True BDSM story

My new Sub Helen still lives we her parents in a nearby town called Corby, so i have to pick her up and take her to my place in Kettering which is about 6 miles away.

As soon as Helen gets in the car, i tell her to pull her tracky bottoms and knickers down so i can finger her all the way as we travel the distance. As soon as we arrive at my place, i tell her to lick me fingers dry, exit my car and into my house we go. Helen them the goes straight to the bedroom and that where the fun begins.

The bedroom is fully set up, all my toys are at the back of the room apart from the four ties tied on the corners of the bed and a shower curtain on the floor. I tell Helen to undress down to her underwear, she says 'yes master' and them starts to strip.

She gets down to her underwear, i reach for my blindfold and slip it over her eyes. The i turn her round and take her bra off, so i can play with her breasts. Then after a while, her nipples hard, but this time i opted not to use pegs, i opt to nipple clamp them both. Helen doesn't like a lot of pain, so i do it very carefully, so she can handle it. I then then lead her to the bed.

My bed is a four poster, so i tie both her wrists to the bottom to the bed with her ass in the air. I then pull her panties down to expose her ass to me and i then opt for my riding whip and start whipping until she can handle no more and then i start to lick her butthole.

When i think its wet enough, i start to finger it, 1 finger or maybe 2. Then i leave the bed and get my anal beads. The first 4 or 5 get in easy, but 6, 7 or 8 isnt so tough, but i still manage to get them all in in the end. After that she has the butt plugs to come which i get from my shelf. I have a standard set of 3.

1st is .5 of an inch width, 2nd 1 is 1" and the 3rd is 1 is 1.5". I lube the first one up and it slides in easy. The second one is much tougher, i lube it up and f***e it in, she squeals a bit, but she manages to take it. I them opt to leave it in there and go round to the front of the bed to get my cock really really hard.

I take my trousers and boxers off and stick my cock in here mouth. After a while it is solid, so i move round the back of Helen and whip the butt plug out of her ass and replace it with my cock. I start fucking her ass until she squeals and then i fuck it even harder until i explode in her ass. I then pull it out and tell her to squeeze. She squeezes until the cum comes out into my hand and then feed it to her. After that i go back to the third and largest butt plug.

I takes about 20 minutes and a lot of lube before i manage to get in there, but i did. After that it was Anal fisting time.... 3 finger was easy after the plug, 4 finger went soon after that and i even managed to get 5 in there, but i failed with the whole fist, but she is new Sub, i mam pretty sure i will get it in there eventually.

This part of this endurance took over an hour and as most reader will know i haven't ever touched her cunt yet. Well now i start. I untied her wrists and told her to lie on her back as u would normally lie on the bed, which she did. I then told her to lie spread-eagled, tied all 4 limbs to the four poster bed, inserted the medium butt-plug up her ass, took the blindfold off and said 'Fisting time'

I lube my hand up and the first 5 went in easy. The fifth went in and now i was trying to get my whole fist in there. I spent 15 minutes trying and after all that work i managed to succeed, i managed to fist Helen. I spent another 15 minutes bringing her to orgasm after orgasm until i decided to stop. I eased my hand out, eat her pussy and then decided i needed a piss.

I untied Helen from the bed and told her to sit on the shower curtain. The then told her to put her feet up and i tied the to the bottom to post of the four poster bed. I then inserted my speculum in her cunt and spread it wide. After i had done that, i started to piss in her hole until it was full and then all over her body. As Helen will not drink my piss (yet), her body will do.

After i had pissed over her and inside her cunt, i went down and took out the speculum with a little squirt, untied her feet, told her to kneel in front of me and said suck me again, which she did until i came again.

As we had spent over 2 1/2 hours i opted not to do the hot-wax, so we ended it there. After that we both had a shower together and i took her home fingering her all the way.... Now that was a good afternoon well spent.
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