder. the music comes to an end and I move a away and say to you "it was a pleasure" I kiss you a most sanative wanting kiss and walk away and leave you standing in you long white dress to the knees and your brown leather boot covering your lower part on the leg. You stand alone confused to what just happened as I walk away, you having a need to know me, a need to want me!

You go back to the table listening to your friends gossip along, thinking of me and what just happened.....how could I just come up to you and take you by the hand and speak nothing of words and dance with you, seduce you, to be able to just leave such a beautiful women on the dance floor . How could I do such a thing.....why would I do this.....the confusion just can’t make sense to the mind of many thoughts.......

As you sit there all alone and think to go home.......your friends ask for one more drink but the unwelcome thought of drinking with your friends warms the heart, mind and you say "I have to leave now"

You get up ready yourself and leave the club again thinking of what happened trying to make sense as you walk down the alley not realizing someone, something is watching you. The alley way is long and dark as you have parked you car far thinking you would be walking back with friends. The fear of darkness creeps in your heart and the panic attracts you slowly as you turn you head to see a shadow standing from behind. Your pace increases so does the shadow. As you turn around for one last look the shadow no longer is there. You carry on walking feeling the warmth of the light hitting you face and I stand from behind.

I grab your arm and push you back to the wall. You look surprised and feel huge panic to what will happen then... as my face shines under the light the rain start to fall and over us. Your fright speeds up as you’re against the wall and I see your most attractive body through the white dress. The cold rain reveals nothing else but your dark brown nipples hardening through the cotton dress. as three button undone previously to show the cleavage of your breast.......your hair wet and falls over your face as I move closer to you seeing your chest move back and forth yearning from the breathing. I touch your cold but warm skin.......I move even nearer, moving your hair from your face to see your eyes......those striking green grey eyes look into mine........you breath harder and more rapid........as I ask "what’s your name?" you say "its…it.......its……cindy! Your hands against the wall. I grab hold of them and spread them crossways to the wall and kiss your neck moving upwards towards your ear and whisper to you as I suck on your ear lobe, slut face, “I want you and need you from the time I set eye on you at the club I have wanted you like no other" I nip you ear lobe and move across to your face and kiss your forehead moving to the eyes I’m kissing the cheeks and slowly move my lips to your.........I start to kiss your lips as I’m feeling your tongue trying to drive it’s ways through into my mouth. Our hands holding tight as were kissing and our tongue entwine, our saliva being intoxicated by one another slowly. I release your hands and move my hand close your hair and pull you head back as I kiss you harder and harder as you lower your hand to my butt cheeks. My tongue feeling your upper gums as I move it inside, wiping your teeth and feeling you nibble, tasting my tongue as I bite your upper lip. I feel the panic inside you as you try to push me away but wanting me even more.....your thoughts unsure as you don’t know what to do........

My left hand moves slowly down your face as I place my hand over your neck holding it tight. Now the panic within and the passion kicks to another level as you worry about I may try to strangle you but I don’t.......I want my way with you and place my hand on your collar bone moving down to your centre of your chest. my hand moves slowly to the left as I feel your nipple trying to break free away from you cotton white dress. So fucking hard your nipple feels as a finger toys with it. I’m kissing your neck I squeeze your nipple softly and hear a moan leave your breath and I flick your nipple and hear another moan but somewhat loader. I push on you and grab your breast and pull on your nipple little by little, pulling harder pinching harder. I hear you moan out load...........and say "mmmmmmm your enjoying this" to a reply that shocked me, as you said "yes! I am" I stand back to see you stand there as the moon light hits your flawless looking body as I notice through your very wet cotton dress your nipples as hard as they can get and as I look down I see your white thong covering the one thing, my every need of having you........taking you there and then but no I shall not......I shall toy with you, play with you.......make you mine.........I come closer to you and rip the buttons dress off and look at you with astonishment.........my eyes undressing your every inch as I feel the tension in my cock.......the vein pumping to my penis erecting it to stand wanting to rip out of my trouser and fuck you hard. I feel it yearning, it needs and want, my heart beating so fast I cannot control it.........

To my surprise I see you walk towards me and say "ssssssssssshhhhhhh" as I stand there and you push me back........you cold hands and then feel my hard cock and see the shock in your eyes as you touch me and unzip my trousers. you go to your knees and unbuckle my belt to pull my trousers down and see my black boxers and slowly pull it down and my cock flicks out as you grab it in your hands......you say "I’m going to suck your hard cock baby, I want it in my mouth" as your rubbing it up and down.........I lay my head back to the wall and feel this immense warm moist feeling over my head as you place your mouth over moving up and down. Your hands softly touching my balls and squeezing them lightly and your mouth moving up and down.You place more pressure on my cock as you move upwards towards my head so it would feel like I fucking a very tight vigina. You start to move more rapidly and grab the bottom off my cock with one hand and the other my balls and rub them both vigorously...your head moving up and down, deep as I feel my head touching the bottom of your throat......I grab you head to push you deeper down and pull you out and push you down on me as I feel you chock faster and faster you start to move. I’m starting to feel the tension in my ball and feel them both tighten and feel to explode as I move my thighs pushing my cock inside your mouth.......then you pull away from me and stand up........you walk backwards and I see your body covered again by the water from the clouds covering your silk like body and dripping of your face your nipples and your inner thighs........I walk towards you and kiss you as I place my hands to your thong and pull them as you feel it’s intensity into your pussy and rubbing your clit.........again I hear a moan as you say "fuck me baby, take me now" but I have other plans..........I carry on kissing your neck and suck on your ear lobes and pull your thong harder and tighter up your tight pussy.........I gradually move my hands to your pussy and place but one finger inside your pussy and feel this advance inside you......your pussy begging me allowing my finger to fuck you........but I only place my finger to your outer lips and flick your clit asking permission for your pussy to enter it......to my surprise I feel this wet warm moist juice pour slowly out saying to me you have my (the pussy) permission to finger fuck you. I rip off your thong and I stick my index finger deep inside you and hear you scream "OHHHHHHHH MY GOSH!!!" I feel you’re getting sooooooooo very turned on! I pull out of your tight to be fucked pussy soaked of the pre-cum and place two finger back inside you and say "of baby, you like the way I fuck you with my fingers?" and you reply back "OH YES PLEASE I WANT MORE!!" I push deeper than before to hit the G spot and as I push real deep and I hear you whimper out loader then before as I move faster and faster harder and harder and deeper and deeper......with every push I touch the G spot and with every push you yell and moan to push deeper “O FUCK PLEASE, DEEPER “you say. “I CAN FEEL I'M GOING TO CUM”.

As I go down sucking on your nipple I take your whole breast in my mouth and squeeze it hard and as I pull it I come closer to your nipple and then bite the tip and feel you jump while I still finger fuck you that wet pussy. I suck harder on your breast swapping from breast to breast and roll my tongue in circular motion around your nipple and flick it and see your nipple move. Your moan getting louder and louder as you arms rise above you head and you arch your back to push you pussy forward to allow me to push even deeper. “I’m Cumming.....don’t stop......faster, faster......IM CUMMING” I feel this immeasurable tense tension as you vigina starts to squeeze so very tight while my finger inside you rubbing you G spot. “OOOOOOOOOO BABY I CUMMING NOW” you cry.......I feel the warm juice running down my finger but I don’t stop I carry on fucking you harder......I wanted to place three fingers but I know you want to be fucked eventually and wanted you to feel my vein popping thick cock.

“O honey, fuck me......I want to feel you inside me” I reply back “no” as I move closer to your cunt. I rain bucketing down your body to your pussy washing away you cum. I massage your outer lips gently and advance to your thighs while I elevate your right leg and rest it on my shoulder. I move closer and start to kiss your inner thigh softly with little bites as I move to your pussy and then lick the outer lips of the remaining cum. I remove my finger as I need to spread your pussy outer lips and fasten my tongue to the inner lining. Licking the complete outer lips in circular motions, gradually, with every touch I feel you thighs press against my head. I remove my finger and place both hands on your ass and lick you from the flat part of my tongue and push from the foot of your pussy and as I move to the interior of the pussy I dip my tongue within you and move to the crest and flick your clit. I push the posterior fourchette (bottom part of the pussy) with my tongue thrashing you, sucking you as the water runs downwards. I start to focus on your clit and stirring in circular motion with my tongue...the base of the tongue rubbing your clit as it boils red and pops out harder. A magnificent attractive looking thing as I’m licking it more rapidly and start to suck on it and tug on it and as I pull on it I feel you clutch my head and thrust me deeper into the inner thighs. I feel the inner thigh shiver as I flick your clit using but a tip of my tongue and as I come down I flick it again using the moist bottom part of my tongue........your hands squeeze on my head pulling my hair with every stimulation and push me deeper to pleasure you...............”OOOOO BABY........I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE” you cry and speak unclearly. You look into the sky and see the rain softly penetrating your mouth as you gasp for air. I start to rub faster to the clit with my tongue making your every dream of you cumming, draw closer to being true. I stick my tongue deep, hooked on your vigina fucking your vigina with my tongue, pushing as deep as I can while using my finger to rub and pinch your clit........my face is being swallowed by your pussy and as I fucking your pussy with my tongue my nose pushing deep onto you clit, suffocating myself in the juice of your vigina......I try to detach my head but you have such a grasp of me that I am unable to do so and as I was chocking just like when I fucked your throat I feel that same tension inside as I your fucking my face.......again I hear you screech “I AMMMMMMM CUMMING” and feel you shove my head in deeper and hard into your inner thigh......your legs are quivering as you feel this insane f***e build up from inside and merging toward your vigina and f***e its way out of your pussy against my face and my mouth drinking the warm/ cold sweet liquid mixed with the rain and drooling down the side of my mouth........your body moving in disbelief, back and forth “O MY GOSH, OOOOOOOOOoooooooooo my gosh”

I move away from you inner thighs and look up into the clouds and let the rain wash away the cum from the side of my face as I stand up toward you and see you eyes closed.....I kiss you and bite your upper lip as I move my hand down from the neck toward the centre of your chest. Moving slowly to the bully button as I pull away on your belly button jewellery and slowly down to my cock. I grab my long awaiting craving cock and stroke your hot pussy. Not poking it yet as you say “please fuck me, now! I need you baby” and I say “baby, you feel sooo good, oooooo baaaby your pussy feel sooooooo good” as I massage up and down your pussy poking where I hit the clit on the slit of my head.........poking the clit, rubbing it....something you have never felt before using my length to rub up you .....faster and faster I move up and down you as I hold my head and push it to your outer lips you only feel a slight spread but then I push in deep, hard and hear you screech out “fuccccccccccccck yes, o shit!” you say “your sooooooooo thick” you try to push me back as you’re not able to take it but I won’t allow you too. I push harder and faster as there is no time for being gentle.......to be rough and fuck you as hard as I can was a dream of mine.........so by now I grind your wet pussy and hear you scream out, screams as your one leg is f***ed upon my chest so that I can pierce you further.....fucking you like an a****l on steroids.......I roar out load with every push I f***e on you......your screaming again that you’re about to cum again.......but this time I don’t stop........screaming at me thrashing me to stop as this severe pleasure from being fucked like this for the first time and you G spot and clit being penetrated at the same time. This pressure building up and your vigina tightening again make the whole feeling of my thick vein popping dick feel you like a virgin about to explode......”no stopping me now baby” I say to you “I’m going to fuck you sooooooo hard that you will never forget me!” pound after pound the thrust my cock inside you hitting what I want inside as your screaming for me to stop as your cannot take it anymore and then I feel this hot wet cum dribbling down my legs and remove myself from you and see your whole body jump erratically as I see you squirting cum out of your pussy and you plunge to the floor without any energy to hold you up.......squirting over your legs and pouring on to the floor and still see the disbelief of your body bouncing off the floor.

I move again quickly not allowing a possibility of you escaping me as I feel a need to cum now.......I take hold of you fiercely and throw you on to all fours......you’re not able to continue, so I grasp hold of you pulling on your golden brown hair with one hand and tug on your breast with the other......I position myself flawlessly to your pussy from behind and f***e with all my might and hear you cry out “NOOOOOOOOOO.....PLEASE I BEG YOU NO” the same terror hits you again as we first met in the dark alley......your starting to feel my cock plunge again, thumping you . words not able to evaporate from the tongue so all I hear is a small “ah.....ah.....ahhh.....ahhhh” as I push deeper within you and with every one drive I ram two small ones so your feel no breaks in-between to breath........I take hold of your arms now and pull them towards me as it helps me to fuck you harder and by now I’m in soooooo deep that I’m not even pulling out of you. I’m just fucking you inside so f***efully and see your ass ripple with each small pound I give.

O SHIT IM GOING TO CUM" I say and I pound you sooo rough that you longer have the strength to scream except for the words I am cumming......we both cum together as we both feel your pussy filled with this hot wet liquids and as I pull away from you I see our cum dripping out of you as you collapse to the ground restless, exhausted as you lay down against the wall....I get up and pull my boxers and my trousers and button you up and seize your underwear and place it in my pocket as a act of recollection of what we both experienced.

I kiss you on the cheek and brush your hair away from your face and look at you for the very last time and walk away.........

As you see me walk away you ask me "what’s your name?" I say "what does it matter?" and disappear in the night

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