This was given to me by my friend....

I open the door and you are standing there. I press my hands to your chest leaning in and giving you a slow soft kiss. I pull back and smile at you.“Glad you could come dear. I have a surprise for you.”I take your hand and lead you into the house, guiding you through the living room and down the basement stairs.I take you down into the finished side of the basement. “What is it?” You ask as we turn the corner.The plush carpet under foot makes no sounds as we walk into the room. There is a large leather ottoman in the center of the room, a naked girl is spread over it. Her ankles tied with soft white rope on one side, her wrists tied with the same white rope. Her ass high over the ottoman, her legs spread, her pink hole seems to pulse in anticipation. You see the red silk gag tied around the back of her blonde hair, her head bent forward facing away from us.I glance at you and see your wicked grin. I walk you over to the large leather chair across from her and sit you down, brushing my lips against yours and then standing up.You gaze at the spread legs and pussy before you only a few feet away. I take a glance at the girl and then turn back to you.“I thought you might enjoy a new toy.”I turn and go over to the girl, straddling her lower back my knees resting on the ottoman on either side of her facing you so that her ass is before me. I lean over and you see me pull a pink circular ring out of a case next to the ottoman.I see the quizzical look on your face and I chuckle leaning forward. I give her ass a smack and her body jumps, and then I lay the ring on her bare ass. I lean forward and take her pussy lips in my finger tips slowly pulling them open so that she is slowly spread open. I take the ring with on hand and slide it down between her spread lips.She groans through the gag. I gaze down at her and slowly begin to clip her soft swelling lips around the spreader.You can see her juices begin to flow from her slit in excitement.

I take my finger and reach down running my finger over her slit and her body shivers and she lets out a muffled moan as her pussy lips start to swell. I take my wet finger and drag it over her bare ass, and give it another smack, her body jumping, and a red hand print begins to show on her bare buttock. I glance up at you as her pussy gets wetter from being so spread. I see the bulge in your pants beginning to grow as you get hard.I reach over into the case and pull out a large vibrator that looks like a cock. I smile at you wickedly turning the vibrator on low and brush it over my nipples,back and forth letting them get hard as the little slut beneath me begins to squirm. I smile at you lean forward running the tip of the vibrator against her slit and she moans loudly. I look up at you and smile wickedly. “Shall I?” I ask and you nod slowly smiling.I slid the tip into her wet pussy and you can see it pulse and wrap around the head of the vibrator, slowly I push it in deeper and deeper until its in all the way and her hips buck in wanting,I start to pull the vibrator out as her juices flow heavier. Slowly I pull it out and push it back in over and over her hips trying to roll buck as she squirms beneath me.I begin to move it faster in out, in out, fucking her with the toy and she screams behind the gag.

I push the vibrator deep into her pussy and get up off of her, leaning over un-tying her wrists first, and her body arches up as she moans in pleasure. I go to her ankles and untie her, and grab her leash, pushing with one hand on the vibrator to hold it deep into her pussy.I pull on her leash and she gets up and turns and kneels on all fours at my feet. I turn her by her leash and make her crawl to you, holding the vibrator deep in her pussy.I guide her to your feet and yank her leash up, so she slides her body up your legs, you see the alligator nipple clamps that pinch her nipples holding them hard and erect. Her hands work at your pants, as I untie the gag.She doesn’t look at you as her fingers work to free your hard cock from your pants.I lean forward and kiss you deeply as she does.Your cock is finally free and erect a mere inches from her lips as I straighten up, taking a fist full of herhair and pushing her mouth down onto your cock, she gags as I push her head all the way down so she takes your deep.You groan in pleasure and I smile, yanking her hair her head pulls up and I push her down again. “Suck his cock good you slut.” I command and she begins to suck on your cock.You gaze into my eyes and groan again. I straighten up leaning over her, turning the vibrator up so she moans heavily on your cock, her mouth moving hungrily. I take the edge of the vibrator and begin to fuck her pussy hard and fast with it as my hand moves her head up and down.Her body shivers and trembles and she moans all over your cock.......

to be continued...........

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2 years ago
very good start