First time part 2

First time - continued

So there I was. I came out of the darkroom with a drop of cum hanging from my chin, and the guy I
noticed earlier was looking at my still hungry face. I just had my first taste of cock and of cum - and I
loved it! It felt slutty and good to be there in the dark with an unknown mans cock inside me, hearing
him moan as my tongue caressed him, feeling him unload in my mouth. This was what I had
fantasized about so long.
My new friend looked at me and I looked back and I went to the bathroom to clean myself up a bit.
But as I went in I left the door unlocked, and what I secretly hoped for happened as I started to
clean my face I heard a voice say: You look fine to me as you look. I turned and there he was: my
new friend (he introduced himself as Frank).
With that he placed his hand in my crotch, unzipped me and put his hand in. When he recognized the
fabric inside as laced panties he looked at me with a wicked smile and said: So, youre one of
those? He turned and locked the door and told me to show him my secret outfit. Trembling I
complied, stepping out of my pants and taking of my shirt. Now I was alone with this Frank in a small
room, me dressed only in a lacy black thong, garter belt and bra and stockings. He stroked my
smooth body, pinched my ass cheeks and told me I was a pretty little thing, which made me feel
proud in a strange way.
Now, be a good little girl and help me out of this, he said as he pointed at the bulge in his trousers.
Quickly I dropped to my knees and pulled down his training pants and briefs, exposing his erect cock.
I guess it was about 9 inches tall and well shaped with a nice purple head. I didn't hesitate and took it
into my mouth. I slid my wet lips around its head and slowly went down, enjoying this new cock inside
me which was different than the first two: this one tasted salty-bitter and didn't smell as soapy. With
his hands on my head I bopped up and down his shaft, every time getting a bit closer to his pubes.
They were sweaty and I put my hands around his ass, feeling the moist, sweaty area between his
legs. I felt dirty and moaned with pleasure.
Frank suddenly released his grip on my head and pulled his cock from my mouth. Get up slut, and
turn around, let me see that nice ass of yours. I could do little else than comply with his demand,
although I suspected that I was getting a bit more than I wanted at first. But at this stage I just wished
to please this man
I put my hands on the wall and leaned forward a bit, my ass poking out and my legs spread. Frank
put his hand on my ass cheeks and kneaded them, slapping both of them. His finger found my hole
and slowly massaged it, making little circles around it. He tried to get it in but found some resistance.
Hmmmm, he said, a virgin, are you? I just nodded my head and moaned.
He reached down and one moment later I felt something cold and moist on my hole, and his finger
inserted me rather easily. I let out a deep sigh as Frank started to finger-fuck my virgin asshole.
After a while he added another finger and soon a third I was shaking on my legs, pushing my ass
backwards in an attempt to get more of him inside me. This felt so good, so slutty, so dirty this was
When he noticed my eagerness he leaned over and whispered in my ear: I think youre ready for the
real thing now. He pulled out his fingers and put the head of his lubed cock at my hole, and slowly
pushed his way inside. This might hurt a bit at first, but dont worry, he sighed in my ear as he
pushed forward. It was painful indeed but I just groaned and held on. And then there was a feeling
that cant be described. The fullness I felt when this big cock was inside me, my ass stretched, this
mans body against my backside.
He noticed my new found pleasure and started pumping his cock in and out of my asshole, first slowly
and then faster and harder. I had to grasp my myself in order not fall down as he pushed deep and
hard inside me. I moaned with pleasure and lust, as did he. Hhhmmmm, youre so tight You like
this you slut. You like getting your pussy filled in a movie theater, dont you? I could only moan and
Then he increased his pace, grasped my shoulders and shot his hot load inside me. He stayed
there with his cock in my ass for a bit and then pulled out, slapped me on the ass and said: Now you
can clean up, slut!. Frank stepped out of the bathroom and I took a moment to catch my breath.
Then I locked the door again, cleaned my ass and face, got dressed and went home.
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such a hot story!
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love the storie more plizzzzz
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hot story
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very Hot
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nice story