First Time Adventure

I was in Mexico City for business, and horny as hell. I went to some kind of street festival, drinking shots at carts every few minutes. I couldn’t find any good looking whores, so I got a taxi to my hotel. I sat up front by the driver, a 25 year old slim, attractive guy, and told him I couldn’t find any pussy, and I was horny as hell, and just wanted sex. He said, “what about me?”, I looked at him, and couldn’t believe I said, “ let me see it”. He undid his pants, and pulled out a beautiful 8 “ un-cut c-k, and before I could think about it, I grabbed it and put it in my mouth, and started sucking like crazy. He almost lost control, and I stopped, and said I would give him 20 pesos ( about 6 bucks) to come back to my room and let me suck him. He agreed, boy was I going to be sorry.
We got up to my room, I put on some music and got us some drinks, that I didn’t need, and told him to take off his clothes. I was so f'ing excited, I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I got on my knees between his legs, and proceeded to lick, and suck his beautiful c--k. I rubbed it all over my face, and kissed and licked his b---s. I pulled back his foreskin, and concentrated on the smooth head, trying to stick my tongue inside his pee hole. I pulled out his skin, and stuck my tongue inside, and sucked on it, cleaning him like he had never been cleaned before. He was loving it, and so was I. He didn’t come, and I suggested that we take off our clothes, and get on the bed. We had another Tequila first.
I got in the 69 position, and kept trying to get him to suck my c--k but he wouldn’t. He wanted me to lick his a--hole, which I had never done, then he said he would suck my c--k if I licked his a-, and turned over, and opened his cheeks. He hadn’t had a bath in a while, and had obviously shit recently, and didn’t smell very good. I played around the edges, and hesitated to stick my tongue in. I started licking and sticking my tongue in, and got used to the smell, and after the first bitter taste, it wasn’t so bad. I actually enjoyed it. I rolled up my tongue, and tried to stick it as far up his a-- as I could. He was loving it!! I finally tired of this, and rolled over on my back. We just lay there for a while, when he said he wanted to f--k me, I said no f'ing way man, ain’t happening, and I must have fell asl**p or passed out, because, when I woke up, I was on my stomach, with his underwear in my mouth, and my hands tied behind my back with an extension cord. I turned and looked at him as he kneeled over me, with this evil smile on his face, and said, I’m gonna get some man pu--y now bi--h. I struggled, but to no avail. He put two pillows under my stomach, and tied my ankles to the legs of the bed. I thought to myself, f--k, Looking for Mr.Goodbar.
He got down on his knees, and started licking my a--hole. I loved it! He was obviously turned on, and licked and sucked, and stuck his tongue way up it. He then put his middle finger in slowly, lubed up with some skin lotion that stung at first. I had never had anything up my a--, not even a rectal exam, but I got one this time. I squirmed around, and he must of thought I liked it, because he stuck another alongside it. I figured that if I was going to get f'ed, it was better off to start off this way. I was loosening up quite a bit, and after getting over the feeling like I needed to s--t, he must had started rubbing my prostate, because I could feel my c--k seeping c-m. He reached under me and felt the wetness and laughed, you like this don’t you b---h? I shook my head no, which wasn’t exactly the truth. If he didn’t kill and rob me, it might not be so bad.
He got up and fixed himself another drink, and made a phone call to one of his friends, and invited him over, and told him to bring the Monster man. I was really getting worried by this time. He rummaged through my things, and found a sweatshirt, and put it over my head, and tied the sleeves around my head. I started whimpering and moaning. The wires were cutting my wrists, but that was the least of my worries. He then got up on his knees behind me between my widespread legs, and started teasing my a--hole with his co----ad. He put some cream on it, and started slowly applying pressure to my hole. I tried to relax, to make it less painful, and he would put it in a little, and pull it back out, just breaching the outer ring, I was starting to like it! When he applied more steady pressure, the head popped in with a quick pain. He pulled it out, and put it back in, and repeated this a few times, like he was playing with my a--hole. Next he started to put it in, when he gave a tremendous lunge forward, and buried his 8 inch c--k to the balls in my a-. I thought I would die right then. I just knew he had ripped my insides wide open. I cried and moaned, but he didn’t give a s--t, just started a machine like ramming violation of my virgin a-hole. After the first few minutes, the pain lessened, but never went away, and I was sure that I had s--t myself. He never slowed down, until he pressed it all the way in, held it there, and I could feel hot, molten jets of c-m filling me up. I was hyperventilating about this time, about to pass out, thinking that the worst was over, wrong! He got up and answered the knock on the door, and I could hear sounds of laughing and male voices and high fives. They must have brought some beers, because one of them leaned down next to my ear and said” we are going to clean you out some Gringo, because we know that you are all full of s--t. They roared at that. The next thing I felt was the neck of a bottle of Corona that had just been shaken being rammed 4 inches up my a-- and held there. I wiggled and squirmed at the foaming, burning sensation, but could do nothing. They sat there and held it up there for a few minutes, then put a towel under me, and one on top of my a--, and pulled the bottle out. Then one of them sat down with a plop on the small of my back, causing a fountain of beer and s--t to fly out of my a-, almost removing the towel. The f'ing roared! I cried like a baby. One of them then mounted me, and started to f--k me dry. He was bigger than the first guy, so I thought he was the Monster man. Wrong. He quickly pulled out and came on my back, and I was thankful for that, but the only reason he did, was that he wanted my insides dry so I would suffer more for what was coming next. They then mixed a bottle of hot sauce in half a corona, shook it up, and rammed it up my a--. That was the absolute worst pain in my life. It just kept getting stronger and stronger. The Monster man then put his c--k in my hands so I could feel the size of it, and then must have put on a condom, because they wiped the outside of my a--hole so he wouldn’t get burned, and he proceeded to stick what felt like a tree trunk or a telephone pole up my a--. He f'ed me, and f'ed me, until I fortunately passed out from the pain. When I came to, it was getting daylight, and I was alone, and glad to be alive. I felt like I had been run over, and gang banged, which I had. I felt pain inside me, and from my c--k, which I found out at the hospital that someone had chewed on it like a dog, including my testicles, and it was severely lacerated.
I stayed in that position, afraid to move, until about 10 a.m., when the cleaning lady arrived, she shrieked “Dios Mio”, and ran out. She must have thought I was some kind of freak, because no one returned until the afternoon, when the manager, and about a dozen people came in much to my relief and eternal embarrassment. They untied me, but I couldn’t sit up or move for the pain inside me. I told them to call an ambulance and take me to the hospital, that I had been attacked. The manager was the same one from the night before, he looked at me knowingly, and I just looked at him pleadingly. He didn’t say anything. And when I got to the hospital, they x-rayed my stomach and lower abdomen area, and came back in with just about every f'ing intern and orderly in the hospital trying not to burst out laughing. The young female doctor showed me the x-ray, and said “Senor, it is very dangerous to put foreign objects in my a--. I looked at the sheet and saw what turned out to be two Corona bottles and the hot sauce bottle shoved up my colon neck first, as well as my toothbrush, fingernail clippers, a handful of change, and sealed off with three wash cloths. So ends my first and last adventure with an unknown person in a foreign town. If I ever leave home again, I will think long and hard about going out for sex, and just stay home and jerk off.

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