Cold Quickie

True Story. It was a cold Saturday night in 1983, and Disco was still alive. I stopped by this hairdresser ex-girlfriend of mine for a drink. I pulled up in my new red Corvette, went in, and found that I was the only straight guy there with about a dozen Mad-na wanna be hairdressers. Not bad I thought as I looked at all the blond hair, lace and pointed tits. After a few body shots, a few of them wanted to go to the Holiday Inn out on I 95, a good Saturday dance spot. I was an Army Officer, and couldn’t risk my career by drinking and driving, so I asked who is sober and wants to drive my Corvette to the bar. I got a bevy of offers, and took a tall thin number that I had never met before, and we were off. As we were driving, she said “you are Sgt. So and So’s commander aren’t you?” I said yes, and she said boy is he into fisting. Right out of the blue, a zapper, I wasn’t sure what fisting was, but I said that’s cool, I like it too. She looked at me long and hard and said she was into anything anal, so then I figured out what fisting was. We then had a more and more sex related discussion about my ex and I, and her sexual preferences, which were “whatever”. As we arrived, I said pull around back, and she parked in a dark spot near the landscaping, and we got out . Without further ado, I said lean over the hood. She did, and said ooh, it’s warm. I lifted her skirt, which wasn’t much, and pulled aside her thong and shoved my 8 inches into her asshole all at once. She didn’t even flinch, or bat an eye, just pushed her a— back at me and said get it boy. I rammed her as hard and fast as I could, because it was about 30 degrees, and I wasn’t laying on the hood, and my huevos were getting chilled. We both came, or at least I know I did, and I pulled out, and she turned around, dropped to her knees, and sucked me clean, stood up and kissed me on the cheek, and said thanks, and walked around to the entrance, went in, and we never even spoke again. That was a cheap date. True story.
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fucking hot