First time

first time

This is the story of my first careful steps outside as a girl. I was at time 23 years-old, living in a house
with 16 other students and had been trying on girls underwear for some time, but always in private.
This time I would try out somewhere else.
I found an erotic shop in town, which had a cinema in the back. Or actually 3 different cinema rooms,
all playing different videos. I went there dressed in my normal guy�s clothes but underneath I was
wearing my favorite lingerie: a black lacy thong with matching garter belt and bra and a pair of black
stockings. It was my first time out and I had big plans: though I considered myself straight I had
fantasies about me as a girl with men, pleasing them on my knees with their large cocks between my
lips. And that was exactly what I was planning to do.
I went inside, bought a ticket for the cinema-area and went in to the first room. On the screen a girl
with blond hair and little titties was being fucked by a huge black cock. One older man in a suit was
watching the movie. I stayed for a while watching the girl take that big cock, and then went on to the
next room.
This was the gay room: it was a bit busier here, with four men watching a movie with two young
sailors fucking. In the back there was a passage to what later turned out to be the darkroom. At first I
stayed in the cinema room, looking at the screen and at the other four guys watching. My cock was
growing in excitement in my panties, looking at these hot guys on the screen sucking each other and
noticing the other men in the room checking me out.
One guy in particular I noticed. I guess he was around 40 years old, wearing a loose pair of training
pants and a t-shirt, he wasn�t fat but had just this little tummy I found very attractive. I looked at him
from the corner of my eyes, seeing how he had his hand in his crotch and was stroking his cock in his
pants. I sat there for a while, getting very horny looking at this man and the two sailors on the screen,
my heart was pounding in my chest and my cock throbbing in my tight lacy panties. I couldn�t stay
here watching, I needed some action � I now really longed for my first girl experience of a cock in my
mouth. I took a deep breath and got up and moved to the passage to the darkroom.
After my eyes got used to the darkness I moved forward. There was a small hallway with two little
rooms on the right side, and at the end the darkroom. On the left side three men were waiting for
someone to pass. When I did, the groped my ass and crotch, which was a shock and at the same
time turning me on. I got into the last booth and sat down on a little bench.
One of the men in the hallway came up to me and without a word pulled down his pants and offered
me his half-erect cock. I automatically took the head into my mouth and sucked on it, then taking the
whole cock in, as it grew in my mouth to a fair 12 inches. It surprised me how much I loved the feeling
of this man�s cock in my mouth, sucking and linking the head, my left hand on his ass. It felt so
natural and so slutty, dressed in my black laced lingerie, sucking some stranger while another was
watching. That other man was now joining us, offering me his hard cock to suck. I grabbed it with my
right hand and stroked the shaft while I continued sucking the first man, then shifting to my second
cock. It was a bit smaller than the first, but just as nice � and I could get it completely in my mouth,
smelling the musky scent of his pubic hair.
I was now sucking one cock and stroking the other, and loving every inch of it. This was what I
wanted, what I needed. The first man now grabbed my hair and held my head firm while the second
started fucking my mouth, pushing his cock in and out ever faster, until he pushed back in my throat
and with a soft groan shot his hot sperm in my hungry mouth. I lost some of it as it dripped down my
chin but I swallowed most of the bitter sweet fluid. I gave a little kiss on his dick head and switched
back to my first cock. It didn�t take long before he shot his load in my mouth.
I waited a while in my booth, catching my breath. Then I got up and went back to the cinema.
85% (16/3)
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1 year ago
love the storie
2 years ago
more please!!!!!
2 years ago
going to the next part. HOT.
2 years ago